Electrical Technologies Panel Chair's Report

Electrical Technologies Panel Chair's Report

Electrical Technologies Panel Chairs Report NSRP All Panel Meeting March 14, 2019 Charleston, SC 1 Mission Statement Reduce the cost associated with the installation and operation of electrical systems in ship construction, maintenance, and modernization Facilitate communications among Navy programs, electrical system integrators, ship designers,

shipbuilders and other NSRP panels 2 Current Focus Areas Promote commonality of electrical processes, products, components, and methods across ship programs Evaluate & transition improved electrical system technologies, installation processes, and electrical system specifications. The panels mission is to identify and implement technologies and processes that improve: Total Ownership Cost

Energy Efficiency Electrical System Performance Safety of Workforce and Ships Crew 3 Recent Panel Activities Panel Projects Improved Methods for Bonding & Grounding Fiber Optic Testing Enhancement for Cost Reduction Materials & Components for Exterior Electrical Connections

(Phase 2) Safer Inspection of MV-HV Systems Alternatives to Fiber Optic Connectors * Final Report Available via NSRP Website 4 2018 Panel Activities Panel Projects Distributed Temperature Sensing for Inspection of Electrical Panels on Navy Ships* Power Panel and Breaker Commonality* Low Voltage Shipboard Lighting Feasibility Study **

Evaluation of Efficacy of Self-Sealing Cable Transit Devices for Aluminum Bulkheads and Decks in NonWatertight Boundaries ** * Final Report Available via NSRP Website ** 2018 New Starts Areas of Interest Electrical Installation Switchgear Inspection Solid State Lighting High Temperature Insulated Bus Pipe 5

2018 Overview Panel Meetings Spring Joint Panel Meeting (ELE, SPC) Date: March 7-9, 2017 Location: Charleston, SC ShipTech Summer Joint Panel Meeting (ELE, SWSI) Date: July 24-25, 2018 Location: Washington, DC Tour: NSWC CD Winter Panel Meeting

Date: December 11-12, 2018 Location: Tallahassee, FL Tour: FSU Center for Advanced Power Systems Industry Events ShipTech SNAME Maritime Convention 2018 6 Upcoming 2019 Panel Projects ECB Selection Meeting Notification of project selected Next week

Summer Panel Meeting Date: June/July Location: Atlanta, GA Focus: Fiber Optics 7 Questions? 8

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