Captain Chemical EOR Over view and Pilot Development

Captain Chemical EOR Over view and Pilot Development

Chemical EOR Implementation for the Captain Field, UK 30th IEA EOR Symposium and Workshop September 2009 Anette Poulsen, Chevron Upstream Europe, Aberdeen, Scotland September 2009 Chevron 2007 DOC ID Outline 1. Background 2. Project Definition 3. Strategy 4. Pilot Objectives and Deliverables

Captain Field Location Location: Block 13/22a, UK North Sea. First Oil 1997: 12 years production history Current gross oil production: 40,000 bbls/ day. Equity: 85% 15% 3 Captain Development Discovered 1977 Early development challenges Multiple platforms and over 300 vertical wells!

Early 1990ies technology advances Horizontal drilling and ESP development Successful EWT 1993 1997 installed WPP & FPSO, first oil 2000 expansion project: BLP and subsea Area B template installed 2006 Captain Area C - further 2 subsea well development 4km east of Area B template Polymer injection facilities installed as part of original development Captain Infrastructure Captain Reservoir X-Section

Area Area A A WPP WPP Area Area B Template Template Area Area C C Manifold Manifold Upper Upper Captain Captain Sandstone Sandstone Area Area A A

Gas Gas Cap Cap Eastern Eastern Extension Extension Southern Southern Far Far East East Terrace Terrace -2500

S-UCS UCS OWC -2982 -3000 UCS UCS LCS LCS OWC -2992 LCS LCS LCS East East Lower

Lower Captain Captain Sandstone Sandstone Burns Burns OWC -2921 Ross OWC -3028 Wick OWC -3251 -3500 Captain Ridge

GOC -2723 GOC -2799 West West Ross Ross Devonian Ross Ross Central Central Ross Ross East East 0 Ross Ross Sandstone

Sandstone Upper Captain Sandstone : Sheet-like deepwater sandstone, Lower Captain Sandstone : Channelised deepwater sandstone, Ross/Burns Sandstone : Fluvial/ shallow marine sandstone. 2km Captain Waterflood Performance Volumetric sweep Injection water slumps down, under-running oil column Water cones up to producers from OWC or under-running water Significant hydrocarbon volumes by-passed Microscopic sweep Poor SCAL data (unconsolidated rock) Large uncertainty in ROS and Sorw Outline 1. Background 2. Project Definition

3. Strategy 4. Pilot Objectives and Deliverables Captain Long Term Development Project Long Term Development Sub-Projects Chemical EOR Positives Exceptionally high permeability Low temperature, moderate salinity Medium to high oil acidity Challenges Heavy/viscous oil High hardness (Ca, Mg ions in formation water) Offshore (impact on facilities, brown field modifications) Key Issues Incremental sweep Chemical compatibility and chemical performance

Offshore space/weight/POB constraints Existing equipment suitability/conditions Project Definition Opportunity Statement: To develop an integrated Chemical EOR Field and Reservoir strategy and timely implementation plans to increase ultimate recovery in order to develop P4 P6 resources into the proved developed reserves category. Success Vision: Economically implement chemical EOR in Captain to achieve at least 50% recovery factor in all reservoirs where chemical EOR will be applied Impact on Life of Field Polymer Flood EOR Potential for Upper Captain Sand Oil Production (Mbopd) 80

60 EOR likely to extend Captain field life ADDITIONAL DEVELOPMENT & EXPANSION 40 UCS POLYMER FLD 20 UCS MAIN 0 2000

2005 2010 2015 2020 2025 Outline 1. Background 2. Project Definition 3. Strategy 4. Pilot Objectives and Deliverables EOR Strategy Evaluate suitable chemicals (polymer and ASP) for Captain Implement pilot polymer flood project using existing

equipment on the Captain facilities Follow by ASP flood if viable Develop reliable forecasting tools and evaluate full field implementation Implement EOR scheme on Captain Outline 1. Background 2. Project Definition 3. Strategy 4. Pilot Objectives and Deliverables Pilot Objectives Demonstrate polymer flood technical feasibility in Captain field Early identification of potential showstoppers

Provide data to evaluate economic viability for further expansion Reduce range on key uncertainties Meet above objectives within desired timeframe Key Uncertainties Ability to ship, mix, filter and inject polymer offshore, in the North Sea Well injectivity Increase in sweep efficiency, oil cut and oil production rate Chemical usage Impact on production efficiency Operability of facility Pilot Strategy Table Injectivity Tests Pilots Pilot Timing

Key Reservoir Features Reservoir Fastest but high risk 1 0 0 n/a none none 1

1 Simultaneous Pilots SUCS contained oil 2 2 Overlapping series of Pilots UCS 3 or more

3 Sequential series of Pilots LCS gas cap Ross variation in deposition, rock and fluid properties Just do full field expansion now 2 Shortest lead time to full field expansion decision (only one key reservoir uncertainty addressed)

3 Maximum Information - Minimum Risk 2x 2x aquifer 4 Maximum Information - Minimum Lead Time 5 Addressing Key Uncertainties 6 1 2 3

4 5 6 No pilots, only injectivity tests No pilots, no injectivity tests, start full field engineering now Single pilot with multiple injectivity tests Resolution of all key reservoir uncertainties Resolution of all key reservoir uncertainties in an aggressive time frame Resolution of top two key reservoir uncertainties 4 Project Milestones Water injection baseline 4Q09 The Last Slide

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