Final Project -

Final Project -

The Performing Arts COLD SPRING HARBOR CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT The Music Department Mr. Timothy Jenks, Department Chair Ms. Heather Daniels Dr. Gerald Felker Mr. Vaughn Fritts Mr. Philip Gray

Mrs. Susan Kleiner Mrs. Helen Kotzky Dr. Matthew Marullo Mrs. Leah Martin Mr. Robert Matthews Mr. Gary Meyer Mrs. Stephanie Visceglie Our Mission

to offer a progressive learning curriculum in an environment that gives each student the opportunity to find self-expression through a variety of musical experiences. The focus of Music Education: Classroom Music.

Performance Ensembles. Small Group Instruction. NYSSMA Solo/Ensemble Opportunities. County, State and National Honors Ensembles. Course Offerings Classroom Music: Classroom

Music, Grades K-8. Music Studio. Musical Theater Class. Music In Our Lives. Music Theory/AP. Performance Opportunities in the Primary and Elementary Schools: Goosehill

Primary Performances. Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grade Chorus. Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grade Band. Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grade Orchestra. Performance Ensembles in the Junior/ Senior High School: Junior High Concert Band.

Junior High Wind Ensemble. Junior High Chorus. Junior High Orchestra. Senior High Concert Band. Senior High Wind Ensemble. Senior High Choir. Senior High Orchestra. Senior High Chamber Orchestra. Extra Curricular

Performance Ensembles: Junior High Jazz Band. Senior High Instrumental Jazz Ensemble. Senior High Vocal Jazz Ensemble. Musical Theater Production. Small Group Instruction: Rotational

Lessons, grades 4-6. All-County, LISFA and NYSSMA preparation. School Performance Opportunities: Special Performances.

Winter and Spring Concerts. High School Musical Theater Production. Senior High Pops Concert. NYSSMA Solo/Ensemble Opportunities: NYSSMA Solo/Ensemble Festivals. NYSSMA Major Organization Festivals.

County, State and National Performance Ensembles: NMEA All-County Honors Ensembles. LISFA All-County Honors Ensembles. NYSSMA All-State Honors Ensembles. MENC All-Eastern Honors Ensembles. ACDA Honors Ensembles.

Local Performance Ensembles: Gemini Youth Ensembles. Metropolitan Youth Ensembles. Long Island Youth Orchestra. Nassau-Suffolk Ensembles. New York Youth Ensembles.

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