Diploma Survey - Fort Bend ISD

Diploma Survey - Fort Bend ISD

Senior Assembly ORDER YOUR DIPLOMA Fill out the Diploma Order Survey in Naviance. ORDER YOUR DIPLOMA

Use your LEGAL First, Middle and Last Name. No Nicknames No initials for middle name are allowed unless its on your birth certificate. Generation code field must be filled in: Jr. II, III, IV, V or None If you dont fill out the survey, you will not have a seat at graduation!!!! Deadline to fill out survey is Monday, January 30th.

Parents will have access to see what you wrote and will be encouraged to check. Final diploma list will be posted outside of the Registrars office February 6th -10th. You MUST check the listing during your lunch!!!! Diploma correction forms will be available in the Registrars office from Feb 6th 10th.

There will be no changes after the list after is sent to the printer. A corrected diploma will not be issued if you failed to confirm the spelling of your name by the deadline of February 10th. Mid-Year Reports

If you applied to a school using the Common Application, you will need a Mid-Year Report from your Counselor. Please e-mail your Counselor to let them know this is needed. They wont know to complete one for you without an email request. The Mid-Year Report includes a Mid-Year Transcript When it is completed you will see Mid-Year Submitted: Mid-Year Transcripts If you applied to a school and sent an initial transcript but

now need a Mid-Year Transcript sent you must email your counselor. Do NOT add the school into Naviance again. When it is completed you will see Mid-Year Submitted: Reporting Post-Secondary Plans In Naviance Reporting results - Click the pencil to edit applications - Enter the results - If you started an application but did not finish you will mark the

results as Incomplete - If there are schools in your list that you did NOT apply to you need to Delete Application Reporting Post-Secondary Plans In Naviance College that I am attending You can now report what school you are attending in Naviance. Only report once you have made your FINAL decision. It is okay to leave it blank until you have made your

FINAL decision. Scholarship Reporting You can report all scholarship offers even those you are not accepting You must provide documentation (email, letter) You can fill out the online form or bring the

documentation to Ms. Braucht. To guarantee that scholarships will be printed in the graduation program they must be reported by May 4th. Texas Success Initiative Assessment All students attending a public school in Texas need to take the TSI unless they

are exempt based on ACT/ SAT scores. To check exemption scores go to TSI Assessment page in Naviance We are offering the TSIA at RPHS for free on February 27th Sign up in Naviance Complete application to WCJC (scores can be sent to any school)

Deadline February 8th IMPORTANT DATES: Senior class photo (Advisory)- April 19th Prom May 13th at The Citadel Senior Scram (Fiesta Texas)- May 19th Senior Breakfast- June 1st Graduation - June 2nd at Smart Financial Centre

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