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IMGD 2905 Presenting Data Chapter 2 Outline Types of Charts (next) Guidelines for Charts Common Mistakes Right Chart Depends on Variable Type Qualitative (Categorical) variables Can have states or subclasses e.g., position: [striker, goalie, midfield]

Can be ordered or unordered e.g., bronze, silver, gold ordered e.g., support, tank, jungler unordered Quantitative (Numeric) variables Numeric levels Discrete or continuous e.g., goals in season, speed in meters e.g., kills / deaths ratio, win percentage Variables Qualitative Ordered Unordered Quantitative

Discrete Continuous 3 Categorical: Bar Chart Chart containing rectangles (bars) where length represents count, amount, or percent Better than table for comparing numbers Exploring Exer-Walls as a Healthy Alternative to Paywalls in Mobile Games Note: bars could be sideways, too Demo: imgdpops.xlsx

Categorical: Pareto Chart Bar chart, arranged most to least frequent Line showing cumulative percent Helps identify most common Demo: imgdpops.xlsx Sort by column D. New column E for percent [=D2/SUM(D$2:D$12)] New column F for running [=SUM(E$2:E2)]

Note: $ locks value in (e.g., D$12 versus D12) Select 2:11 in B, E and F. Insert combo plot Categorical: Pie Chart Wedge-shaped areas (pie slices) represent count, amount or percent of each category from whole Compare relative amounts at a glace Best if few slices since quantifying size of pie difficult Comparing pies also difficult

Demo: imgdpops.xlsx The Effects of Latency and Jitter on a First Person Shooter: Team Fortress 2 Categorical: Cross-Classification Table Multi-column table that presents count or percent for 2+ categorical variables Good for comparison across multi-categorical data Demo: grades.xlsx Insert Pivot Chart Select Major through Grade Drag Majors to Axis

Drag Grade to Axis Drag Grade to Values Numeric: Frequency Distribution Groups of numeric values and frequency e.g., Survey of Champion skins bought with RP 1, 2, 1, 0, 3, 4, 0, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 2, 3, 2, 1, 4, 0, 0 Cluster into groups Percent Skins ReportFreq. frequency

per 0 4 20% 1group 6 30% 2 3 4 5 3 2 25% 15% 10%

May include percentage Typically equal size Sometimes ends are open (for extremes) Bin size/number variable Too many and not readable Guide: given data points 100 or fewer 7-10 101-200 11-15 200+ 13-20 Cumulative Distribution Cumulative amount of data

with value or less Easy to see min, max, median Compare shapes of distributions Demo: lol-patches.xlsx Select column R (Bug Fixes) Sort low to high New column S for percent [=ROW()/164] Select column paste down all Select both column R and S Insert Scatter plot with lines Nerfs, Buffs and Bugs - Analysis of the Impact of Patching on League of Legends

Histogram Bar chart for grouped numerical data No (or small) gaps btwn adjacent bars Ages of professional League players ts/4x5s9m/analysis_of_age_in_league_of_legends/ Demo: grades.xlsx

rly-vs-late-game-champions/ Select GPA data Insert Statistics Chart Histogram Can adjust bins, overflow/underflow Stem and Leaf Display Histogram-lite for analysis w/out software e.g., exam scores: 34, 81, 75, 51, 82, 96, 55, 66, 95, 87, 82, 88, 99, 50, 85, 72 9| 6 5 9 8| 1 2 7 2 8 5 7| 5 2 6| 6 5| 1 5 0

4| 3| 4 11 Time Series Plot Associate data with date Line graph with dates (proportionally spaced!) t-video-games-actually-reduce-real-world-crime Demo: majors.xlsx

Sel. year and majors Insert Line Chart More Line Charts Scatter Plot Two numerical variables, one on each axis Reveal patterns in relationship Setup right models (later) Intelligent Simulation of Worldwide Application Distribution for OnLive's Server Network Demo: lol-rates.xlsx

Select two of {win, pick, ban} Insert scatter plot Radar Plot Gold compared to average, LoL NA teams, by role Also called star charts or kiviat plots Good for quick visual comparison,

especially when axes unequal Demo: lol-rates.xlsx Select top line {win, pick, ban} + 1 row num Insert Other Radar scatter plot 14 Many More Charts!

