Grade 8 Parents Information Evening - Diocesan College

Grade 8 Parents Information Evening - Diocesan College

Mathematics Department February 2014 A Glimpse at Grade 8 Maths Homework The Curriculum Assessment

The Setting System FET Maths and Maths Literacy Top Set Issues Common Worries Maths and Computers

Nine 45 minute periods of Maths in the 10 day cycle No Maths on a Friday Week A The curriculum is a full one The pace at which we work is fast Homework is therefore essential for consolidation and practice

Amount of homework depends on the teacher Some boys will complete their work in class or during break and not appear to have much homework It must be done honestly and sincerely The Maths Curriculum is broken up into 5 areas: Numbers, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement and Probability & Statistics

(Data Handling) A detailed breakdown appears on the College Intranet This is true for all subjects and for all grades Assessment is varied: Mainly individual work but can be in groups It can be marked with a memo or a rubric SBA (School Based Assessment) or CASS (Continuous Assessment) includes Exams Common Tests Tutorials with Validation Test Investigations Projects Class tests or diagnostic tests do not count for CASS but are important.

Tutorial mark = VT + 5 for punctuality & 5 for completeness Weightings - Tut: CT = 20:80 Absentees - are given a 1 to show absent (may write later but mark does not count) At the end of the year, the best of 8 out of 10 marks are taken Weightings - Exam :CASS = 60:40 Marked CASS work is put into a pupil portfolio Portfolios are kept in the teachers classroom

Portfolio Review takes place at the beginning of term 2 PR marks are drawn from the Rolling Averages at a particular time 7 sets in Grade 8 Sets 1 3 make up top sets from prep schools. Sets 6 - 7 smaller in size and for strugglers. Set teachers appear under Information on the

Intranet. Initial Setting will take place on 12th February after 3 assessments. Assessments: 1 Tut, 1 Common Test and a test based on Grade 7 work. Boys are ranked for initial setting. Sets changes after initial setting occur again after the Industry Reports or after examinations.

Set 1 boys have the same teacher from Grade 8 to 12. Mr Vamvadelis is the set 1 teacher for this grade. All other sets have the same teacher for Grade 8 and 9 and a new teacher from Grade 10 to 12 Set changes take place according to performance and aptitude. Set changes are not based on a pupils teacherpreference or pressure from parents for their son to be in a higher or lower set.

Mathematics in the FET phase(Gr 10 -12) is compulsory 2 options: Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy Mathematics is necessary for those wanting to study a course requiring mathematics at university Current Grade 10s to 12s are following the CAPS curriculum which includes Geometry and Probability. There is no longer an optional Paper 3 Maths Literacy starts from June Grade 10 Top set teacher Mr Vamvadelis.

Olympiads : Whole school writes Round. UCT Maths Competition: 15 boys/grade Grade 8-9 : faster pace allows for acceleration of the syllabus and other topics of interest to be discussed. Grade 10-12 :AP Maths course is incorporated into class time.

The IEB AP Maths exam is written as an 8th subject in Grade 12 We are trying to teach some AP Maths to set 2 in Grade 10 12 but will have to wait and see if they write the final exam Strugglers Some boys will struggle with Maths At times homework will be difficult and tests will be challenging Options for strugglers Ask in class Do homework regularly and sincerely

Consult class teacher during open period Ask a friend Buy another text book with solutions Come to MATHS SUPPORT Extra Lessons if all else fails but consult teacher first Most Maths is still done with pen and paper Certain sections lend themselves to computer based work and in Grade 8 and 9 boys are using their laptops more and more.

Excel is used in the teaching of graphs; statistics and transformations. Teachers use Maths software for demonstration purposes. Free software called Geogebra is loaded onto the boys computers. It is used to investigate transformations, graphs and some geometry.

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