Chapter 8: Migration to the United States: The Impact on ...

Chapter 8: Migration to the United States: The Impact on ...

Chapter 8: Migration to the United States: The Impact on People & Places 1 To move from a country means to what? EMIGRATE (PEOPLE WHO LEAVE A COUNTRY ARE CALLED EMIGRANTS) To move to a country means what? IMMIGRATE (PEOPLE WHO MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY ARE CALLED IMMIGRANTS) 2

Top 10 Countries of Origin of the U.S. Immigrants, 2007 Country Number of Immigrants Percentage of All U.S. Immigrants Mexico 148,640 14.1%

China 76,655 7.3% Philippines 72,596 6.9% India

65,353 6.2% Columbia 33,187 3.2% Haiti 30,405 2.9%

Cuba 29,104 2.8% Vietnam 28,691 2.7% Dominican Republic

28,024 2.7% Korea 22,405 2.1% 3 Top Countries of Origin of the U.S. Immigration 1820-2004

Country Number of Immigrants 7,238,000 Germany Mexico 6,849,000 Italy 5,446,000 United Kingdom

5,337,000 Ireland 4,788,000 Other 40,211,000 Total 69,869,000 4

The constant flow of migrants from one country into another country is known as what? MIGRATION STREAM (THE LARGEST MIGRATION STREAM INTO THE U.S. TODAY SINCE 2007 IS MEXICO) 5 The _______________ are the reasons PUSH-FACTORS that cause people to leave an area;

whereas the _______________ are the PULL-FACTORS reasons that attract people to another. Pull-Factors Push-Factors Environmental Economic *Lack of Resources to support *Availability of Land an *Job Opportunities entire group *Bigger Home, Land or Space

*Change in Climate or *Better Education Vegetation Opportunities *High Crime Rate *Poor Housing *Poverty Political *Escape from War or Persecution Cultural *Return to Homeland *Desire to live near a Holy

6 Internal vs. External Migration *Internal migration happens when people move from one place to another but stay within the same country. *External migration occurs when people move from one to another but leave the country and/or 7 Urban vs. Rural Relating to, or located in a city is

called what? URBAN Relating to the country or farming is called what? RURAL 8 A person who flees a place to find safety is called what? REFUGEE Cruel treatment on the basis of religion, race, ethnic group, nationality, political views, gender or class is called what?

PERSECUTION 9 Another term that means to move from one country, place or location is called what? MIGRATE 10 What is the organized elimination of national, political, racial, religious or ethnic group? GENOCIDE

11 An unusually long period in which little or no rain falls is called a what? DROUGHT The spreading and mixing of cultures is know as what? DIFFUSION 12 The shared attitudes, knowledge & behaviors of a group is called what? CULTURE

Having many different ways to think or to do something, or a variety of people is called what? DIVERSITY 13 What are some general examples of cultural impacts that have been introduced to the U.S.? HOLIDAYS, RELIGION, FOODS, LANGUAGE, MUSIC,

ART & LITERATURE 14 Workers in the U.S., 2007 U.S. Born Workers (84%) Foreign Born Workers (16%) Today, about 16% of all U.S. workers are immigrants. The U.S. has long depended on immigrants for labor. 15

The loss of well-educated people such as doctors or engineers to another country is known as what? Top Countries with Brain Drain to the U.S., 2007 Country Number of Immigrants India Canada 157,613 United Kingdom

25,507 Mexico 18,165 China 16,628 BRAIN DRAIN 26,209

A brain drain occurs when a country loses its 16 most talented people to emigration. A payment of money sent by an immigrant to a relative in his or her home country is called what? REMITTANCE 17 An area defined by one or more natural or cultural characteristics that set it apart from other areas is known as what?

REGION 18 19 20 The number of people who live in a specified area is called what? POPULATION THE THREE MOST POPULATED CITIES IN THE UNITED STATES ARE 1. NEW YORK, NY, 2. LOS ANGELES, CA, &

3. CHICAGO, IL 21 Three Major Factors Effecting Population are What? 1. BIRTH RATE 2. DEATH RATE 3. MIGRATION 22 The number of births per 1,000 people per year is called what? BIRTH RATE

The number of deaths per 1,000 people per year is called what? DEATH RATE 23 Countries with Countries with the Highest the Highest Birth Death Rate Rate 1. 1. Niger Swaziland

2. Mali 2. Angola 3. Uganda 3. Sierra Leone 4. Afghanistan 4. Lesotho 5. that Sierra 5. South Note: most of these countriesAfrica are in Africa

& are third world countries. Leone 24 What are the Requirements for a Third World Country? *Both birth rates & death rates are high *Poor medical care *high infant mortality *Since both the birth rates & death rates are high, the population neither grows nor decreases much *Typical of most agricultural countries (droughts are common) & food is scarce *Often do not have a clean water source

*Low education (if any) 25 What are the Requirements for a Developing Country? *Improvements in medicine & health care *Better food productions & distribution *Better water source *Better education *Economic improvements & the switch to more advanced farming technologies *More people are employed 26

Examples of Third World Countries are... Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Niger, Yemen, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Swaziland, Haiti & Somalia. Examples of Developing Countries are China, Columbia, Mexico, Brazil, Egypt & Peru. 27 What are the Requirements of a Developed Country? *Both birth rates & death rates are low

*Countries that are developed have all completed the transition from an agricultural society to an urban & industrial society *Have more money, jobs & more education *Have more access to food & clean water higher lifeJapan, expectancy *The*Have United States, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom & Italy are examples


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