Bubble Waterfall Tree Gap Polar Violin

Candlestick Kagi Gantt Nolan Pert Smith

Skyline Vowel Nomogram Natal If common chart effective for message, use Learn/use other charts as needed Game Analytics Charts Gunter Wallner and Simone Kriglstein. An Introduction to Gameplay Data Visualization, Game Research Methods, pages 231-250, ETC Press, ISBN: 978-1-312-88473-1, 2015. Player choices (e.g., build units) Density of activities (e.g., where spend time on map)

Movement through levels Player Choices Pie-Chart (Custom game, comparative study) Player Location Heat Map (1 of 2) Player Location Heat Map (2 of 2) Assassins Creed Where play testers failed Result: Make red areas easier 20140320/213624/ Game_Telemetry_with_DNA_Tracking_on_Assassins_Creed.php Note, Heat Map for Tables, Too! Red means sales are low Excel tutorial at: Movement (1 of 2) (game: Infinite Mario, clone of Super Mario Bros.)

Movement (2 of 2) Player Behavior - Node-link Game: DOGeometry - build road to veterinary house Shows exploration, where stuck Outline Types of Charts (done) Guidelines for Charts (next) Again, art not rules. Learn with experience. Recognize good/bad when see it. Common Mistakes Guidelines for Good Charts (1 of 5) Require minimum effort from reader Perhaps most important metric Given two, can pick one that takes less reader effort a b c a b e.g.,

c Direct Labeling Legend Box 25 Guidelines for Good Charts (2 of 5) Maximize information Make self-sufficient Key words in place of symbols e.g., Gold IV and not Player A e.g., Daily Games Played not Games Played

Axis labels as informative as possible e.g., Game Time (seconds) not Game Time Help by using captions (or title, if stand-alone) e.g., Game time in seconds versus player skill in total hours played 26 Guidelines for Good Charts (3 of 5)

Minimize ink (1 of 2) Maximize information-to-ink ratio Too much unnecessary ink makes chart cluttered, hard to read e.g., no gridlines unless needed to help read Chart that gives easier-to-read for same data is preferred .1 1 Uptime Same data Downtime = 1 uptime Right better

Downtime 27 Guidelines for Good Charts (3 of 5) Minimize ink (2 of 2) Guidelines for Good Charts (4 of 5) Use commonly accepted practices Present what people expect e.g., origin at (0,0) e.g., independent (cause) on xaxis, dependent (effect) on y-axis e.g., x-axis scale is linear

e.g., increase left to right, bottom to top e.g., scale divisions equal vs. Departures are permitted, but require extra effort from reader so use sparingly! 29 Guidelines for Good Charts (5 of 5) Avoid ambiguity Show coordinate axes at right angles

Show origin usually at (0,0) vs. Identify individual curves and bars With key/legend or label Do not plot multiple variables on same chart Single y-axis 30

Checklist for Good Charts Axes Are both axes labeled? Are the axis labels self-explanatory and concise? Are the scale and divisions shown on both axes? Are the min and max ranges appropriate? Are the units indicated? Lines/Curves/Points Is the number of lines/curves reasonably small? Are curves labeled? Are all symbols clearly distinguishable?

Is a concise, clear legend provided? Does the legend obscure any data? Information If the y-axis is variable, is an indication of spread (error bars) shown? Are grid lines required to read data (if not, then remove)? Scale Are units increasing left to right (x-axis) and bottom to top (y-axis)? Do all charts use the same scale? Are the scales contiguous? Is bar chart order systematic? Are bars appropriate width, spacing?

