A 3-Dimensional Data Model in HBase for Large Time-Series ...

A 3-Dimensional Data Model in HBase for Large Time-Series ...

02/11/2020 Dan Han, Eleni Stroulia University of Alberta A 3-Dimensional Data Model for Large Time-Series Dataset Analysis in HBase MESOCA 2012 1 Outline Background and Motivation Related Work A 3-Dimensional Data Model in HBase Case Study and Experiment Results Discussion Conclusions and Future Work 02/11/2020

MESOCA 2012 2 Migrating Applications To the Cloud Cloud is an attractive computing platform Elasticity, Excellent Scalability, High Availability, Low operating cost Applications are moving to the cloud Social networking, online shopping, monitoring system Time-Series data: grows monotonously over time Analysis of large scale time-series data 02/11/2020 + May lead to new knowledge + May lead to Improvements of existing services

Success adoption of this movement paradigm requires a new model of storage MESOCA 2012 3 Migrating RDBMS Content To NoSQL From RDBMS to NoSQL storage systems Enable the storage of big data, in order of row key Scale horizontally across storage nodes easily Not much data-organization support Migration challenges 02/11/2020 Few experiences and principles to follow Steep learning curve for programming Much experimentation is required before deployment + Much time is spent in designing the data schema + The wrong schema may lead to inefficient, high-latency queries MESOCA 2012

4 We need Design Patterns for HBase Schemas Our objective is to develop a systematic method for Guiding data organization in NoSQL databases, given the types of data stored, the amount of data its usage patterns We start our investigation with HBase 02/11/2020 A NoSQL database offering, built on top of Hadoop Parallel Distributed Computation + MapReduce Framework + Coprocessor Framework

MESOCA 2012 5 Related Work Talks in HBaseCon2012, held in May Data schema and Coprocessor are two main topics Experience from 30 enterprises, such as Facebook, Yapmap, eBay, Adobe Organizing time-series data into period-specific buckets 02/11/2020 OpenTSDB: a distributed scalable time series database, written on top of HBase A data Model in Cassendra, another NoSQL database offering Applied into our case study MESOCA 2012 6

Data Organization in HBase Cell in HBase (Row, Family: Column, Version) => (X,Y,Z) = value Z Y VS X 02/11/2020 Y X Schema/ Row dimension Family: Column Version 2-D

unique id timestamp varying properties current timestamp 3-D unique id varying properties timestamps MESOCA 2012 7 Case study: The Datasets Cosmology Dataset

Product of an N-body simulation Three types of particles: dark matter, gas and star Particles evolve over a series of discrete timestamps Each snapshot records the properties of all particles at the time of the snapshot 9 snapshots, consists of 321,065,547 particles 02/11/2020 Bixi Dataset Data from a bicycle-renting service in the city of Montreal Every minute, the statistic information about bike usage a station is collected by the sensor 96,842 data points involved MESOCA 2012 8 Three Schemas

for the Cosmology Dataset Schema/ dimension Row Family: Column Version Schema1 sid-type-pid particle properties No meaning Schema2 type-pid

particle properties Snapshot id particle properties Snapshot id 02/11/2020 Schema3 type-reversedpid Y X Schema1 Schema2 Schema3

Region 24-2-33446666 2-33446666 2-00005533 Region 64-2-33559999 2-33550000 2-66664433 Region 84-2-33550000 2-33559999 2-99995533

MESOCA 2012 Z 9 Three Schemas for the Bixi Dataset Schema/ dimension Row Family: Column Version Schema1 hour-sid minutes[0,59]

no meaning Schema2 hour-sid monitoring metrics minutes [0,59] Schema3 day-sid monitoring metrics minutes [0,1439] Schema1 02/11/2020 Time X

Schema2 Time metrics X MESOCA 2012 Schema3 Time X metrics 10 Experiment Results Experiment Environment Hadoop 0.20, HBase 0.93-snapshot (Coprocessor support) A four-node cluster on virtual machines Quires for each dataset Three Queries of Cosmology dataset from related research One query of Bixi dataset from business requirement

02/11/2020 Query processing Implementation Native java API User-Level Coprocessor Implementation MESOCA 2012 11 Query1 of Cosmology Dataset 02/11/2020 Get all the particles of this type in this snapshot whose property matches the expression MESOCA 2012 12 Query2 of Cosmology Dataset 02/11/2020

Get all the particles added/destroyed between S1 and s2 MESOCA 2012 13 Query3 of Cosmology Dataset 02/11/2020 Get the values of the property for the given set of particles across the selected snapshots. MESOCA 2012 14 Bixi Query 02/11/2020 For a given list of stations and a time, get their average

bike usage for last 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 days MESOCA 2012 15 Discussion Qualitative versus Quantitative Suggestions Dynamic Data versus Static Data Historical Dataset versus Real-Time Datasets Supported versus Non-Supported Datasets 02/11/2020 MESOCA 2012 16 Conclusion

A 3-dimensional data model Improved performance can be got from the data schema that use the version dimension of HBase Fit in write-once, read-many system 02/11/2020 Monitoring system Sensor-based system Version-based analysis MESOCA 2012 17 Future Work More Evaluation of this data model scalability, elasticity, and utilization How to design data model for other datasets 02/11/2020

Spatial dataset Graphic dataset MESOCA 2012 18 Questions? 02/11/2020 Thank you MESOCA 2012 19

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