Act 2

Act 2

ACT 2 Romeo and Juliet Chorus Chorus says: Affection for Rosaline is dead. Romeo is in love with his foe supposed She is meant to be his enemy but not anymore because he loves her However, his love is dangerous. She is stealing loves sweet bait from fearful hooks like a fish taking bait from a

hook without being detected. Passion is so grand that any risk is worth taking! Benvolio and Mercurtio Romeo is alone on stage and proclaims that [I] cant turn back, I must find my center. Juliet is his center. Soliloquy Mercurtio is getting annoyed that theyre still looking for Romeo because hes such a Debbie downer. He starts to

get mean saying Rhyme love with dove because thats all your good for. Benevolent Benvolio Youre being Mean Mercurtio!! Mercurtio is attacking his manliness now! Romeo is so blind hell do anything. He shouldnt be angry with me, what he should be angry about is that he fancies Rosaline, gets really excited around her and she doesnt even notice him. Sexual illusions to Romeo having an erection and loosing it

because of Rosalines coldness towards him Mercurtio Very creud jokes. Shakespeare needs a pat on the back for this because he can write the most beautiful poetry and have a romantic encounter with Romeo and Juliet, but at the same time has characters like Mercurtio and the Nurse to get the audience laughing and roaring!

Groundlings Romeo in the orchard He says he jests at scars that never felt a wound. He begins speaking in blank verse instead of rhyme (ABABCDCDEFEFGG) The change represents maturity. Flighty youth into a serious man. He compares Juliet to the sun and a maid of the moon. Images of light Maid of the moon -> pure virgin envious moons main.

Shes been stealthily creeping up to the balcony as hes been watching. Juliet Romeo Romeo, Where fore art thou Romeo What does that mean again? Not saying where are you Romeo. Why are you called Romeo? A member of the wrong family.

Eavesdropping My name is hateful to myself because it is an enemy to thee. Balcony Scene Love gave me the ability to leap over the walls and protect me

from your family. I would rather die before you than waste away with love-sick longing for you. -> Premonition of what will happen. She wishes that he hadnt heard her thoughts because he knows now how strong her feelings are for him awkward! I cant hide how I feel. Tell me if you love or If you think Im too easy. Dont think I fall in love like this everyday. Take my feelings seriously. Moon is too fickle to swear by do not swear at anything at

all! Swear by yourself -> you are my object of worship not God. She worships him not the lord! (make note of that) Good night Wait! Tell me you love me! Romeo I did before I knew you were there! Its too late now for me to give it. Juliet Bed time but wait Three words, dear Romeo and then its good night for real. If your intentions as a lover are truly honorable and you want to

marry me, send me word tomorrow. Ill send a messenger to you, and you can pass on a message telling me where and when well be married. Ill lay all my fortunes at your feet and follow you, my lord, all over the world. Juliets demands Juliet - will not begin a relationship unless the aim is to be married if youre honorable, then what are we waiting for? Lets get married. If youre not sure tell me now! Familiar story to Elizabethans, Echo was a mythical

woman who was scorned by narcissus, withered with sadness repeating his name and after her death, her voice still reverberated in caves. Which is why we have the word echo. Romeo has a wedding to plan! He has no time to sleep he must go arrange it!

Romeo leaves with urgency to go to the ghostly Friar. Friar Lawrence who looks after his ghost or his soul. He needs to go tell the Friar of his fortune and ask him to marry them! This scene has lasted from early evening until dawn. Yet we have a sense that it has been less time. Shakespeare uses grand imagery to make the audience feel as though time has passed! Hours even days can pass in the space of 20 lines. Friar Objective: To

work the same for Romeo as the Nurse does for Juliet. Confessor, go-between and confiding friend. Speaks in simple rhyming couplets. Fits a solid and considerate man. Makes his words sound fair and balanced.

ACT 2 Scene 3 Man with great knowledge and interest in plants and their medicinal properties. Both Nurse and Friar are close with nature and in touch with the elements. Friars homestead represents a place of calm in contrast to the vibrancy of the city. Good can be bad and bad can be good foreshadowing. Romeo will have to kill later in the book. Where were you last night?

