Arthurian Group - PC\|MAC

Arthurian Group - PC\|MAC

Arthurian Group By. Vanessa, Carlos, and Adrian Uther and Igraine: the story of Arthurs birth King Uther-Pendragon had help from two men: one a powerful enchanter and prophet, Merlin the Wise the other was a noble and renowned knight, hight Ulfius King Uther married Igraine, widow of Gerlois the duke of Tintegal. She had two daughters from her late husband one named Margaise and the other Morgan le Fay, a famous sorceress They had a son, Arthur, when Merlin went to Uther with a prophecy which said that the King was going to die and that once he did his son would be in danger from enemies for his inheritance Merlin suggested that the King allow him and Sir Ulfius to take Arthur and hide him away to protect him

When King Uther fell ill he was able to die peacefully knowing that Arthur was safe The Sword in the Stone Once King Uther Pendragon died since there was no heir there had been many rival dukes and lords arguing over who was best to rule England Merlin was called upon by the nobles to help find a solution, so Merlin knowing that Arthur was safe pulled a large stone with an anvil sat on top. In the anvil was a sword with the inscription on the blade that said, Whoso pulleth out this sword from this stone, is right wise King born of all England. The sword was made up of magic so only the person fit to rule England would be able to pull it out of the stone While Arthur was growing Merlin had tutored him on many subjects always teaching him that knowledge was greater than brute force and the two became really close friends

It wasnt until Arthur turned 15 that Merlin brought him to the Sword in the Stone Once Arthur had released the sword the people rejoiced and Arthur was crowned King of England The famous love triangle of Arthur, Guinevere, and Lancelot Arthur fell in love with Guinevere and wanted to marry her so when Arthur saved her father he gave him his daughters hand in marriage along with a round table for King Arthurs knights Merlin had warned Arthur that Guinevere would fall in love with another, yet Arthur ignored his warning and married her anyway They were happily married until Lancelot was brought into their lives by the lady of the lake who asked Arthur to knight Lancelot when he asked, which was that same day that Lancelot was knighted

Over time Lancelot became very close to King Arthur and Guinevere and asked to be the Queens Champion, making it his job to protect her and defend her honor. After some time Lancelot disappeared and King Arthur and the Queen looked for their friend Lancelot was tricked into being with Elaine, a women he met while off in the woods and had a son with her named Galahad Lancelot was so in love with Guinevere that he was horrified by what Elaine had caused that he left back to Camelot The Love Triangle of Arthur, Guinevere, and Lancelot (con.) When Lancelot returned he also confessed to King Arthur that he was in love with Guinevere and that he had left because he was jealous so lived in the woods like a madman After Lancelot explained what had happened he heard noises coming from the lake causing

all three to investigate. Lancelot noticed a body and saw that it was Elaine, who had committed suicide. King Arthur ultimately tried to ignore the fact that his best friend was in love with his wife but couldnt when Mordred reminded him that the penalty for adultery was death so Arthur had to agree and planned a trap When Guinevere left riding Mordred and some of King Arthurs men followed her and when they saw Lancelot they jumped and grabbed them. Lancelot escaped yet Guinevere was captured and put on trial. The Queen was found guilty for adultery and put on a stake about to be burned alive when Lancelot appeared with some of his own men, saving Guinevere. While the fight was going on the couple left together. Arthur found them at Lancelots castle coming to an agreement in the end, Guinevere would go back with Arthur and Lancelot would be sent to exile in France Merlin the Wise Was a prophet and King Arthurs

adviser Merlin had used his magic to place a sword in a stone, that soon Arthur pulled out himself to become King Merlin was in love and slightly obsessed with Nimue, the Lady of the Lake Merlin taught her the way of his powers and all of his tricks which later had back fired on him causing him to be trapped in a cave for the rest of his life, which people say he still lives in. Nimue alias Vivienne, Lady of the Lake

The Lady of the Lake took in Lancelot after his father died and raised him under the waters of her lake When Lancelot had gone mad he had been cured by the Lady of the Lake She had also been the one to give King Arthur his sword, Excalibur by the lake and the Island of Avalon The Lady of the Lake had pretended to be in love with Merlin because she was afraid of rejecting him so instead tricked him into teaching her the way of his powers. Merlin was aware of what she was doing but didnt care since he was so deeply in love with her, so when the Lady of the Lake tricked him into going into the cave and trapped him in there using his own spells, it was impossible to get out. She then had taken over as King Arthurs adviser Excalibur and the Holy Grail

Excalibur: -Merlin had taken King Arthur to the middle of a lake where he introduced to him the Lady of the Lake who held out to him the sword, Excalibur -can cut through iron an steel -whoever holds the scabbard wont ever die of his wounds The Holy Grail: - An image of the Holy Grail appeared as a sign that it was time for Arthur and his Knights had to search for the Grail - Galahad, Lancelots son from Elaine, was pure of heart and resistant to temptation - King Arthurs knights would come back wounded when trying to search for the Grail, then it had been Sir Bors, Sir Perceval, and Sir Galahad - Galahad had a vision when holding the three broken pieces of a sword of where the Holy Grail was, in Britain, also fixing the sword.

- Camelot had been unworthy of the Grail so the knights took the Grail to the holy city of Sarras to fulfill Gods will Camelot and Avalon -Camelot: Camelot is the castle and court that is associated with King Arthur and his story The place that King Arthur ruled -Avalon: Avalon is the island that the Arthurian legends take place in The island of Avalon is where

those that had supernatural powers lived Morgan le Fay Was King Arthurs half sister and a sorceress Morgan is known as Arthurs enemy and the one that had planned King Arthurs downfall Morgan used her powers to plan Mordred's birth so that she can use Mordred against King Arthur She is the daughter of duke Gerlois and is said to have been the mistress of Sir Accolan

Mordred His birth was planned by Morgan le Fay who tricked King Arthur Mordreds parents are King Arthur and Arthurs half sister Morgause is his mother Morgan had planned Mordreds birth so she could use him against Arthur Mordred also convinced Arthur to get revenge on Lancelot for his betrayal Mordred in the end did betray his dad and was killed himself when he fought Arthur in the battle of Camelot Sir Gawain and the Green Knight A knight dressed completely in green rode into King Arthurs hall and the Green

Knight had offered a challenge I want to know if any man here is bold enough to fetch one blow at me with this axe, on condition that, in a year and a day, he shall stand a blow from my hand. Not even one of the Knights of the Round Table had wanted to take up the challenge so when the knight mocked them for it King Arthur stepped up to follow through It was then the knights pulled their King away saying it was no job for a King So it had been King Arthurs nephew, Sir Gawain, that stepped up and took the challenge Sir Gawain then took the axe from the Green Knight and with all his strength hit through skin and bone so that the knights head fell to the floor After a stunned silence the Knight picked up his head got on his horse and reminded Sir Gawain of their deal of meeting at the Green Chapel Once Lent came Sir Gawain left in search of the Green Chapel where he would meet the Green Knight

Perceval Wanted to be a knight so went to King Arthurs court so became one of King Arthurs Knights of the Round Table Killed another knight that was making trouble for King Arthur and took the dead knights vermillion armor After he leaves in search for an adventure and comes across a young girl that was carrying with her the Grail Returns to Arthurs court and becomes the second best knight of the round table Citations Myths and Legends King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table The Hero of Camelot Perceval, the story of the Grail,_the_Story_of_the_Grail\

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