Chapter 3: The Social Self

Chapter 3: The Social Self

Chapter 3: The Social Self Part 1: Sept. 7, 2011 Self-Concept Beliefs we have about ourselves Self-schemas are part of this: Recognize images of ourselves betw 18-24 mos. Then, social factors become important 5 main sources of forming the self-concept:

Introspection, perceptions of our behavior, others influence, memories, & culture Sources 1. Introspection consider your own feelings But may be difficult to describe accurately What is Affective forecasting?

2. Perceptions of our own behavior: Bems self-perception theory: what is it? Self-perception can influence our emotions Facial Feedback changes in facial expression can trigger change in our emotion Example? New research on embodied cognition our judgments and behaviors reflect our bodys cues

Examples? How do facial feedback & embodied cognition work? Self-perception can influence our motivation Overjustification effect what is it? Leppers research on childrens motivation: Effects of type of reward -

3. Influence of other people Social comparison theory (Festinger): When is this most often used? With whom do we compare ourselves?

Effects of context: 4. Autobiographical memories Recall earlier events to shape self-concept: What stages tend to be recalled? 1. 2. What is the effect of flashbulb memories?

may not be accurate (self-presentation effects) continue with Source #5 (culture) on Fri..

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