Financial Rep Meeting - Florida State University

Financial Rep Meeting - Florida State University

Financial Rep Meeting February 15, 2017 Welcome Introduction Orientation Question Handling - and - Skype for Online viewers to ask questions Agenda

Procurement / SpearMart Disbursement Services / Travel Concur Intermission BI DashBoard Demo Accounting Services AR / Billing OBIEE Oracle 12 C new database / new look and feel Reminders VPFA

PROCUREMENT SERVICES SpearMart Enhancement Project Expand the capabilities of SpearMart, FSUs online electronic procurement system, hosted by JAGGAER. All requisition and purchase order activity will take place in

SpearMart including shopping, requisition creation, workflow approvals, and order distribution. FSUs receiving and invoicing processes will continue in OMNI as they do today. SpearMart Enhancement Project Goals Creating a One Stop Shop for all procurement activity Streamlining the Source to Purchase Order process

Standardizing requisition/form workflow and approvals Facilitating paperless transaction processing Reducing and simplifying the procurement channels available to campus Enhancing process efficiency and increasing responsiveness Delivering outstanding customer service SpearMart Enhancement Project Timeline

SpearMart Enhancement Project End User Training Training will be available for campus beginning Mid to late February Training for end users with Requester Role is required prior to Go-Live. Requesters can select either training option: Hands-On Instructor Led training Self-paced online course

Visit our website for Instructions on how to register for training: Contact Information Questions? For additional information and project updates visit: Ian Robbins

Chief Procurement Officer [email protected] 644-9719 DISBURSEMENT SERVICES Disbursement Services

New Travel System Management Updates Coming Soon to meet all of your travel needs Dedicated Travel Management Company (TMC) World Travel Service, Inc.

865-777-1481 www/ Concur Project Goals - Tentative Implementation Plan Planning: January March 2017

Travel Advisory Group meetings February-October 2017 First Meeting - February 17, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm Pilot Testing Summer 2017 Campus Wide Training October 2017 Campus Go-Live November 2017 QUESTIONS ??

Management Updates New Accounts Payable Manager: Denise Winchester New Accounts Payable-Encumbered Payments Supervisor: Laurel McKinney New Vendor/Imaging Team Manager:

Lauren Barrett Disbursement Services Contact Information Carla Daniels [email protected] 644-1841 Lauren Barrett

Denise Winchester [email protected] 645-6594 Jennifer Pittman [email protected] 644-9410

[email protected] 645-8611 Laurel McKinney [email protected] 645-7183 Budget & Transaction Dashboard

Background Information Reports are available to all financials users. Access to some sub-reports are dependent upon security roles. Reports were developed to provide a quick & easy answer to the question of how much money do I have?

Executive Overview E&G Detail Drillable links!! Drill down to purchase orders, travel authorizations, vouchers, expense reports, journals, and payroll (depending upon security

roles) View encumbrances by: Account Doc. ID Supplier Drill into salary expenses or leave them rolled up into subtotals.

Auxiliary Detail Contracts, Grants, SRAD, & PI Support SRAD Research Support Salary Accounts Contracts & Grants Click on the linked contract or grant to

launch the Sponsored Project Lookup! Sponsored Project Lookup Ready made high-level report! View PI/Co-PIs Active Appointments

Available Budget Drill to transaction-level data Wrap-Up Questions & Comments? Contact Chance Brown

[email protected] 645-7875 GENERAL ACCOUNTING Cash Balance Trend Report

General Ledger Reminders Cash Balance 12 Period Trend Report General Ledger Reminders & Tips Purchasers: Extra step required: When purchasing an OCO item on

SpearMart, you must select an OCO category code. Travel Reps: All cash advance refunds should be applied back to the advancing department ID/Fund 499/Account 151005 Cash Transfer Uploads Cash = E&G Budgets by the end of business the day after a transfer is made. All checks processed should be coded as external revenue or an expense reimbursement.

Contact Information Questions? Corey Jones [email protected] 644-5022 AUXILIARY ACCOUNTING

Updates & Reminders: Auxiliary AR & Billing ITS Go-Live: January 2017 ITS first billing cycle was 1/25/2017 95% of ITS expected billable lines for January were processed as expected Invoices are at a summary level; detailed backup retrieved via

normal means Continue to review your backup as needed at ; request access if needed Resources Available to You Step-by-Step Training Guides

Frequently Asked Questions Change Order Form Contact Information Frequently Asked Questions Who receives auxiliary (internal) invoice emails? Budget Manager associated with the PO department Do I need to enter a receipt on internal POs?

