Communicating w/ Drug Courts - Narcotics Anonymous

Communicating w/ Drug Courts - Narcotics Anonymous

Some challenges: Trusted servant turnover; lack of follow through Lack of joint efforts with H&I Court card attendees overwhelm groups Groups dont know where to get help ASCs are unaware of resources Drug courts are proliferating ru

g /D ct sw In te ra s ee nd tte Court Card Attendees

tA A Triangular Relationship ou ab NA & Drug Courts s

rn ce Drug Court/ Parole Office/ Treatment Center n Co Co ur t

ASC/RSC NA Groups Some Resources/Approaches: Presentations to drug court personnel Chapter 6, PRHB Hold meetings at drug courts Chapter 6, PRHB

Newcomer Workshops Chapter 6, PRHB addendum Introduction to NA Meetings (SP) Whats NOT Working? What needs to happen? One idea: court personnel

and judge receive a presentation/follow-up from NA every six months Other Ideas? Contacting Drug Courts Many drug courts have their own websites, contact info can be found

there The National Association of Drug Court Professionals website ( Check the court cards/slips for contact information Other ideas? Things to consider: Other stakeholders examples: parole board, treatment center

that houses Drug Court attendees Drug courts typically support quarterly meetings for judges engage many judges at one time Use the PRHB to prepare Chapters 4 and 6, and also Drug Court FAQ

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