Digital Research Project - The Class Down the Hall

Digital Research Project - The Class Down the Hall

Digital Research Project Expectations, Tips, and Tricks Tips for Effective Presentations Preparing for your presentation Know who your audience will be Remember your objective Practice, practice, practice Take care of yourself

Verbal communication strategies Volume Pace Pauses Inflection Tone Avoid Artificial Fillers Nonverbal communication strategies Research has shown that most of a message is

delivered through nonverbal means 7 % is conveyed by actual words or content 38% is transmitted by tone of voice and volume of speech 55% is delivered via non-verbal information, such as facial expressions, posture, hand gestures, and how you carry yourself Body Positioning Posture Movement Hands

Facial Expressions Eye Contact Nervousness Accept it Be prepared Be your natural, professional self Know the audience Maintain physical control In the Front of the Room

Appearance Opening and introduction Delivery Transitions between speakers Conclusion Visual Elements On your digital elements Keep the information short and

INTERESTING Long paragraphs are for papers, and youre not writing one of those! (Yippee!!) Use the presentation to flesh out the bulleted info on your digital project Dont forget a Works Cited page! In the case of a Glog, include a link to a word document containing your Works Cited page (Times New Roman or Calibri, 12 point font) Citations

MLA: Sample Works-Cited Page The title "Works Cited" indicates that the list you provide contains only the works you actually cite in your presentation. Citations beginning with names and those beginning with titles are to be alphabetized together. For names, alphabetize based on the letters that come before the comma separating the last name from the first, and disregard any spaces or other punctuation in the last name. Numbers in titles are treated as though they have been spelled out. (The number 1 would be treated as if it begins with O, for example.)

For titles, ignore articles such as "a" and "the" (and equivalents in other languages) for alphabetization purposes. The citation examples provided are listed here as they would be on a works-cited page in a paper using MLA style. In MLA style, the works-cited page is double spaced, with the same spacing within and between citations. MLA: Sample Works-Cited Page Alvarez, Gloria. "Teacher Recalls Land of Rising Sun; Audience Hears Tales of Japan." East New Orleans Picayune 14 Oct. 2001: 4. Print. Camus, Albert. The Stranger. Trans. Stuart Gilbert. New York: A. A. Knopf, 1946. Print. Day, Nancy, and Alec Foege. "Geisha Guy: Arthur Golden Isn't Japanese, and He Isn't a Woman. But He Does a Brilliant Impersonation in His Smash First Novel." People Weekly 23

Nov. 1998: 89. Print. Falk, Thomas H. "Herland." Masterplots II. Women's Literature Series. Ed. Frank N. Magill. Vol. 3. Pasadena: Salem, 1995. 1022-1030. Print. "Gardening Experts Give Insights on Plants that Grow Well Here." Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 28 Apr. 2002. LexisNexis Academic. Web. 15 Oct. 2002. . Gigli. Screenplay by Martin Brest. Dir. Martin Brest. Perf. Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, and Christopher Walken. Columbia, 2003. Film. Haas, Stephanie. "Introduction to Database Concepts and Applications." School of Information and Library Science. U. of NC at Chapel Hill, Jan.-May 2007. Web. 16 Apr. 2009. . Hirota, Akiko. "The Tale of Gengi: From Heian Classic to Heisei Comic." Journal of Popular Culture 31.2 (Fall 1997): 29-68. Print.

Iko, Momoko. "Gold Watch." Unbroken Thread: An Anthology of Plays by Asian American Women. Ed. Roberta Uno. Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press, 1993. 105-154. Print. Kincaid, Jason. "The Sorry State of Online Privacy." TechCrunch. N.p., 26 Apr. 2009. Web. 28 Apr. 2009. . "Once a Jerk, Always a Jerk - and the Whole Town Loves Him." The Charlotte Observer 8 Oct. In-text Parenthetical Citation The Works Cited page is NOT ENOUGH! You also need to cite sources within your workthese are called parenthetical citations. This in-text referencing system directs readers to

your "Works Cited" that accompanies your research project. The text reference usually includes an author name and location in the text being cited. The purpose of parenthetical references is to give credit to sources that you use. Cite direct quotations, paraphrases, ideas peculiar to an author, case studies, statistics, and graphics, such as maps, charts, diagrams, and scientific research results. How to do parenthetical citations work? Place citations directly after the quotation or paraphrase.

Include only the author's last name and page number(s) in parentheses at the end of the sentence: (Smith 145). Use the name of the source as listed on the works-cited page if no author or editor is credited: (Webster's Dictionary 1990). If the author's name appears in the same sentence as the cited material include only the page number: (145). If more than one work by the same author is cited, use the author's last name, key word(s) from the title, and page number(s) in parentheses: (Smith, Journey Home

145) Examples of Parenthetical Citations Native peoples have little to lose by adopting these practices (Johnson 113). Authors last name and page number(s) Viviano sees advantages in this line of defense (3-4). Cite only the page number if the authors name appears in the same sentence According to police reports, there were no skid marks indicting that the

distracted driver who killed John and Carole Hall had even tried to stop. (Stockwell, Man B4). When more than one work by an author is cited, also include key word(s) from the title. "He was obeyed," writes Joseph Conrad of the company manager in Heart of Darkness, "yet he inspired neither love nor fear, nor even respect" (87). If it is an exact quote of fewer than four lines, the citation appears outside the quotation marks but before the punctuation at the end of the sentence As of 2001, at least three hundred towns and municipalities had considered

legislation regulating use of cell phones while driving (Lawmakers 2). If no author or editor is credited use the name of the source as listed on the works-cited page.

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