Hamlet Madness/Insanity

Hamlet Madness/Insanity

Hamlet Sarcasm Workshop Labeling Make a key at the top of the persons paper using your highlighters Sample: Green=Statement Yellow=Proof Pink=Commentary

Label the topic sentence Label the transition at the end Highlight statement, proof, and commentary using your key Evaluate Your Claim Does it connect Hamlets use of sarcasm to the characterization of Hamlet? What do we know about Hamlet because of

his sarcastic statements? Evaluate Connections Draw a line between the first quotes commentary and the claim. Evaluate if you have made this connection in your commentary. If yes, draw a check mark next to the line If no, draw and x on the line.

Repeat with your second (and third, etc) quote Only draw a check mark if the connection is clear and explicit. I should not need to take a leap of faith to get where you are going. Get Rid of Summary Cross out all instances of summary.

Summary should only be EXTREMELY BRIEF to provide context to quotes. Example: In act I, scene ii, just after Hamlet greets Horatio, Hamlet makes the sarcastic comment, Thrift, thrift, Horatio. The funeral baked meats did coldly furnish forth the marriage tables (172-173). just after Hamlet greets Horatio gives context but does not waste space with summary

Peer Review Remember to fill out the claim area at the top of the page Remember to offer a quote/evaluate third quote in that last section. Self-Evaluation Re-read your paragraph(s) and your reviewers comments

Now that you have gone through the workshop, ask yourself, How well did I do? What can I do better? On the TOP of your paper, give yourself a score from 1-10 telling me how well written you believe your paragraph was. Next to the score, make notes of what you need to revise in order to strengthen it Turn in your paragraph(s)

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