Greetings from Germany - Paul Sheh & Kimberly Jin 佘明恩 & 金磊

Greetings from Germany - Paul Sheh & Kimberly Jin 佘明恩 & 金磊

Greetings from the Sheh Family from Germany Paul Sheh & Kimberly Jin & December, 2013 Locatio n Chemni tz Chemnitz,

Sachen, Germany Target Group 1. Chinese students in TUC (Technische Universitt Chemnitz), almost all came from China, half undergrad, half graduate. Chemnitz 2. Target size: 200 in Chemnitz (2% of total students) + 200 in Glauchau (Language school) 200 3. Weekly gathering- Wednesday: Prayer Meeting; Friday: Bible Study; Sunday: Worship, basketball ministry. 4. Regular attendance : 20

5. Most students are not in good financial situation comparing to students in US. Prayer meeting in our house. First arrived in Germany Sunday service and birthday party. Prayer Requests

Figure out the best way to serve. (There are so many things to learn, e.g. How often should we invite students to our house? How many of them? Do we focus on the non-believers or a few potential co-workers or bothetc ) Always be passionate, eager to reach out, never stop learning, become good role model and leader.

Time management, and learning the German language. Cults: Mormons and Jehovahs Witness has become the biggest obstacles to the Gospel. They not only drew people away, but also created a negative impression (annoying) in many people.

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