AMD: 13 Million Users. 54 Million page views. on ...

AMD: 13 Million Users. 54 Million page views. on ...

SPC353 AMD: 13 Million Users. 54 Million page views. on SharePoint 2013. Done. Katie Bowman Web Infrastructure Manager, Marketing Gil Canare Digital Marketing Manager Michael Mielke IT Architecture Manager Bruce Weatherford Sr. Member of Technical Staff AMD What Well Cover Background Features Infrastructure Scalability Pioneers

technology that frees people to push the limits of what is possible AMD.COM 13.49% 19.28% Monthly Stats* 15.3m unique 12.29% 6.59% 48.35% North America EMEA APJ

visitors 21.7m visits 72m page views 7.3m downloads ~10k total pages 13 languages LATAM China * Source: Adobe Analytics as of Dec 2013 Why Migrate From SharePoint 2007 Support SharePoint 2007 no longer under mainstream support

Limitations Feature set not competitive with current systems Publishing Content deployment not consistent and taking over an hour Customization Customizations in system causing support issues Why SharePoint 2013 Cost Significantly lower than investment required for other systems Team Knowledge and Experience Deep expertise on both Marketing and IT teams Feature List Closely matched our needs and requirements Relationship Close existing working relationship with Microsoft

How We Did It Build cross-functional agreement AMD Marketing and IT joint decisions and working teams Try before you buy Two weeks at Microsoft Technology Center to review features and capabilities and build proof of concept Review assumptions and past decisions Examined approach to customizations and content deployment Developed custom migration tool Migrate select content out of SharePoint 2007 and into SharePoint 2013 Features What We Used and What We Managed Navigation Used Didnt Search Content By Search Web Part Variations

Unused Content Deployment Cross-Site Publishing & Catalogs Design Manager Device Channels SharePoint Apps Used Feature: Managed Successes Challenges Navigation Friendly URLs Separates end-user information architecture from administrative organization Allows for easy site restructuring Improved SEO optimization

Does not work OOTB with breadcrumb control Created custom control Displays root site in global navigation Discovered bug with feature (Fixed by private Microsoft fix in 7 weeks, included in the October 2013 CU) Used Feature: Search Successes Challenges Superior search accuracy over SharePoint 2007 Wanted more flexibility than OOTB search center provided Site admins have more control over search configuration than

previous versions Does not support friendly URLs in search navigation (Will be Query Rules allow site administrator configuration of promoted results Displays draft pages in search navigation, but gives errors when clicked (Will be fixed in * Source: Microsoft support case fixed in April 2014 CU *) April 2014 CU *) Not enough control over query suggestions Used Feature: Content by Search Successes

Challenges Replaced most Content Query Web Parts Display Templates not well documented at build time Queries powerful and flexible Editing managed properties requires central admin rights Query other site collections Query any property More robust, functional display templates HUGE TIME SAVER! Thorough browser and OS testing required for Display Templates

Used Feature: Variations Successes SUCCESSES Faster and more stable than SharePoint 2007 stable than Faster and more SharePoint 2007 Simpler, selective propagation to individual variations Simpler, selective propagation between variations Selective acceptance and publishing in target variation Selective acceptance and Improved of publishingmanageability

in target variation regional sites and their sizes * Source: Microsoft support case Challenges CHALLENGES Propagation settings at variation rootsettings does not Propagation at allow for different variation rootsettings at the list and library level Does not support automatic Manual steps required and selective variation when moving content databases

simultaneously between prod and non-prod environments Re-usable content not displayed correctly in the Turkish (tr-tr) locale (Will be Used Feature: Variations Unused Feature: Cross-Site Challenges Outcome Publishing SUCCESSES No preview of unpublished content Faster and more stable than SharePoint 2007 Cannot connect to a catalog created variation Simpler,in

selective propagation between variations Moving content database between environments Selective acceptance and requires catalog reconnection publishing in target variation and reconfiguration CHALLENGES Did not fit our business process Propagation settings at Little to no multi-use content variation root Use queries where Doessearch

not support automatic needed and selective variation simultaneously Will reevaluate as business needs change Unused Feature: Catalogs Challenges SUCCESSES Requires at least one managed metadata to connect Faster andcolumn more stable than SharePoint 2007 Limited variation support Simpler, selective propagation Cannot have multiple between variations connections to a single catalog

