Grant Writing Workshop

Grant Writing Workshop

Grant Writing Workshop A guide by the Grants Advisory Board for Youth Our GABY

Team Icebreake r What is G.A.B.Y.? In 2017 we... We are a philanthropic

group in the Sacramento area that promotes youth leadership and community development. 1. Funded 15 incredible youth led projects, a

total of $9,850 2. We impacted over 100,000 people throughout El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento, and Yolo County

What is a GABY Grant? A GABY Grant is $$$ for your youth led project. We fund the best qualified applicants up to $750 Not all $750 will be awarded if your proposed budget requires less money.

Funds: materials, supplies, equipment, travel expenses, professional services and communication/outreach expenses. Grant Writing Why is Grant Writing important?

To support meaningful programs that are addressing a need in the community and to be able to see the impact made possible by your funding. The GABY board will evaluate submitted grant applications and

identify those that are the most: fitting to theme and thorough. There is a limit to the amount that we can give, so it all comes down to how competitive your application is, and as thorough as possible. What Funders Look For

1. Who will benefit? 2. What is going to happen? 3. Why does it need to happen? 4. When is going to happen? 5. How is it going to happen and how much will it cost? 6. This has to be CLEARLY

known in order to communicate it. How can I make my application more competitive? 1

Does it relate to the funders stated purpose and objectives? 2 Does it present a clear and compelling

purpose? 3 Does it describe the intended project clearly and thoroughly? 4

Does it describe a specific, compelling community need? 5 Does it demonstrate that the project is doable, and that you have the capacity

to implement it? 6 Does it reflect your vision, planning, and research? Guidelines

Must meet all of the following requirements: Youth-led We define youth as 10-19 years old. Sponsorship Sponsored by a nonprofit organization or school to accept grant funds. Attendance to mandatory events Grantee Award Meeting on January 26th and

GABY Convening on April 13th, 2019 GABY Grant Writing What should I include in my

narrative questions? Narrative Questions Being clear and answer the question. The application has plenty of questions and the following are ones that we have identified need

some clarification. Group Description Let us know how you are connecting to other youth and adults in the community. Theme Youth Amplifying Community Equity Youth

Amplifying Community Equity How do I make a strong timeline? Timeline

Preparation is key. To make your application stronger, the following questions should be answered well: Obstacles Anticipating obstacles and a plan to prevent and or handle these challenges shows incredible preparation. Sustainability

We as a board are very passionate that your project is not limited to the grant, we want your impact to be long lasting. Milestones (GABY Board Example) December 5 Grant Application Deadline

2018 Preparation and Planning meetings. Preparation

and Planning meetings. April 13 Grant Convening Reflection and evaluation of

our impact. 2019 Preparation and January 26 Planning Grantee Award meetings. Ceremony

April-May Reports due for the project How do I create a reasonable budget?

Budget Be reasonable. Request the amount that you need, not the one that amount that you want. Thorough Research the cost of materials, supplies, services, travel expenses, etc. Explain why

Why is it important that enough money is provided for what you put in the budget. Activity How can you tell the difference between a good application and

one that needs improvement? Theme Question and Budget Narrative Project 1 Our project

address this year theme Youth Promoting Equity in the Theme Question Community because we are a group of students who want to make a difference in our community by bringing our community together. What Youth Promoting Equity in the Community mean to us is that a group of young people who reach out to the community and give them equal access

to do something positive. We believe that our ______ tournament can bring people together because they will be learning about a new sport. There will be individuals with a stick and a top made out of wood. All students will have the opportunity to learn about the Hmong culture. Since there is little that is known about Hmong, our students hope to expose who we are in a positive light. According to the 2010 US census, there is roughly 30,000 Hmong people. When people hear about the Hmong, its usually through the news and they usually don't have a lot of good things to say. So our project

will teach others about the diversity that we bring to the community. Just like how basketball, soccer and football helps students learn more about their strengths, our tournament will allow for students and adults to do something healthy and positive. We are asking for $50 in materials to make posters and paint to draw lines for the

tournament. We are also asking for an other $50 for flyers and printing/copies to distribute literature about what the sport Tuj lub is. The $650 is for equipment. We found a local craftsman who is willing to make 26 top spins (includes stick, yarn and wooden top) for us at $25.00 each. We will use these for students to train with at the schools and on the day of the

tournament. Budget Question Theme Question and Budget Narrative Project 2

Theme Question The ______ will give the children a new understanding of food and where it comes from. This project provides equity by giving kids that don't have a garden an opportunity of going and getting hands-on experience in the garden. Our team discussed the idea of equity and we talked about how equity gives opportunities to all people. This project addresses equity by giving kids time in the outdoors, a science

field trip and healthy cooking experience. They will know how to make a easy dish and have fun in the garden scavenger hunt. It will help everyone because the kids will have fun and will hopefully want to make their own gardens. With more gardens, the community will look a lot better and nicer too. Many urban schools don't have gardens so this project will allow these kids that come to our tour to learn more and to have a better understanding of how food is grown and produced. . the kids will learn new things and they will pass on

their new experiences in the garden and in the kitchen that will help the community. Budget Question We are going to need $150 for food that we need for cooking. We will pay the Chef $200 to set up, supervise and guide us in the cooking

activity. For the bus to bring students from the elementary school to ___ and back, we will use approximately $150 for transportation. We will need $50 in case we need more supplies such as in our kitchen and the garden, such as more hand shovels, gloves, seeds and potting soil. Our total budget for this project is estimated to be $550.

Theme Question and Budget Narrative Project 3 Theme Question Our project connects to this year's GABY Grant

theme by giving middle school students equal access of their education as what we have. The way our project impacts the community is that we contact middle school students because they don't get the opportunity to visit and do these kind of opportunities. The reason why is because middle schoolers don't get that much attention from high schools unlike elementary students. Doing this will

get their attention to come to our school for their following high school years. The budget of the money will be $750. We will first buy the ingredients prepare the cooking station. Next we will need to use some money to provide transportation for the middle school

students. Then we are going to buy some prizes for the winners of the game we are going to have them participate in. Budget Question Theme Question

Analysis Who would you fund? Based of how each project answered their questions, which one of the 3 do you think deserves the most funding? Explain why? Which project seems more prepared and ready to just receive the money and need no more

planning? Answers Project 1: 14, Project 2: 9.5, Project 3: 5.5 How do I apply? Q&A

Q&A Contact [email protected] if you have any further questions.

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