A New Course for America and the War of 1812 - msmerg.com

A New Course for America and the War of 1812 - msmerg.com

A New Course for America and the War of 1812 Jefferson wins a second term! 1804 Jefferson reelected based on popularity of Louisiana Purchase L.P. opens up huge amount of land to settlers and trappers. Northwest Territory At the Treaty of Paris in 1783 Britain ceded all of the territory in lavender to the new U.S.A. There were no Native Americans there and the

British ignored all previous agreements made with any tribes or nations previously when they gave all the land to the U.S. Remember this? Why did the British create this line? What was the colonists response? What do you think the consequences are going to be?

Cumberland Gap & Daniel Boone Settlers White settlers and the government saw no reason to honor any of the British treaties and agreements with the tribes in the ceded area. Tribes in the Midwest began to fight back. Native American enemies

They were allied with the British who still controlled the Great Lakes. They realized that the Americans were never going to stop encroaching on their land. Tecumseh of the Shawnee was one of the leaders who thought that aiding the British might stop white expansion. BACK STORY INTERLUDE

Lets go backwards to better understand how these problems blow up. Look up each term or person and fill out the sheet. 1. Northwest Indian Wars 1. Shawnee 2. Lenape

3. Little Turtle 4. Blue Jacket 5. Treaty of Fort Harmar 6.

Harmar Campaign-- ( Battle of the Pumpkin Fields) 7. St. Clairs Defeat 1. British Response 2. American Response

3. Treaty of Greenville 1.November the fourth in the year of ninety-one, we had a sore engagement near to Fort Jefferson; Sinclair was our commander, which may remembered be, for there we left nine hundred men in the Western Territory. 2. At Bunker's Hill and Quebec, where many a hero fell, Likewise at Long Island, 'tis I the truth can tell. But such a dreadful carnage, never did I see, As happened on the plains, near the River St. Marie. 3. Our militia were attacked, just as the day did break, And soon were overpowered, and forced to retreat. They killed major Ouldham, Levin, and Briggs likewise, While horrid yells of savages, resounded thro' the skies. 4. Major Butler was wounded the very second fire; His manly bosom swelled with rage, when forced to retire. Like one distracted he appeared, when thus exclaimed he, Ye hounds of hell shall all be slain, but what reveng'd I'll be. 5. We had not long been broke, when general Butler fell; He cries, my boys, I'm wounded, pray take me off the field, My God, says he, what shall we do, we're wounded ev'ry man; Go, charge, you valiant heroes, and beat them if you can.

6. He leaned his back against a tree, and there resigned his breath, And like a valiant soldier, sunk in the arms of death; When blessed angels did await, his spirit to convey, And unto the celestial fields, he quickly bent his way. 7. We charged again, we took our ground, which did our hearts elate, There we did not tarry long, they soon made us retreat; They killed major Ferguson, which caused his men to cry; Stand to your guns, says valiant Ford, we'll fight until we die. 8. Our cannon balls exhausted, our artillery-men all slain, Our musketrymen and riflemen, their fire did sustain; Three hours more we fought like men, and they were forced to yield, While three hundred bloody warriors lay stretched upon the field. 9. Says colonel Gibson to his men, my boys, be not dismayed, I'm sure that true Virginians were never yet afraid; Ten thousand deaths I'd rather die, than they should gain the field, With that he got a fatal shot, which caused him to yield. 10. Says major Clark, my heroes, I can no longer stand, We will strive to form in order, and retreat the best we can. The word retreat being passed all round, they raised a huing cry, And helter skelter through the woods, like lost sheep we did fly. 11. We left the wounded on the field, O heavens, what a shock! Some of their thighs were shattered, some of their limbs

were broke; With scalping knives and tomahawks, soon eased them of their breath, with fiery flames of torment soon tortured them to death. 12. Now, to mention our brave officers, 'tis what I wish to do. No son of Mars e'er fought more brave or courage true. To captain Bradford I belonged, in his artillery, who fell that day amongst the slain; - what a gallant man was he. More problems! Stuck between a rock and a hard place! Napoleon Bonaparte rises quickly in the French Revolution Able to defeat British and Austrian forces When he becomes the leader of the French

troops in Egypt in 1798 he loses to Admiral Nelson of England in a battle over the coastline. Napoleonic Wars cause trouble for America British blockade of France Continental System WE CANT TRADE WITH ANYONE! In 1807 the British forbid their allies

any trade with France. They would blockade any ports that were trade allies with France They would seize any ships that traded with France In 1807 France declared that all ships using British allied

ports or that paid British tariffs were to be seized. Our Reactions First Embargo Largely ineffective, but did lead to us developing our own industries in the North to produce goods we used to get from England Deals- we lift the embargo on both France and England and wait to see who would stop

attacking our ships first. Whoever wins gets favorable trade deals. +Impressment Britain thinks sailors not born in America are still British citizens America thinks anyone can become a citizen

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