Selective acceptance and publishing in target variation Outcome CHALLENGES Requires use of cross-site publishing tosettings realize full Propagation at benefits variation root Use search queries Doeslists notand support automatic and selective variation simultaneously Unused Feature: Design Manager

Challenges SUCCESSES Design packages include all publishing columns, Faster and site more stable than content types, page layouts, SharePoint 2007 master pages Simpler, selective propagation Creates problems when uninstalling design between variations package Automatically applies master Selective and page fromacceptance

installed design publishing package in target variation Master page code inserted in page layouts can complicate Outcome CHALLENGES Needs further refinement Propagation settings at Used SharePoint Designer variation root Does not support automatic and selective variation simultaneously Unused Feature: Device Channels Challenges SUCCESSES Large, anonymous user base and specific

use case does Faster and more stable thannot require custom SharePoint 2007device channel(s) Simpler, selective propagation User agent strings conflict with between variations Akamai content distribution network rendering Selective acceptance and publishing in target variation Outcome CHALLENGES

Did not fit our business process Propagation settings at variation root Using responsive web Does not support automatic and selective variation simultaneously Infrastructure Design Approach Referenced Product Line Architecture with MCS Modified intranet guidance and best practices for external site requirements Captured requirements and decisions with design documents Service description Functional specification Build guide

Functional testing plan Performance testing plan Server Configuration SharePoint: 4 Cores, 16GB RAM, Windows Server 2012 Standard SQL: 8 Cores, 32GB RAM, Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Infrastructure Comparison 2007 2013 Content Deployment Yes No No. of Farms 6 3 Customizations

18 2 Type of Servers Physical Virtual Server Tiers 3 4 SharePoint Install and Configuration Manual Automatic Network

Configuration 1 DMZ 4 Transaction Zones Authentication Internal domain controllers Read-only domain controllers (RODC) in DMZ SQL Configuration SQL Clustering (Active/Passive) AlwaysOn Availability Content Deployment LAN DMZ

SharePoint 2007 Internet Customer SharePoint 2007 Authoring Farm Duplicate LAN and DMZ farms (Dev, QA, Prod) Authoring in LAN and content deployed to DMZ SharePoint 2007 Production Farm LAN AMD Content Author Corporate Domain DMZ

Internet DMZ Domain SharePoint 2013 Single set of farms (Dev, QA, AMD Content Author Customer SharePoint 2013 Production Farm Corporate Domain DMZ Domain Publishing Site Configuration Implemented as 3 web applications Used AAMs for anonymous and authoring access (ex.

and Single site collection for each web application Limited customizations Implemented 2 farm solutions (Literal translations management and User input form) vs. 18 previously SharePoint Apps not recommended for anonymous sites Server Tiers and Roles LAN DMZ Transaction Zones Internet Web/Front End Services Tier 4 Servers - User Profil e Service - MMS - Workflow Management - Translation - Secure Store - Distributed Cache - State Service - BDC

AMD Content Author SharePoint Administrator Back End Services Tier 2 Servers - Search Crawl - Search Content Processing - Analytics - Central Administration - User Profil e Synchronization Search Tier 2 Servers - Admin - Index (one partition , two replicas) - Query Processing Database Tier - 3 Availability Groups - Synchronous Mirroring - Windows Server Failover Clustering Customer

4 tiers of servers Front end services Search Back end services Automated Install And Documented configuration in detail Configuration Automated almost all of our build process using AutoSPInstaller from Codeplex Install pre-requisites and SharePoint in parallel and remote mode Install SharePoint Create and configure farm Create and configure web applications Install and configure Services

Used AutoSPInstaller GUI from Codeplex to configure AutoSPInstaller XML file * * Be careful with version compatibility issues Post-Installation PowerShell Scripts Scripts Add farm administrators group accounts Disable certificate revocation list check! De-provision and reprovision distributed cache server Disable web applications online presence settings Recreate usage and health application

Enable continuous crawl on key content sources Add web applications policies for admin group Reduce timing of variation timer jobs Delete default IIS and application pools Secure Network Configuration LAN DMZ Transaction Zones Applications Servers SharePoint 2013 Production Farm (Corporate Domain) Internet Load Balancer

and Custom Redirect Akamai Caching and Accleration Database Servers SQL Availability Groups (Corporate Domain) AMD Content Author Corporate Domain Load Balancer Internet Infrastructure Transaction Zone RODC

