Fostering Aboriginal Awareness in Social Studies

Fostering Aboriginal Awareness in Social Studies

Fostering Aboriginal Awareness in Social Studies Dr. Jean-Paul Restoule, OISE/UT CSA Annual Conference Wilfrid Laurier University May 30 2012 A Quick Quiz List four First Nations and the approximate location of their

traditional territory. How have Aboriginal cultures, histories, and perspectives contributed to shaping and defining Canada? Are Aboriginal Treaty Rights recognized in Canadas Constitution? Aboriginal Awareness 67% of students who took the survey in

2001 may never have discussed contemporary Aboriginal issues in their classrooms. Has anything changed since? Data Collection and Analysis After reading-level modifications were made, the 2007 survey was given to students in grades four, six, eight, ten, eleven, and twelve.

Approximately 85 elementary students and 190 secondary students participated. In all, seven teacher candidates, three associate teachers, and 12 participating teachers in 18 classes helped to administer the survey. How would you answer?

Name something you know about Aboriginal people or culture Awareness 74% of students who took the survey in 2008 report having no understanding of current Aboriginal issues. 80% report having inadequate opportunity to learn about these issues.

Several administrators did not participate because they already knew their students and teachers didnt know this stuff. Impact Research project encouraged growth and learning for all. Test itself was seen as transformative

learning. Fostering Awareness There is an urgent need to foster greater awareness of Aboriginal issues among the Canadian public. 2010 ACDE Accord on Indigenous Education Ontario College of Teachers (2009):

ensuring that our members have access to improved in-service preparation for teaching Aboriginal students and subjects. Deepening Knowledge, Enhancing Instruction Aimed at infusing the consecutive initial teacher education program at OISE with Aboriginal content, perspectives, pedagogies and knowledge.

Kimaaciihtoomin e-Anishinaabe kikinoamaageyak Beginning to Teach in an Indigenous Way Teacher symposium held at OISE. Delegates rated their satisfaction with the day as overwhelmingly positive with 38% rating it as Excellent and 56% responding Very good. 95% of respondents would recommend a future workshop to other teachers and 98% said that

they would participate in a workshop like this in the future. Next Steps Deepening Website Knowledge continues resources Embedding perspectives cohort

Appreciative inquiry projects Mandatory Aboriginal perspectives course

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