Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism

Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism

Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism August 3, 2006 C-TPAT Voluntary supply chain security program started by CBP after terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001 Company joined in February 2003 Benefits to Company are:

Reduced inspections by CBP Expedited shipments through the FAST program More dependable supply chain Compliance with our customers requirements Who Can Join C-TPAT?

Importers Brokers US/Canada Highway carriers

US/Mexico Highway carriers NVOCCs, consolidators Air carriers Rail carriers Sea carriers Mexican manufacturers Certain invited foreign manufacturers C-TPAT Security Requirements Seven primary areas of supply chain

security Physical controls Container Security Physical Access Controls Physical Security Internal Supply Chain Management Practices Personnel Security Procedural Security Information Technology Security

Business Partner Requirements C-TPAT Partners and non-C-TPAT Partners Physical Controls Container/trailer security Includes container/trailer seals Seals should be stored in a secure area One or two people should handle seals Record seal numbers used for shipments

Location containers or trailers are stored Should be in an enclosed, secure area Trailer locations should be tracked Inspection prior to loading Use the 7-point inspection process Document the trailer inspection Physical Controls

Physical access controls Employee identification and access Employees should wear their badges at all times Access to shipping and receiving areas should be limited to employees who need to be there Visitor identification All visitors must sign in and obtain a visitors badge Visitors should be escorted while in the building

Physical Controls Physical security Fencing Perimeter controls to keep unauthorized people from having access to your trailers or building Locks and alarms Keep unauthorized people out of secure areas If an emergency door is opened, an alarm should sound

Cameras Show people arriving and leaving Show shipping and receiving areas Internal Supply Chain Management Practices Personnel Security Pre-employment screening On-going background checks Watching for suspicious behavior or activity

Internal Supply Chain Management Practices Procedural Security Document control Limited access to blank forms and completed document storage Shipping and receiving controls Discrepancy reports and follow-up

Report threats and suspicious shipments Security training Information Technology Security Password protection Limit access to data storage areas Business Partner Requirements C-TPAT certification OR Other security certification AND Comply with C-TPAT importer security

criteria Applies to Suppliers who import raw materials, equipment, tooling used in production, etc. Suppliers who ship directly from overseas to Company locations worldwide Customs Brokers Freight Forwarders International carriers

Company Business Partner Requirements Implementation Letter will be sent to every supplier asking Are you an importer? Are you a member of C-TPAT? If supplier is a C-TPAT member, send me their SVI number If not Complete security checklist

Send letter signed by Corporate officer stating agreement to comply with C-TPAT requirements List other security programs in which they currently participate Risk-Based Approach Rate suppliers based on: Availability of product (single source) Type of merchandise Location of shipment origin

Location of receiving facility Volume of business Number of plants served Past experience with supplier Security Checklist Review with suppliers Key requirements Business partner requirements Threat awareness and suspicious shipment training

Physical access controls C-TPAT Checklist.xls C-TPAT Web Portal Completion required by October 1st C-TPAT, Security Profile C-TPAT Best Practices Team Approach

Container inspection Trailer/container seals More best practices are available at: commercial_enforcement/ctpat/ security_criteria/ Team Approach to Security Management Set up a multi-functional security team to

handle C-TPAT implementation and application. Members could include: Purchasing Sales Logistics Warehouse Human Resources IT Engineering

Container Inspection Before loading conduct a 7-point inspection of the container Front Wall measure distance inside and out

7-point container inspection Walls (right side and left side) Ceiling and roof Check right side and left side of walls Look for irregularly spaced panels in ceiling

7-point container inspection Outside/undercarriage Check for compartments under trailer and in landing gear

7-point container inspection Floor Check for holes in floor or difference in the wear or age of the wood

7-point container inspection Doors Concealment methods Money leaving US Drugs/WMD entering US Check the roof Drugs found inside a false roof on a trailer

Concealment methods Drugs concealed inside patio bricks Container/Trailer Seals Container/Trailer Seal Selection Seals must meet or exceed ISO PAS 17712 for high security seals High security seal types include Bolt seals Cable seals

Seal Types Cable seals must be made of braided cable that will fray when cut

Container seal use Cable seal is place around the keeper bars. Cable is pulled tight and lock is flush against door. Hasp is not

used as seal point Trailer Seal Use and Control Seals must be kept in a secure location Access to seals should be limited to one or two people only Each seal used must be tracked when shipping and upon receipt

C-TPAT Best Practices For more C-TPAT best practices, look for the CTPAT Best Practices Catalog at commercial_enforcement/ctpat/ How to Apply for C-TPAT All applications must be submitted online Online application available at ctpat/online_app

/ Information required: Importer of Record number Company information Point of Contact must be officer of the company You will be contacted by CBP within a few days to submit your security profile

Any questions?? For more information, contact

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