English Terms from Mythology - Mrs. Wendorph's English ...

English Terms from Mythology - Mrs. Wendorph's English ...

ENGLISH TERMS FROM MYTHOLOGY This Powerpoint will provide information needed for the worksheet questions labeled Group E. HALCYON Ceyx and Alcyone were deeply in love. One day, Ceyx had to leave on a journey. Alcyone begged him not to go because she was afraid he would die during a storm at sea. He left anyway. Sure enough, a storm destroyed Ceyxs ship, and everyone aboard drowned. Back at home, Alycone waited for Ceyx to return. She prayed to the gods for him every day. Juno took pity on her and sent a messenger in a dream to tell her of her husbands death. When Alcyone awoke, she was distraught. She went down to the bluff where she had waited for

Ceyx to return. In the distance, she saw a corpse floating toward shore. When it was close enough, she recognized Ceyx. She jumped into the water to be with him, but the gods transformed both of them into birds. Every year there is a week of peaceful, calm water. During this time, Alcyone floats in her nest on the sea until her egg hatchs. After the young birds are born, the spell is broken. Those seven days are called Alcyon or, more commonly, Halcyon days, a time of peace and tranquility. Which of the following phrases might a meteorologist use to describe the weather on a halcyon day: sunny and mild, hot and humid, or windy and cold? SALUTARY Salus is the personified Roman goddess of health and prosperity, both of the individual and the state. She had a temple on the Quirinal, built in 302 BC. Later

she became a protector of personal health. Her attribute was a snake or a bowl and her festival was celebrated on March 30. Our English words salute, salutation, salutatory, and salutatorian are all derived from the name Salus, suggesting a greeting that includes wishes for good health. Salus is identified with the Greek goddess Hygieia, from whose name we have our word hygiene. Which of the following would have a salutary effect on someone? Loads of sugar, healthy food, or sitting still all day? SOMNAMBULATE Somnus was the Roman god of sleep. He lived in a quiet valley that

was so deep the sun never shone there. The only sound in the valley came from Lethe, the river of forgetfulness and oblivion. Poppies bloomed near the door of his home. Not surprisingly, Somnus spent his days asleep on a soft, dark bed unless someone had an errand for him to run, like bringing news of Cyexs death to Alcyone. A person who somnabulates is doing what? Sleepwalking, shopping on the Internet, or dancing? TERPSICHOREAN Terpsichore (pronounced terp-SICK-ur-see), like Calliope, was a muse, one of the nine daughters of Zeus and a mortal woman. Each was in charge of a

different aspect of the arts. Terpischore is mostly associated with dancing, though some stories put her in charge of choral singing (groups like choirs). Her name comes from the two Greek words meaning to delight in dancing. In 1996, Maria Tallchief was honored at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., for achievement in one of the terpsichorean arts. In which field has she been called the most technically proficient America has ever produced? Ballet, opera, or piano? ZEPHYR Zephyr (pronounced ZEF-er) was the Greek name for the West

Wind. In 1999, a group of students at the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma worked on a project to generate electricity using an ancient, natural, renewable source. They called it Project Zephyr. How did they try to produce energy? Solar power, wind power, or water power?

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