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[Business Communication]

WTD project implementation in Latvia Strasbourg 5 June, 2014 1 National workshop National Workshop Development cooperation opportunities for Latvian self-governments was organized by the LALRG in

September 2012. Main objectives: - to strengthen the cooperation between LAs and CSOs; - to promote awareness raising and better understanding of development issues. Re-granting scheme Call for project applications in Latvia was opened to LAs and CSOs in December 2012 Evaluation Committee was established in January 2013

Applications were selected on the following criteria : Cooperation and synergy between CSOs and LAs Originality and innovation of the proposal Relevance of the activity for the local community Capacity of the organization to implement the project Re-granting scheme In February 2013 three projects were selected Projects were proposed by three municipalities in

cooperation with municipalities of Georgia, Belarus, and Moldova The best projects were co-financed with up to 2,000, and up to 50% of the project budget. Bauska municipality Project focused on 'Development co-operation opportunities through networking, information exchange and training'. Main goals: - to raise the public and citizens awareness, skills and

capacities at the local level - development cooperation networking between Bauska municipality and Khashuri municipality (Georgia) Bauska municipality Activities, carried out: - Workshop Development cooperation experience and lessons learnt was organised in August 2013 - Participation of the Georgian painter in an international art plein-air Bauska summer 2013

- Organisation of the creative master class in the Bauska Children and Youth Art and Craft Center - Participation in the Bauska municipality Festival 2013 - Information campaign; publishing articles in local and regional newspapers, on web pages - created electronic promotional materials on development cooperation Jelgava municipality Project on 'Active partnership and communities for

development'. Objective was to strengthen the already developed cooperation between municipalities of Moldova and Latvia in order to promote sustainable development and establish synergies, improve knowledge and capacity of LAs and CSOs in Moldova regarding sustainable development, and raising awareness among citizens. Jelgava municipality Study visit for the representatives of the Cahul municipality (Moldova) was organized by the

Jelgava municipality (Latvia) from 5 9 June, 2013 Networking and training event with exchange of best practices was organized A follow-up meeting was held after completion of the project in October 2013, in order to plan future cooperation Gulbene municipality Project Struve unites through the centuries was implemented by the Gulbene municipality (Latvia) in

close cooperation with the partners in Belarus Ashmyany District. The project brought together representatives of LAs, NGOs, youth centers, Belarusian partners, and citizens. Main activities: Seminar Role of NGO in decision making process Workshop Struves survey promotes development cooperation Expedition Gulbene municipality

Project promoted development cooperation and local democracy by sharing experiences, and set the basis for future cooperation also through the unifying element of the Struve Geodetic Arc. Gulbene municipality (Latvia) and Ashmyany District (Belorus) has station points of the Arc. That is an extraordinary example of interchange of human values in the form of scientific collaboration among scientists from different countries.

Results - raised public and citizens awareness, skills and capacities on issues related to the development cooperation; - promoted active role of LAs and CSOs in the implementation of EU development policy and issues such as sustainable development and citizen empowerment.

THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! Elita Kresse Adviser on Foreign Affair issues Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments Ph.+371 67508534, e-mail: [email protected]

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