Ecozones of Canada

Ecozones of Canada

Ecozones of Canada Marine Ecozones Terrestrial Ecozones Ecozones Marine Pacific Arctic Archipelago

Arctic Basin Northwest Atlantic Atlantic Terrestrial Arctic Cordillera Northern Arctic

Southern Arctic Taiga Plains Taiga Shield Taiga Cordillera Hudson Plains Boreal Plains Boreal Shield

Boreal Cordillera Pacific Maritime Montane Cordillera Prairies Atlantic Maritime Mixedwood Plains

Ecozones Atlantic Ocean Ecozones Mixed Wood Plains Ecozones

Prairies Ecozones Boreal Shield Ecozones Montane Cordillera

Ecozones Southern Arctic Activity 1.Look at the map on p. 100 of your text. (a) What is the name of the ecozone you live

in? (b) What image comes to mind when you think about that ecozone? Characteristics of Ecozones Geology Climate

Landforms Soil Wildlife Natural Vegetation Humans Water

People Affect Ecozones People affect nature and can affect it in different ways-this is why ecozones include humans and their activities Humans are accelerating the pace of change in ecozones Humans cause serious and sometimes

irreversible damage. (smoggy air, polluted water, diasppearing forests and animals, collapse of fisheries) Biodiversity Some ecozones have many more different

species of plants and animals living within them than others Some places in ecozones such as wetlands are hot spots of biodiversity.

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