Buddhist Marriage

Buddhist Marriage

Buddhist Marriage L.O To know about marriage in the Buddhist faith Success criteria By the end of the lesson you should: Know the traditions of Buddhist marriage. Be able to think about how Buddhist marriage compares to marriage

ceremonies in other faiths. What is a Buddhist marriage like? Marriage in the Buddhist faith is very traditional and simple. They dont like to use lots of complicated rituals. It is not a religious affair. During a Buddhist marriage the bride can change her dress up to 5 times! The

whole event of being married can take 24 hours. The actual ceremony only takes 30mins. Before the wedding Before a man and woman can get married, their horoscopes have to match. The groom and his family have to ask the lama (priest) for a special day when he can propose. When the day has been set, the groom

with his family go to the girls house. He then asks permission for her hand in marriage. The ceremony called the chessian is completed with a prayer and the lama gives out a religious drink madyan. The date of the marriage is decided in consultation with the astrologer. Groom's family prepares the dowry (gift

of property or money for the bride). Bride's family greets the groom's family The wedding day The wedding takes place either in the temple or at the brides home. At home a shrine is erected with

a statue of Buddha. The bride and groom light candles and incense and lay flowers around the statue. The lama conducts the wedding. On some occasions it is conducted by a family member or the bride and groom themselves. Prayers are recited Vandana, Tisarana and Pancasila

The bride says goodbye to her family and prays to her ancestors. She is given earrings as a gift by her mother and mother-in-law. These are a symbol of her youth. Vows The groom: "Towards my wife I undertake to love and respect her, be kind and considerate, be

faithful, delegate domestic management, provide gifts to please her." The bride: "Towards my husband I undertake to perform my household duties efficiently, be hospitable to my in-laws and friends of my husband, be faithful, protect and invest our earnings, discharge my responsibilities lovingly and conscientiously." After the wedding

After the wedding has been blessed by the parents and the lama, the bride goes to her new husbands house. Here a big feast is held in celebration of their union.

Other examples of Buddhist marriage Discussion Discuss in pairs what the main features of a Buddhist wedding are. What do you think the vows meant? Why do you think they pray to their ancestors? Whats the importance of horoscopes? Why do they have to get married on a certain

day? How does the wedding ceremony compare to Christian weddings?

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