From PLCs to Classrooms: Leading ACES TIF Implementation in ...

From PLCs to Classrooms: Leading ACES TIF Implementation in ...

From PLCs to Classrooms: Leading ACES TIF Implementation in Your Program ABE Summer Institute 2016 Introductions

Theresa Luther-Dolan, MN Dept of Corrections Transition to Postsecondary & Career Coordinator Professional Engagement Committee Allie Bezat Riley, Neighborhood House Adult Education Program Coordinator/Supervisor ACES Advisory Committee/Statewide PD Committee Kirsten Fuglseth, Northwest Service Cooperative

Adult Education Program Coordinator Objectives for Today Recognize the rationale for transitions skills integration Recognize the rationale for embedding ACES Transitions Integration Framework (TIF) skills into ABE instruction and programming Identify ACES resources that can be used to support ACES TIF implementation

Identify strategies for integrating ACES TIF skills into curricula and lessons Identify specific strategies and next steps for ACES TIF implementation in your own program Agenda WIOA and ACES Overview Transitions Integration Framework (TIF) Rationale Discussion and Warm Up: ACES TIF Challenges in

your program Panel: Successful ACES TIF Strategies (for volunteers, curriculum, and teachers) Your program ACES Next Steps Wrap-up Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA), 2014

Workforce preparation = "a combination of academic skills, critical thinking skills, digital literacy skills, and selfmanagement skills, including competencies in utilizing resources, using information, working with others, understanding systems, skill necessary for successful transition into and completion of post secondary education or training, or employment; and other employability skills that increase an individual's preparation for the workforce." What skills do adult learners need for


2011-2013 2013-present TIF Categories Effective Communication Learning Strategies

Critical Thinking Self-management Developing a Future Pathway Navigating Systems How have you integrated ACES in your program? What ACES tools

have you used? What challenges have you encountered? Neighborhood House Multi-service agency on the West Side of St. Paul

Offers ELL, GED, Citizenship, Computers, College Readiness Approximately 750 students annually, 9 ABE/ESL staff, 1 AmeriCorps CTEP, 35 volunteers . Department of Corrections 10 Correctional Facilities (sites) average 4000 ABE students per year (12% female/ 88% male) Many sites are one-room schoolhouse delivery model (multi-subject and/or multilevel) GED/HSD/MN AD/ELL/digital literacy/college readiness All sites have classes everyday

Some students go to class half days and some go all day DOC has a directive/mandate: Offenders with no high school diploma must in enroll in education to work towards a secondary credential Career Technical Education program available for students with TABE 9.0+ Northwest Service Cooperative Main office: Thief River Falls, MN Membership: 27 school districts covering 12,000 miles2 in northwest MN

15 classroom sites serve up to750 adult learners/year 29,000 contact hours/year ESL & ABE including Citizenship, Digital Literacy & College Prep 5 larger, full time sites offer year round classes, Monday Thursday Managed enrollment delivery model 10 small, part time sites offer classes 2-10 hours per week year round One-room schoolhouse delivery model (multi-subject and/or multi-level) 13 teachers; 1 part time data specialist; 1 ABE Coordinator

Strategies for working with teachers Do you have. Reluctant teachers? Do you Observe teachers? Do you want to

Give accurate feedback? Strategies for curriculum Do you Have a set curriculum? Do you

Not use any curriculum? Do you Work with GED, ESL, or ABE? Strategies for volunteers Tips for Volunteer training

Tips for Volunteer use in classroom Tips for Volunteer recruitment Compare strategies to your own program

Strategies review Create a plan (handout planning form: PLCs and other ACES activities for own program) share out a few examples Use resources/individuals as part of your plan Q&A

Allie Bezat Riley [email protected] Theresa Luther-Dolan [email protected] Kirsten Fuglseth [email protected] Wrap-up Share your plan with someone in another programexchange emails and check in later! ACES Resources at ATLAS website - Ways to get involved (LAN committees etc)

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