Communities in Schools of Georgia

Communities in Schools of Georgia

Communities In Schools of Georgia The States leading organization in dropout prevention and wraparound services. CIS Who Are We? Communities In Schools' (CIS) mission is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. For 40 years, CIS has been dedicated to empowering at-risk students to stay in school and on a path to a brighter future. Working directly inside more than 161 schools and 7 community sites across Georgia, CIS connects kids to caring adults and community resources designed to help them succeed. CIS does whatever it takes to ensure that all kids regardless of the

challenges they may face have what they need to realize their full potential. 2 CIS Who Are We? Based directly inside schools, Communities In Schools connects students and their families to basic and critical educational and community-based resources, tailored to each students specific needs. Site Coordinators work with administrators to develop plans and build teams to give students the support and encouragement they need to unlock their potential. By implementing the CIS Model with high fidelity, CIS provides proven, effective and adaptable services for students based on

their individual needs. 3 What Differentiates Us 1. CIS has the evidence and research to show how schools can leverage CIS to implement Community Schools and get great results for students. Evaluations of the CIS model are often cited by the Coalition of Community Schools as evidence that the Community Schools model works. 2. After years of investment in perfecting and proving our model, CIS has emerged as a nationally recognized leader in evidence-based ISS. CIS has a national track record of lowering dropout rates and improving graduation rates, and we know that CIS is uniquely qualified to partner with schools to ensure the best possible outcomes for all students in a community school.

3. CIS has developed an evidence-based training curriculum for site coordinators and additional practitioners, having trained over 1,000 practitioners. 4. The Georgia Dept of Audit and Accounts Performance Audits Division cited the State's return on investment in CIS of Georgia is estimated at $18:$1 for a high school graduate over his or her lifetime. 4 Why I Support Robert "Trey" Ragsdale CIS of Georgia Board Chairman, 2019-2020 Trey Ragsdale manages Local Government & Community Relations for Kaiser Permanente in Georgia. Prior to his role at Kaiser Permanente, Trey held leadership positions at MARTA, United States Senate, King & Spalding Law

Firm, The Coca-Coca Company and The White House. Trey is a Georgia native who has been involved for over two decades in improving the world around him at the local, state and national levels as a business and community servant, entrepreneur, author & speaker and mentor. 5 Communities In Schools of Georgia 2019-2020 Board of Directors BOARD MEMBERS BOARD MEMBERS Mr. Robert Trey Ragsdale III, Chairman

Kaiser Permanente Ms. Kathleen Edge Southwire Mr. Joshua Morreale Osborne High School Mr. Edgar Moore, Jr., Vice Chair Frazier & Deeter, LLC Mr. Kip Farlow Walmart

Ms. Arlethia Perry-Johnson Retired, Higher Education Executive Ms. Jennifer Johnson Burns, Secretary Equifax Mr. Robert Gaines, II, Ph.D. Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education Mr. Juan Sanchez Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta BOARD OFFICERS

Ms. Paula Goodman, Immediate Past-Chair Best Buy Stores 6 Mr. Nathan Lewis Security Capital Brokerage, Inc BOARD MEMBERS Mr. Jason Carr PNC Bank Mr. Joseph Lillyblad

Southern Company/Georgia Power Ms. Anya Chambers Crossfit Downtown Atlanta Ms. Barbara Miller Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta Fredrick Bailey, CIS Alum Milliken Policy Fellow Britney Tigner, CIS Alum Piedmont Hospital Why I Support

Jamie Jackson CIS of Georgia in Troup County, Advisory Council Member, 2019-2020 Jamey Jackson is the Executive Vice President at Malone Workforce Solutions, based in LaGrange, Georgia. For more than 15 years Jamey has been focused in talent acquisition within the manufacturing industry, holding account management roles with Toyota Motor Engineering North America (TEMA) and Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky (TMMK). 7 Our Impact

8 Our Impact 9 Why I Support Dr. Noris Price Superintendent, Baldwin County Schools Dr. Noris Price, Baldwin County Schools superintendent, has been selected as the 2019 Communities in Schools All In for Students Award recipient and was acknowledged at the CIS Leadership Town Hall in Chicago, IL.

When Price came on board as Baldwin Countys school superintendent in 2014, the graduation rate stood at just 66 percent. Since then the figure has risen astronomically to 92 percent where it stood last year. Thank goodness for Communities in Schools and their dedicated site coordinators who support our children so they can walk across the stage and be successful in life and have options. I can't imagine Baldwin without CIS, which is why I have invested to ensure every school in Baldwin County has a site coordinator. 10 CIS as a Community School Model CIS can be an example of a lead agency broker and fill the Community School Model's staff role.

In this scenario, CIS delivers our model, brokers in community services and partners, and engages families and communities. Our caseloads are maintained, and CIS comprehensively fulfills the needs assessment, planning and monitoring roles. CIS and Community Schools: The Connection There are four (4) pillars that appear in most community schools and support the conditions for teaching and learning found in high-quality schools:

Integrated student supports Expanded learning time and opportunities Family and community engagement Collaborative leadership and practice These pillars were identified in a 2017 study published by the Learning Policy Institute and are recognized by the Coalition for Community Schools. CIS is an evidence-based model for integrated student supports, which is one of the four pillars of a Community School. Communities In Schools is a national partner of the Coalition of Community schools and sits on its national Board of Trustees.

CIS as a pillar of a Community School In some communities, CIS works with district leadership to be the lead partner and offer support to the district to help implement all four pillars. CIS is the leading example of an Integrated Student Support provider within a Community School where a district or another organization fills the Community School staff role. In this scenario, another agency (like United Way) may hire a CS Director to coordinate community level services, work on teaching and academic supports, and strategies to co-locate more community resources that help the school extend the school day. CIS DELIVERS our model through three tiers of supports, CONTRIBUTES to monitoring and coordination conversations, ENGAGES communities and families, and BUILDS a caseload of students to support. 13

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