Brian School

Brian School

Brian School Council Annual Report 2015 2016 June 16, 2016 7:00pm School Library Highlights: Council Meetings Council held nine (8) meetings this year and worked on various projects to support staff and students at Brian PS. Eight (8) Executive meetings were held which included committee chairs and the Chair and Vice Chair.

Highlight: Achievements Council fundraised approximately 13,000.00 Continuation of the Kissn Ride program Successful fundraising initiatives include: Fun Fair, Coffee sales, Subway and Pizza Lunch Worked with administration to map out dates of meetings and significant school events Continuation of Voluntary Donation program 1900.00 Proactively worked with members of TDSB with regards to school changes Applied for and was granted a bike rack from TDSB Positive student reaction to the new painted lines in school yard Highlights: Great Ideas

Scientist in the school OT Fitness Program

T-Shirts Floor Hockey Equipment Signage for Parking lot Readers for entire school Interactive Easel (Kindergarten) First Aid Course PAL Program School Year Improvement (Painted Lines) Child minding Grade 6 Graduation Internet Safety: Students and Parents Highlights: Housekeeping Summary of Financial Activity is attached Minutes of Council Meetings and Financial

records are available for public inspection at the school office September Committee will meet in early September to coordinate BBQ Highlights: Thank You

Vice Chair: Nellemarie Hyde Budget Committee: Andrea Maksay Fundraising Committee: Brad Fonseca Secretary: Vanessa Kerman Communications: Nancy Simich Safe Schools Chair: Mario Velocchi Academic Enrichment: Aretha Phillip Eco Schools: Nora Satmarean CPF: Pauline Palmer Standing Committee: Benny Xie Highlights: Thank You Thank you to Nellemarie Hyde, Nancy Simich and Aretha

Phillips for acting in the best interests of our community during the PART process Thank you to Mario Velocchi for being at the student drop-off each morning: RAIN OR SHINE!! Special mentions to Kristina Laperle for organizing Brians Game Night Thank you to Stephanie Farrell for organizing Grade 6 Fundraisers: Neon Dance, Freezie Friday And the school administration: Paul Farrell, Robert Pelletier, Madame Vladusic, Ms. Annis, Diana Blackburn and Lara Bussey

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