Controlling Anxiety

Controlling Anxiety

Homework Controlling Anxiety Connector Video and questions on the website

What do I need to learn? Review your PLC Different types of anxiety Describe and explain with an example what you

understand about cognitive and somatic anxiety? Cognitive refers to psychological aspects eg apprehension and somatic to the bodys physiological responses eg sweating

What is anxiety? A negative aspect of feeling stress Stressor Any demands that are placed on the performer that initiate stress (leading to a

cognitive or somatic response) Eustress A positive form of stress which provides an adrenalin rush What is the difference between competitive

state and competitive trait anxiety? Page 177 Figure 4 page 177 Measuring anxiety Method

Physiological measures Observations Self report

questionnaires Advantage Disadvantage

Measuring Anxiety - Tests Make notes from pg 178 outlining What it tests, when it takes places, administered, advantages and disadvantages

SCAT CSAI 2 Stress management Example 1

As Rockys sport psychologist, how do you propose to help him overcome his anxiety for the fight tomorrow? Heres what Rocky did

Rocky Rocky overcame his perceived imbalance between ability and task demands (anxiety) by changing his goals.

He focused on a performance goal rather than an outcome goal (more on this next week) He also kept things in perspective (he was always a nobody).

Example 2 A golfer has been having problems with his swing. How would you help him to prepare and what would you teach him to do as he has a long putt

to win a competition? Golf. Why did he choke? What did he do?

Stress What is it? Responding to stress Controlling stress Cognitive vs. somatic techniques (complete the

worksheet) What have I learnt so far? Next lesson - Goal setting Outcome goals

Performance goals SMARTER targets Dont forget your homework

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