No; internal POs do not require receipts in OMNI. They will be paid through the monthly processes without receipts. How can I review internal bills and invoice data? Multiple Ways! See training guide called Understanding Auxiliary AR/Billings Charges Reminder: PO is the Charge Mechanism The Purchase Order is your billing/charging mechanism it does not place an order with the auxiliary .

Always update the selling auxiliary when you have changes to the goods/services provided, including the PO/line you want to charge. Important Information: Quantity vs. Amount For internal open-ended requisitions/purchase orders: Price should always be equal to the amount you expect to spend Quantity should always be equal to 1 Requisition lines should always be flagged as amount only

Next Steps For next fiscal year, youll need to ensure POs are entered for ITS and OBS Suggest copying from prior year POs and adjusting as needed More information and instructions forthcoming, but no need to wait to plan! We are identifying and solidifying our next cohort and plan to

share more information in late Spring. Contact Information Questions? Feedback? Ideas? Cassandra Rayne Gross [email protected] 644-1824

CONTROLLERS OFFICE QUALITY ASSURANCE Updates and Reminders Updates and Reminders OBIEE Oracle 12 C new database / new look and feel Demonstrate Trend Ledger Controllers Office

Location of Resources on Controllers Office Website Financial Representatives Certificate Contact Information Questions? Feedback? Ideas? Geoffrey Adams [email protected] 645 - 7758

Florida State University Accomplishments Jumped to # 38 in the top public school rankings on US News and World Report Five places in one year, we are on our way to the Top 25 Still considered one of the most efficiently run Universities VPFA Perspective

Budget Updates Key Dates for 2017-2018 Operating Budget March 1, 2017 Proposals due to the Budget Office March 7, 2017 Legislative Session convenes April 28, 2017 Review of proposals complete May 5, 2017 Legislative Session ends June 8, 2017 Board of Trustees approves Budget July 1, 2017 New allocations provided in departmental base budgets

Budget Updates Upgrades made to the Hyperion budget application SALARY Various enhancements to make SALARY easier and more intuitive to use Added the ability to provide percentage salary increases by employee or department Ability to send non-E&G salary and benefit totals to the ALLFUND

application (previously, this had to be done manually) ALLFUND Streamlined reporting by providing a more user-friendly interface in BI Provided users two new tools to help verify their budget entry Consolidated several forms to make budget entry easier and less cluttered Florida Legislative Session 2017 Budget Details

Governors recommendation -vs- actual appropriation and implementation act Ch. 2016-066 and Ch. 2016-62 Governors recommended budget FSUs General Revenue Appropriation will see a 12% cut in FY 2018 2018 - $208,058,418 / 2017 - $237,453,654 Governors recommended budget FSUs Education Enhancement Lottery Trust Fund Appropriation will see an increase of 9% in FY 2018 2018 - $46,289,450 / 2017 $42,414,121

Florida Legislative Session 2017 Budget Details FSUs Authority to Spend Collected Tuition and Fees in the 2018 Governors Recommended Budget will see no change over last fiscal year. 2018 - $238,310,768 / 2017 - $238,310,768 Performance Based Funding and Preeminence

Governors recommended budget includes a $100 million increase in available performance funding dollars for all State Universities 2018 - $600,000,000 / 2017 $500,000,000 Preeminence In 2017, FSU received $35 million for preeminence funding The 2018 Governors recommended budget for preeminence funding remains at $35 million Florida Legislative Session 2017

What to Watch for FSU Regularly Monitor : Senate, House, and Governors office priorities relative to Higher Education in Florida SENATE Senate Bill 2 Florida Excellence in Higher Education Act Performance funding metrics modification

Bright Futures Expansion Block Tuition Economic Impact Florida Legislative Session 2017 HOUSE House Bill 489 Restore our Bright Futures Act Prioritizes funding for use in summer semester

Reduces test score eligibility requirements Funds 100% of tuition and Fees for top tier students Funds 75% of tuition and Fees for 2nd tier students Florida Legislative Session 2017 Governor Freezing Fees Cutting graduate teaching assistant fees by 25%

Expanding Bright Futures Cutting taxes on college textbooks Strategic Plan Primer What is the Strategic Plan Goals

Continuous Innovation Academic and Research Program Excellence Diversity and Inclusion Student Success On Campus and Beyond Preparing Students for 21st Century Careers Strategic Investment in our Brand Contact Information Questions?

Kyle Clark Kevin Pierce Administrative Assistant [email protected] 645-4926

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