e-Science Institute & National e-Science Centre Malcolm ...

e-Science Institute & National e-Science Centre Malcolm ...

UK e-Science People & Data WWW Conference Edinburgh Malcolm Atkinson Director & e-Science Envoy e-Science Institute www.nesc.ac.uk 25th May 2006 Overview Brief History Investment, Engagement & Community Present Projects, Activities & Technologies Now & New Future Usability & Abstraction Interoperation & Federations What is e-Science? Goal: to enable better research in all disciplines

Method: Develop collaboration supported by advanced distributed computation to generate, curate and analyse rich data resources From experiments, observations and simulations Quality management, preservation and reliable evidence to develop and explore models and simulations Computation and data at all scales Trustworthy, economic, timely and relevant results to enable dynamic distributed collaboration Facilitating collaboration with information and resource sharing Security, trust, reliability, accountability, manageability and agility Commitment to eInfrastructure A shared resource That enables science, research, engineering,

medicine, industry, It will improve UK / European / productivity Lisbon Accord 2000 e-Science Vision SR2000 John Taylor Commitment by UK government Sections 2.23-2.25 Always there c.f. telephones, transport, power The e-Science On The Map Today Globus Apache

e-Science Institute Funded centres Project & CDIG National Centre for e-Social Science NERC e-Science Centre OMII-UK National Grid Service Digital Curation Centre NGS Support

Centre CeSC (Cambridge) EGEE-II National Institute for Environmental e-Science OMII-UK & National Grid Service: Life Sciences Gateway Middleware Talk to us about other gateways Computational Chemistry Bioinformatics & Engineering Life Science Users Image Analysis Taverna Upperware SOAPLab Services GRIMOIRES

OMII: e-Infrastructure Services Core NGS Middleware Hardware Resources OGSA-DAI GridSAM Underware Core sites The National Grid Service White Rose (Leeds) Manchester Oxford CCLRC Partner sites Bristol Cardiff Lancaster Access to HPC facilities HPCx CSAR Capacity

300 + CPUs 30+ Tera Bytes Specialist facilities Cardiff 4x16 proc SGI Bristol: Intel Lancaster SUN Cluster Services: Job submission (GT2) Storage service (SRB) Oracle Service OGSA-DAI About Grid Computing Now! A Knowledge Transfer Network project funded by the DTI Technology Programme aimed at transferring knowledge about Grid Computing Technologies to Public and Private Sectors in the UK. Partnership between Intellect, the UK Hi-Tech Trade Association; National e-Science Centre, a world leader in Grid Computing research; and CNR Ltd, a consultancy focused on SME organisations and business intermediaries.

Substantial number of industrial, business and academic partners Website Background Information Industry News/Events User Case Studies Events programme Technical Overviews Multiple vendor perspectives User Case Studies Sector Agenda Healthcare; Government; Telecoms; Services; etc.. User Community Network with peers Find useful contacts Contribute experience www.gridcomputingnow.org Biomedical Research Informatics Delivered by Grid Enabled Services CFG Virtual

Publically Curated Data Ensembl Organisation OMI M Glasgow SWI SS- PROT Private Edinburgh MGI Portal data RGD Private data Oxford HUGO Leicester

DATA HUB Private data Netherlands st bla Synteny Grid Service Private data Private data London Private data + http://www.brc.dcs.gla.ac.uk/projects/bridges/

eDiaMoND: Screening for Breast Cancer Patients Radiology reporting systems Letters Screening 1 Trust Many Trusts Collaborative Working Audit capability Epidemiology Electronic Patient Records Case Information Assessment/ Symptomatic Biopsy 2ndary Capture Or FFD

X-Rays and Case Information Other Modalities -MRI -PET -Ultrasound Symptomatic/Assessment Information eDiaMoND Grid Case and Reading Information Better access to Case information And digital tools SMF CAD Training Case and

Reading Information Digital Reading 3D Images Supplement Mentoring With access to digital Training cases and sharing Of information across clinics Manage Training Cases Perform Training Overview of e-Infrastructure SMF CAD Temporal Comparison Provided by eDiamond project: Prof. Sir Mike Brady et al. climateprediction.net and GENIE

Response of Atlantic circulation to freshwater forcing 2K Largest climate model ensemble >45,000 users, >1,000,000 model years 10K Integrative Biology Tackling two Grand Challenge research questions: What causes heart disease? How does a cancer form and grow? Together these diseases cause 61% of all UK deaths Will build a powerful, fault-tolerant Grid infrastructure for biomedical science Enabling biomedical researchers to use

distributed resources such as high-performance computers, databases and visualisation tools to develop complex models of how these killer diseases develop. Courtesy of David Gavaghan & IB Team IB Partners Courtesy of David Gavaghan & IB Team Foundations of Collaboration Strong commitment by individuals To work together To take on communication challenges Mutual respect & mutual trust Distributed technology To To To To support support support support

information interchange resource sharing data integration trust building Sufficient time Common goals Complementary knowledge, skills & data CARMEN - Scales of Integration Understanding the brain may be the greatest informatics challenge of the 21st century determining ion channel contribution to the timing of action potentials resolving the neural code from the timing of action potential activity examining integration within networks of

differing dimensions CARMEN Consortium Leadership & Infrastructure Colin Ingram Paul Watson Leslie Smith Jim Austin CARMEN Consortium International Partners Ad Aertsen George Gerstein (Freiburg) (Pennsylvania) Neural network modelling and large-scale simulations Analysis of spike pattern trains

