Classroom Assessment Scoring System -

Classroom Assessment Scoring System -

ECERS-R; SACERS; & CLASS What You Can Do! What about you? How are you doing with incorporating what youve learned from the ECERS-R or SACERS? Refer to your ECERS-R or

SACERS strengths and weaknesses form that you worked on for the Internet course ECERS-R & SACERS What questions do you still have? Classroom Assessment Scoring System The Power of Your Interactions!

What does it measure? There are three primary domains: Emotional Support Classroom

Organization Instructional Support Emotional Support Dimensions Positive Climate Negative Climate Teacher Sensitivity Regard for Student

Perspectives Classroom Organization Behavior Management Productivity Instructional Learning Formats

Instructional Support Concept Development Quality of Feedback Language Modeling Research

Children in classrooms with higher CLASS scores do better: Academically Socially emotionally (fewer challenging behaviors) From the CLASS Website:

High levels of Emotional Support contribute to preschoolers social competence in the kindergarten year. High levels of Emotional Support are associated with growth in reading and math achievement from kindergarten through third grade.

High levels of Classroom Organization are associated with gains in first graders literacy. Higher levels of Instructional Support are related to preschoolers gains in pre-reading and math ECERS/SACERS vs. CLASS? ECERS/SACERS

focus on the classroom physical environment CLASS focuses on teacher/child interactions Its not only what you knowits what you do! Goals for Teachers

Observe your own and others behavior think intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligence! Evaluate yourself and others Become more intentional in what you do Become more effective in

what you do Your Turn! Groups A&B focus on the domain of Emotional Support: Regard for Student Perspectives Groups C&D- focus on the domain of

Classroom Organization: Instructional Learning Formats Groups E&F focus on the domain of Instructional Support: Concept Development Now What?

Review your assigned dimension (use the CLASS manual to help you!) Each person rate themselves for that dimension Discuss your ratings with others in your group

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