Grad Parents Meeting -

Grad Parents Meeting -

Grade 12 Parents Meeting November 29, 2017 Sackville High School Agenda Welcome and Introductions Student council : Prom Committee Student Services Presentation Panel

Presentations Discussion and Questions The Panel Student Services Karen Johnston-Hutchins Susan Sarty Mount Saint Vincent University

(Emily Dwyer) NSCC (Mike Duggan) Student Services 1) Career Exploration site (instructions on guidance page) University Open Houses/Representative visits: check Calendar

NSCC The Virtual Guidance Office (the VGO) calendar and scholarship link: Twitter Account: @SHSGuidance 2 Grad Board/Bulletin Boards

Announcements/Newsletter/School Website Visit, Test Drives, Career Explorations Post Secondary Options Post-secondary studies Enter the workforce

Gap Year : Work or Volunteer with Organizations in Canada or overseas Upgrading: Bedford and Forsyth Education Centre (Bedford Campus) NSCC Academic and Career Connections University Prep Program-SMU Sackville High School Post-Secondary Application Procedures Check the Admissions Requirements for the institutions to which the student intends to apply. Participate in Open

Houses, meet the Reps at SHS and research online. Choose the institution(s) that will best suit your needs and apply online at the institutions website or print the applications and submit through the mail. Students should apply by March 1st for scholarship consideration. Some deadline dates are earlier for limited enrolment programs. Request a transcript from Ms. Avery in Student Services Mail the transcript upon application, after Semester 1 and

at the end of June. Students will receive two sealed transcripts with their Grad diplomas in June. Scholarship $$$ Other than academic success and financial need, scholarship providers look for applicants who can demonstrate: Originality and Passion what makes you stand out from all the other applicants? Volunteering & Community Service do you give back to the community? Have you volunteered?

Leadership and Initiative are you a founding member or have you taken an active role in a club or organization? Talent are you a Van Gogh? Future Spielberg? Do you have a vision? Scholarships reward fresh thinking and new ideas. Special targeted areas specific heritage or cultural background, gender, special needs, geography and more.

Community College Nova Scotia Community College Mike Duggan University Mount Saint Vincent University Emily Dwyer Questions & Discussion

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