Day 28 - Tone Assessment, Face off, Close reading 4 turn in

Day 28 - Tone Assessment, Face off, Close reading 4 turn in

Day 34 VCR 6 Quiz, PA PN DO IO practice, and Appeals Objectives Analyze authors purpose in a nonfiction text. Understand and identify the authors use of appeals. Understand

and Identify Predicate Nominative and Predicate Adjective in a sentence. Homework: 1. Finish reading, annotating, and answering Can Animals Think? 2. IO-DO-PA-PN Quiz Wednesday Agenda Warm

VCR Up 6 Quiz PA-PN worksheet Appeals Notes Can

Animals Think? Closure Warm up Watch the following video. Take notes on the tone that Trump takes towards gun violence. Write the authors belief towards gun violence. Why is the author giving this speech? -To Inform - To Entertain -To Express -To Persuade How do you know? (Write a 1-2 sentence explanation). VCR 6 Quiz Come and get laptops. Sign onto google classroom and click on the quiz. Raise your hand if you have a question. No talking! When finished, grab a grammar sheet and start working on your own. Pair Practice PA/PN/DO/IO Worksheet Take

a grammar worksheet and work in your groups. Make sure you read the instructions. If you have any questions, ask your partners and work out the answer. Only ask me if you cannot figure it

out in your groups. 1. The living room was dark for the surprise party. 2. Valerie is the treasurer of the freshman class. 3. Jennifer loaned Brianna five dollars. 4. The blueberry muffin tastes stale. 5. Nathan bought his girlfriend an engagement ring. 6. He will be a candidate for Congress. 7. The stagehand collected the props after the play. 8. Claudine applauded the winner after losing the class election. 9. We felt embarrassed by the bad language in the movie. 10. Everyone has received an invitation to the graduation party. 11. Alice wrote her pen pal a detailed letter every month. 12. The old pirate showed the young boy a treasure map.

13. My mom grew upset after seeing my report card. 14. Betty recently toured Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii. 15. Mr. Davis is grouchy and rude. 16. Irene baked Harold a delicious cake for his birthday. 17. Lisas hair has been both long and short. 18. Robert refused Milly her request. 19. Science is the best subject in high school. 20. Excuses are lame. Close Reading Week 5 Get into your 4 person groups and go through each question from week 5.

You have to discuss your rationale with your group. Come up with a group answer for each question and write it on your rationale sheet. To the Editor Dear Editor(p. 85)- week 4 34 B RI1 35 B RI2

36 A RI4 37 B RI5 38 39 40 41 42 D C D B

D RI6 RI4 RI4 RI1 RI6 3 types of Appeals 1) Ethos 2) Pathos 3) Logos Ethos (Ethical) Appeal The

writer will set themselves up as an authority on the subject and someone worth believing. The writer will project that they are a person of good moral character. A good person is more believable than a bad one. Ethos cont. A

writers ethos can be shown through: Tone How they treat opposing views Their reputation Example: As a doctor, I am qualified to tell you that smoking is unhealthy.

Pathos (Emotional) Appeal Persuasion through the readers emotions. Word choice is used to illicit an emotional response in the reader and cause them to believe the authors view. An author can utilize positive/negative emotions too. Example:

You should vote for me because I love this country and everyone that makes up this wonderful community. Logos (Rational) Appeal The writer uses logic, or reason, to show that their view is more valid than the opposition. Often statistics are used Example: Given the 20 years worth of data, we can see that climate change is real and the average temperature of

the oceans is rising. Lets Try Together Identify which type of appeal is used in the following examples. 1. We all have pets. We love them. Dont you want to provide the best care for your dog or cat? 2. With my 20 years of experience, I believe I am the most qualified to run this company. 3.

The defendant is clearly guilty as he was found with a knife and was seen running away from the scene earlier that day. Can Animals Think? Get your laptops and log onto Google Classroom. Download the document Can Animals Think? Read and annotate the document in red. Answer each of the questions. When finished, upload the completed file into the assignment. Closure 3, 2, 1 Write:

3 things you have learned about appeals 2 examples of PA or PN. 1 question you still have regarding todays lesson.

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