Board on Enterprise Planning

Board on Enterprise Planning

Board on Enterprise Strategic Topics (BEST)* 2013 Annual Report and looking ahead into 2014 Chris Strager and Andrea Bleistein * Formally known as the Board on Enterprise Planning (BEP) 2013 Membership Member Position Term Andrea Bleistein Christopher Strager NOAA, NWS Co-Chairs 2012-2016 Don Winter CSC

2013 David Green NOAA, NWS 2013** Bruce Bailey AWS Truepower 2013** Bruce Jones Midland Radio 2013 George Smith Riverside

2014** Ana Barros Duke University 2014** Paul Sandifer NOAA NOS 2016 Juli Trtanj NOAA NOS 2016 Wendy Thomas AMS

2015 Michael Hudson NOAA NWS 2016 Bob Goldhammer IAEM 2016 ** These members served as co-chairs of an APT. Primary Activities in 2013 1st Symposium on the Weather and Climate Enterprise at 2013 Annual AMS Meeting Two active annual partnership topics: 1) Offshore Wind 2) Integrated Water Resources

Transition of two APTs: Integrated Water Resources APT to new Water Resources committee Solar Energy APT to Renewable Energy Committee CWCE Reorganization Activities: Developed and finalized terms of reference for BEST Gained two pre-existing committees: Nationwide Network of Networks Climate Services Formation of two new committees: Ecological Forecasting Emergency Management 1st Symposium on Weather and Climate Enterprise Welcome and Enterprise Highlights which included remarks from the BEP chairs and highlights from the AMS 2012 Washington Forum and AMS 2012 Summer Community Meeting. Panel Discussion: Improving the research to operations transition process (Joint with the Third Conference on Transition of Research to Operations) Panel Discussion: Women in Leadership Across the Enterprise (Joint with the Board on Women and Minorities) 2 Panel Discussions: National Mesonet Program and Related Research

Presentation Session: More than just talking about the weather: The science behind weather and climate communication (Joint with the Eighth Symposium on Policy and Socio-economic Research) Presentation Session: Climate Change Communication Challenges and Opportunities Panel Discussion: Committee to Improve Climate Change Communication (CICCC)* Panel Discussion: Future Cooperation Within the US Space Weather Enterprise (Joint with 10th Conference on Space Weather) *Now known as the Committee for the Effective Communication of Climate and Weather Information APT Committee on Offshore Wind Co-chaired by Bruce Bailey and David Green Extensive reviews both internally by AMS and externally by members of industry as well as from the government and academic sectors. Released APT white paper in July 2013 titled: The Need for Expanded Meteorological and Oceanographic Data to Support Resource Characterization and Design Condition Definition for Offshore Wind Power Projects in the United States. Official work of this APT is now concluded with the hope that other parts of the AMS act upon the recommendations.

APT Committee on Integrated Water Resources Co-chaired by George Smith and Ana Barros The IWR APT and BEED Water Resources standing committee will be merged as part of the CWCE reorganization as the Water Resource Committee within the Board on Global Strategies The APT is an example of a project that can be initiated by/within the WR Committee as activities require in-depth analysis and a deliverable to be provided. Specifically for the IWR APT, the major recent effort has been to initiate and execute a survey of customer needs for integrated water services. APT Committee on Solar Energy Forecasting In February 2013, John Schneider officially withdrew his participation in the AMS BEP. Streamlining the solar energy APT with the Renewable Energy Committee still allows this topic to be pursued in other ways Committee on Ecological Forecasting Co-chaired by Paul Sandifer and Juli Trtanj

Proposal was for an Ecological Forecasting APT at January 2012 AMS meeting. Commissioner recommended that this become standing committee in 2013. Charter was finalized in August 2013. Members have been recruited. Committee on Emergency Management Co-chairs: Michael Hudson and Bob Goldhammer Proposal was made by the Board on Enterprise and Economic Development (BEED) for a new Emergency Management Committee at 2013 Annual Meeting Commissioner recommended that it go under the BEST Charter was finalized in October 2013. Initial members have been recruited. 2014 Membership Member Committee Position

Term Andrea Bleistein Christopher Strager BEST NOAA NWS Co-Chairs 2012-2016 Paul Sandifer Ecological Forecasting NOAA NOS 2016 Juli Trtanj Ecological Forecasting NOAA NOS

2016 Wendy Thomas BEST AMS 2015 Michael Hudson EM NOAA NWS 2016 Bob Goldhammer EM IAEM

2016 James Stalker NoNN RESPR, Inc 2016 Stephanie Herring Climate Services NOAA NCDC 2017 Planned Activities for 2014 BEST meeting at the AMS Annual Meeting Atlanta on Monday, February 3rd at 3:00-4:00pm in the Omni Redwood Room 2nd Symposium on the Weather and Climate Enterprise: Feb 45, 2014 Ecological Forecasting and EM Committees both presenting

Institute new CWCE structure as BEST Further define an Enterprise Topic Exchange Plan for 3rd Symposium on the Weather and Climate Enterprise Develop website for BEST as part of AMS website refresh process Enterprise Topic Exchange Conduit between the enterprise and the CWCE for exchanging critical ideas and concepts. Exchange may also take place among other Boards within the Commission (if the theme fits suitably).

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