Overall Does the whole chart add information to reader? Are there no curves/symbols/text that can be removed and still have the same information? Does the chart have a title or caption (not both)? Is the chart self-explanatory and concise? Do the variables plotted give more information than alternatives? Is chart referenced and discussed in any accompanying report? Describing Chart in Report & Presentation

Formula Describe all axes E.g., The x-axis is time since game began, in seconds Describe data sets/trendlines E.g., The blue dots are the average maze completion time Then provide message E.g., Notice how the red bar is higher than the blue, indicating that Example on Web page /samples/analysis-example.html Guidelines for Good Charts (Summary) For each chart, go over checklist The more yes answers, the better Remember, while guidelines, art and not science So, may consciously decide not to follow these guidelines if better without them but have good reason! In practice, takes several trials before arriving at best chart Want to present message the most: accurately, simply, concisely, logically Accompany with description! Text or verbal Remember, audience/reader has not seen!

Make sure to introduce 33 Outline Types of Charts Guidelines for Charts Common Mistakes (done) (done) (next) Common Mistakes (1 of 6) Presenting too many alternatives on one chart Guidelines More than 5 to 7 messages is too many

(Maybe related to the limit of human short-term memory?) Line chart with 6+ curves Column chart with 10+ bars Pie chart with 8+ components Each cell in histogram fewer than 5 values 35 Common Mistakes (2 of 6) Presenting many y-variables on single chart Better to make separate graphs Plotting many y-variables saves space, but better to requires reader to figure out relationship Sometimes, space constraints (e.g., journal/conference papers),

minions killed gold/second points So may bend but better to remove than break 36 Common Mistakes (3 of 6) Using symbols in place of text More difficult to read symbols than text Reader must flip through report to see symbol mapping to text

Y=1 Y=3 Y=5 Game launch rate Even if save writers time, really wastes it since reader is likely to skip! 1 game/sec

3 games/sec 5 games/sec Player arrival rate 37 Common Mistakes (4 of 6) Placing extraneous information on chart Goal to convey message, so extra information distracting e.g., Using gridlines only when exact values needed e.g., Showing per-user data when only average user data needed 38 Common Mistakes (5 of 6)

Selecting scale ranges improperly Most prepared by automatic rules Give good first-guess But May include outlying data points, shrinking body May have endpoints hard to read since on axis May place too many (or too few) tics In practice, (almost) always over-ride scale values 39 Common Mistakes (6 of 6) Using line chart instead of column chart Lines joining successive points signify that they can be approximately interpolated If dont have meaning, should not use line chart MIPS - No linear relationship between champion types

- Instead, use column chart jungle top mid support 40 Misleading Charts Non-Zero Origins to Emphasize (1 of 3)

Normally, both axes meet at origin By moving and scaling, can magnify (or reduce!) difference MINE 2610 5200 YOURS MINE YOURS 2600 0 Which graph is better?

42 Non-Zero Origins to Emphasize (2 of 3) Duns Review, 1938 Non-Zero Origins to Emphasize (3 of 3) Choose scale so that vertical height of highest point is at least of the horizontal offset of right-most point Three-quarters rule (And represent origin as 0,0) MINE

2600 YOURS 0 44 Using Double-Whammy Graph Two curves can have twice as much impact But if two metrics are related, knowing one predicts other so use one! Response Time Goodput Number of Users

45 Plotting Quantities without Measure of Spread When random quantification, representing mean (or median) alone (or single data point!) not enough (Worse) MINE MINE YOURS

YOURS (Better) 46 Pictograms Scaled by Height If scaling pictograms, do by area not height since eye drawn to area e.g., twice as good doubling height quadruples area MINE YOURS (Worse)

MINE YOURS (Better) 47 Using Inappropriate Cell Size in Histogram Getting cell size right always takes more than one attempt Frequency Frequency

If too large, all points in same cell If too small, lacks smoothness (0-2] (2-4] (4-6] (6-8] (8-10] 0-6] (6-10 Same data. Left is normal and right is exponential 48 Using Broken Scales in Column Charts By breaking scale in middle, can exaggerate differences May be trivial, but then looks significant

Similar to zero origin problem System A-F System A-F 49 Pictorial Games (1 of 2) Can deceive as easily as can convey meaning 50 Pictorial Games (2 of 2) Can deceive as easily as can convey meaning

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