CONTENT MANAGEMENT - San Jose State University

CONTENT MANAGEMENT - San Jose State University

CONTENT MANAGEMENT: Planning and implementation of instruction Preventive and supportive strategies to promote student achievement The Big Picture Content Management Instruction Sources for Preventive and Supportive Strategies Student Work Analysis

Content-specific methods All Kinds of Minds Progam Language arts math, etc. To begin, plan how you will Give directions for students to put away current work and get ready for next activity. Transition students to

next activity. Planning the lesson 1. Decide on clear behavioral objective 2. Do task analysis of objective (what do students already need to know how to do?) 3. How will you make objective clear to students so they know what to attend to during the lesson? Next

4.Plan how you will help students understand concept/skill being taught. 5. How will you make connection to their prior knowledge so they have something to which to attach the new knowledge? 6. Decide whether and how you will * model *check for understanding *give specific feedback 7. Decide on guided practice *Teacher listens and watches

*Student does task *Teacher checks for understanding and gives feedback What will you do to provide 8. student independent practice? 9. assessment of whether students have learned what you tried to teach? Implementation of the lesson

Problems with thought flow during lesson (Kounin, 1977) Jerkiness during transitions (thrusts, dangles, flip-flops,truncations) Slowdowns in pacing of lesson

(overdwelling, fragmentation) Maintaining group engagement: Maintaining group concentration: Equal Opportunities in the Classroom Interaction Model Teacher Expectations and Student Achievement Study (Kerman, 1982)

Degree of accountability BIG IDEA When students feel that they matter, they are also more receptive to the ideas and activities the teacher believes to be important. Froyen

Averting boredom: avoidance of satiation Sensitive to the need to help students progress. Need for variety

Appropriate level of challenge Ways of holding students accountable Provide wait time for responses Dont call on first person who raises his/her hand

Evaluate work that is turned in - give feedback that will help the student succeed Check student understanding often and in a variety of ways

Give multiple ways for students to participate during lesson Be present with the students Importance of really listening to what the students are thinking All Kinds of Minds developed by Dr. Mel Levine

Helps teacher identify neurodevelopmental issues that need tweeking. Focuses on labeling the phenomenon, not the child. Focuses teacher on being precise about what is giving the student problems and how to address it.

Directions to Access All Kinds of Minds Website Step 1: Go to Step 2: Click on the tab at the top entitled: Educators Step 3: Click on: Research (on left side) Step 4: Click on: Neurodevelopmental Framework

Step 5: Click on: Attention Step 6: Click on: Resources Step 7: Click on: case studies or video or learning base, etc.

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