Florida FIRST Website Registering For Events

Florida FIRST Website Registering For Events

Welcome to the Florida FTC 2018-19 Season Florida Sponsors: Agenda 9:00-9:30 Welcome & New Season Update Hans Wolf 9:30-10:00 Robot Design and Game Strategy Carson Wolf

10:10-10:40 Controlling LED Strips with Rev Module Mike Nicolai & AJ Foster 10:50-11:20 FTC Business Plan Section of Notebook Dan Kinzer 11:25-11:35 Game RevealFTC Game Animation 11:35-12:15

Rover Ruckus Q/A 12:15-1:30 Field Preview World Championship Results Congratulations to team 7477 Super 7 the Houston World Championship Inspire Award Winner and Connect Award Finalist Congratulations to team 4717 Mechromancers the Houston World Championship Design Award Winner Congratulations to team 516 Gears of Fire

the Houston World Championship Control Award Finalist team Congratulations to Po Dickison of team 4717 the Houston World Championship Compass Award Finalist Important FTC Changes Robot Weight Limit Robot inspection will now include weighing your robot: Game Manual Part 1 Maximum Robot Weight Robots must not weigh more than 42 pounds including battery. To account for variances between scales, there will be a .5 pound (.23kg) overage allowance on top of the 42 pound weight limit. This weight constraint does not include the Alliance Flag or Team Marker. If a Team is using

multiple mechanisms that will be swapped out from one match to the next, all components and the robot must be weighed together during weight inspection and must not weigh more than 42 pounds. Important FTC Changes Technology Phase Out The following TETRIX, MATRIX, and Lego components are no longer allowed: Legacy TETRIX DC Motor Controller Legacy TETRIX Servo Controller Legacy MATRIX DC Motor/Servo Controller Legacy Sensors (LEGO and NXT sensors) Core Legacy Module

Programming Languages App Inventor is no longer an allowed programing platform. FTC 2018-19 Schedule No Super-Regional Teams will advance directly from the Florida Championship to the Houston World Championship. Florida FTC League Dates September & October, 2018 Workshops, Practice, and volunteer training November, 2018 to Mid-January, 2019 League Meets February 3, 2019 Last date for League Championships

February 22-23, 2019 Florida FTC Championship 48 teams Teams will advance from the 8 league championships Number of teams advancing from each league will be based relative size of each league Prime Osborn Jacksonville, FL Florida FTC Website Many paths get you to the same place www.flfirst.org flfirst.org ftc.flfirst.org All Florida FTC events are published on the website

Who Who Designed Designed this this Game? Game? 8 Florida Leagues Last Season Northeast Florida League One Clay League Tesla League

Aero Coast League ROBOT League Space Coast League Pinellas League South Florida

League Florida Volunteer Leadership Team Bob Sadenwater Head Referee Susanna Pakauskas-Lewalski Volunteer Coordinator Kyle Hoyt Webmaster Eric Grajales FTA Liaison Barry Bonsack League Liaison Questions?

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