Sten Grillner Shiro Usui (Karolinska Institute) (RIKEN Brain Science Institute) Chairman of the OECD, International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility Lead for the Japan Node of the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility Daniel Gardner (Cornell) Lead for the US NIH, Neuroscience Information Framework and Brain ML CARMEN Consortium Commercial Partners - applications in the pharmaceutical sector

- interfacing of data acquisition software - application of infrastructure - commercialisation of tools NanoCMOSgriD Meeting the Design Challenges of Nano-CMOS Electronics The Challenge International Tech nology Roadmap for Semiconductors Year MPU Half Pitch (nm) MPU Gate Length (nm) 2005 2010 2015 2020 90 32

45 18 25 10 14 6 2005 edition Toshiba 04 Device diversification 230 nm 90nm: HP, LOP, LSTP 45nm: UTB SOI Bulk MOSFET 32nm: Double gate Standard Single Set

25 nm FinFET UTB SOI FD SOI Bulk MOSFET LSTP LOP HP(MPU) Stat. Sets 16th March 2006 NanoCMOSgriD Meeting the Design Challenges of Nano-CMOS Electronics University Partners Advanced Processor Technologies Group (APTGUM) Device Modelling Group (DMGUG) Electronic Systems Design Group (ESDGUS) Intelligent Systems Group (ISGUY) National e-Science Centre (NeSC) Microsystems Technology Group (MSTGUG) Mixed-Mode Design Group in IMNS (MMDGUE)

e-Science NorthWest Centre (eSNW) 16th March 2006 NanoCMOSgriD Meeting the Design Challenges of Nano-CMOS Electronics Industrial Partners Global EDS vendor and world TCAD leader 600 licences of grid implementation, model implementation UK fabless design company and world microprocessor leader Core IP, simulation tools, staff time UK fabless design company and world mixed mode leader Additional PhD studentship for mixed mode design Global semiconductor player with strong UK presence Access to technology, device data, processing Global semiconductor player with strong UK presence Access to technology, device data, processing Global semiconductor player with UK presence CASE studentship, interconnects Trade association of the microelectronics industry in the UK Recruiting new industrial partners and dissemination 16th March 2006 Collaboration

Essential to assemble experts Multi-discipline, Multi-organisation, Multi-national Hard to achieve Instinctive competition Address these issues Trust slow to build Communication is difficult Requirements Leadership Investment Focus here New culture Technology Cross commercial academic boundaries Towards Accessible eScience High-level tools Abstraction Metadata-driven interpretation & guidance Well-defined semantics Automated data management is key Convenient user-controlled composition Lego-brick convenience + Precision control Understood by scientists, engineers, modellers,

diagnosticians, Responsibility & Credit Provenance tracking automated & understood Culture developed for consortia and collaboration Built on Dependable Infrastructure Global Federations Dependable and persistent facilities Always there & always on Consistent for mobile users Consistent for mobile code & mobile information Affordable e-Infrastructure Based on well-established standards Based on well-honed operating procedures Investment preserved through stability Utility improved through agile development Trustworthy management of information A global, federated e-Infrastructure Enabling Grids for E-sciencE Related projects & collaborations are where the

future expansion of resources will come from BalticGrid Project Anticipated resources (initial estimates) NAREGI SEE-GRID OSG EUChinaGrid Related Infrastructure projects EUMedGrid SEE-grid 6 countries, 17 sites, 150 cpu EELA EUIndiaGrid 5 countries, 8 sites, 300 cpu EUMedGrid 6 countries BalticGrid 3 countries, fewx100 cpu EUChinaGrid

TBC EELA Collaborations INFSO-RI-508833 EGEE infrastructure OSG 30 sites, 10000 cpu ARC 15 sites, 5000 cpu DEISA Supercomputing resources ~ 200 sites in 39 countries ~ 20 000 CPUs > 5 PB storage > 20 000 concurrent jobs per day > 60 Virtual Organisations

Ian Bird, SA1, EGEE Final Review 23-24 th May 2006 Use of the infrastructure 35000 30000 No. jobs/day 25000 Enabling Grids for E-sciencE Massive data transfers > 1.5 GB/s 20000 15000 10000 Total 5000 non-LCG 0 Jan-05

Feb-05 Mar-05 Apr-05 May-05 Jun-05 Jul-05 Aug-05 Sep-05 Oct-05 Nov-05 Dec-05 Jan-06 Feb-06 Mar-06 Sustained & regular workloads of >30K jobs/day spread across full infrastructure doubling/tripling in last 6 months no effect on operations INFSO-RI-508833 Ian Bird, SA1, EGEE Final Review 23-24 th May 2006 Apr-06 Invest in People Training

Targeted Immediate goals Specific skills Building a workforce Education Pervasive Long term and sustained Generic conceptual models Developing a culture Strengthens Organisation Services & Applications

Develop Enriches Training Skilled Workers Prepares Invests Society Innovation Create Invests Education Graduates Prepares Both are needed

INFSO-SSA-26637 25 May 2006 Take Home Message UK e-Science Has delivered innovation and scientific results Has e-Infrastructure & support in place Works with industry & generates new businesses Has a thriving community UK e-Science is ready for more New, intellectually challenging projects Collaboration will make this possible Collaboration is a Key Issue Trustworthy data sharing key for collaboration Plenty of opportunities for research and innovation

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