Immortal question of good and bad in his head he continues to pick flowers. Have you been doing something you shouldnt I get it! Its not because you got up early that youre here so soon, but that you havent been to bed at all. He has wounded Juliet with love and been wounded in return. It is up to you to heal us both. Marry them today?! What happened to Rosaline? Friar Lawrence had reprimanded Romeo for being

excessively moody while obsessing over Rosaline and now after all that fuss hes just gone off her. No wonder women have no strength if theres no strength in their men! Romeo said he did not get any love returned from Rosaline. Its a more mature relationship because Juliet loves me back! Friar Lawrence gives his blessing but only for the political implications and the chance for peace that would come with such an alliance. Friars scene The whole scene was about balance, moderation and

cure. He spoke about balance and about how good and evil can live together in the same entity. These two will end the feud but at the cost of many lives. He is bent on ending the feud and will go to many lengths to get the goal. Scene 4 Mercutio and Benvolio Still looking for Romeo. Mercutio thinks hes going to go mad! Tybalt sent a challenge for a duel to Montagues house. Romeo

will answer it. Tybalt is a murderer and a top class swordsman, accurate and skilled like a musician. Most of the scene is in prose. Not attractive or balanced. Emptiness of what the men were up to. Contrast the balance of the Friar. bones Franais = bonne Mercutio is mimicking fantastical ways of fighting. Mercutio assumes that Romeo has been having sex all

night and that he has very little energy left and is tormenting him about it. Women are Fromps and Kitchen wenches compared to Rosaline. Pun fest poor puns trading with Mercutio. Mercutio makes the point. Isnt this stupid punning more exciting than moping about love? Bauble. penis reference.

Enter the Nurse with Peter Nurse and boys A sail A sail, she is as big as a sail! He cant help but makes jokes at her telling her it is a good evening instead of good morning and she questions herself. He then says the prick of noon. Another penis reference. Shes insulted.

Lets tease the Nurse I desire some confidence with you But she meant that she wanted a conference with him. Malapropism The right word is replaced by a similar sounding word with a completely different meaning. Benvolio makes fun of her saying indite instead of invite. Benvolio and Mercutio think that she is a female pimp here to pimp off Romeo after his sex-scapades last night.

Sarcastically -> Making fun of her in a romantic sing song voice and calling her Lady when she is only a servant. One heck of a talker! Juliet sent her, but she wont deliver the message

because he and his friends are not good enough for her! Sir I tell her that you protest to her, which, I take Protest = Propose Get her to come to confession this afternoon and then we shall be married! <3 In less than an hour now Romeos servant will meet with the Nurse in the Orchard so that I may have a rope ladder to climb over the wall. Nurse wants to make sure Romeos servant can keep his word. Knife Elizabethan phrase for penis. Thank you

Nurse! Women in Shakespearean time were regarded. Verona is a male dominated place. Servants talk of slamming maids up against a wall, Cauplet assumes Juliet will marry who he wants

her too and Lady Capulet assumes daughters obedience. Nurse also, because of her age, deserves a bit more respect. -> Scene 5 Juliet alone in Capulets garden. She is tense because the nurse is taking too long. First Soliloquy! Solos meaning alone and gives the audience a chance to hear

Juliets inner thoughts. Her Soliloquy explains how in love she is with Romeo. Reference to Sun and Light. Juliet is distraught. She sees herself as a dove in the sunlight while dark clouds roll over hills very interesting images of light contrast dark. Juliet is worried because the nurse looks sad. I am weary! Nurse is teasing Juliet about Romeo but she doesnt like him that much. Pop a crude joke about Romeo at night being a burden

weight on her. Scene 6 At the Friars He is concerned about the haste of the wedding. Friar Lawrence hopes that the wedding will be blessed but has a nagging fear that only sorrow will come of it. Romeo would risk all the trouble if he could have just a minute with Juliet. Fatherly advice to the groom, If you want love to last, love moderately dont go all craze! Bride enters. Friar: Oh so light a foot will neer wear out the the

everlasting flint. A lover may bestride the gossamers that idles in the wanton summer air, And yet not fall. So light is vanity. Lover is so light with love. Light with vanity. Walk on cobwebs. Something self-regarding in Romeos love for Juliet and something Haste in hers for him. Theyre pushed forward by fate and hormones. All three head off to Church

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