RODC SMTP DNS Redirect Servers Customers Multiple Transactions Zones / VLANS Limited open protocols and ports between zones Leveraged Read-only Domain Controllers

Configuring Read-Only Domain Identify Firewall Ports Controllers Add firewall rules to allow connectivity between SharePoint, SQL and RODC 88 (TCP), 135 (TCP), 389 (TCP & UDP), 445 (TCP), 5722 (TCP), 49152-65535 (TCP/Dynamic Ports) Configure Active Directory Create AD subnets for each subnet where the SharePoint and related SQL servers reside Create AD site that contains the two DMZ RODC that serve the SharePoint and related SQL servers Configure the password replication policy (PRP) for the RODC to cache SharePoint service accounts SQL service account SharePoint and related SQL server machine accounts Use nltest/dsgetdc: to confirm servers are using one of the correct RODCs Read-Only Domain Controllers

Minimal documentation on use with Lessons SharePoint People picker is unable to resolve users in a trusted forest if the only domain controller SharePoint can access is read-only. Unable to let SharePoint manage service accounts Join servers to domain before switching to RODC May see a temporary warning message when adding users to SharePoint groups SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability New option for high availability and disaster recovery Recommended by MCS and supported future DR scenario Replaces disaster recovery options such as mirroring and log shipping

Uses Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC) services and SQL Server 2012 TechNet Articles Configure SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn Availability Groups for SharePoint 2013 Supported high availability and disaster recovery options for SharePoint databases (SharePoint 2013) Database Availability Groups Group Databases Configuration and Service Application Includes configuration, central administration content, and service application databases (excluding search applications)

Configuration Central Administration Content Secure Store Usage Search Application All search databases Content All web content databases excluding Central Administration content Content Content Content

Search Search Search Search State Managed Metadata Taxonomy Machine Translation Administration Analytics Crawl Link Database Implementation Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC) cluster Node 0A Node 0B SQL Sever Instance

SQL Sever Instance Config , CA and Service Apps availability group Primary Replica (RW) Secondary Replica (RO) Listener Name Listener Port Listener IP SQL Client Alias Content Databases availability group Secondary Replica (RO) Primary Replica

(RW) Listener Name Listener Port Listener IP SQL Client Alias Search Application availability group Primary Replica (RW) Secondary Replica (RO) Listener Name Listener Port Listener IP SQL Client Alias 3 Availability Groups Across 2 Virtual

Servers Achieving Scalability Akamai Content Distribution Benefits Network Caches content on cache servers worldwide for optimal global performance Absorbs majority of static page and content traffic Configurable by page type and page with cache/no-cache and expiration rules Clear the cache when publishing new pages Lessons learned Significantly reduces server and network load Complicates troubleshooting

May cache errors May require manual cache clears to display content Significant investment based on our usage Caching and Compression SharePoint caching Enabled blob caching for images, JavaScript, and CSS (visa AutoSPInstaller) Increased object caching setting from 100 to 200 for lists, site settings, etc. Set output cache to store page output to 5 minutes globally IIS compression Enabled dynamic and static compression Lessons Learned Plan ahead Determine caching and compression strategy Pay attention to page size implications Be familiar with web developer and debugging tools and techniques Execute load testing Engage a test professional and determine load test strategy

Select load test generation tool and load test suite Create load use cases and identify % of total expected load for each use case Determine % of load coming from each region or country Determine number of concurrent users for each test run start small Execute load test Use tool to measure page load times from different locations worldwide Next Steps and Lessons Learned What Next Complete www site migration Re-architect and migrate where-to-buy site Implement asset browse, search, & upload functionality Partner Portal

Set-up external secure infrastructure and migrate partner site Digital Asset Management Implement asset browse, search, & upload functionality Lessons Learned Simplify Avoiding customizations significantly reduced time to deploy and issues to address Manage Leveraging business process to manage complexity instead of system Focus Implement asset browse, search, & upload functionality Using only the features you need not just because theyre available Explore Re-examining previous decisions can result in more optimal results Sponsored by

MySPC Evaluate sessions on MySPC using your laptop or mobile device: connect. reimagine. transform. 2014 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.

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