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B)NYLON.. C)POLYESTER & ACRYLIC.... RAYON Fabric obtained from silk fiber was very costly. But its beautiful texture fascinated everybody.

Attempts were made to make silk artificially. Towards the end of the nineteenth century, scientists were successful in obtaining a fiber having properties similar to Such a fiber was obtained by

chemical treatment of wood pulp. This fiber was called rayon or artificial silk. Although rayon is obtained from a natural source, wood pulp, yet it is a man-made fiber. It is cheaper than silk and can be

woven like silk fibers. EXAMPLES FOR RAYON.. Floaty Floral Rayon Rayon Scarf

Viscose Rayon Embroidery Thread Rayon Hand Fan Nylon is another man-made fibre.

In 1931, it was made without using any natural raw material (from plant or animal). It was prepared from coal, water and air. It was the first fully synthetic fibre. Nylon fiber was strong, elastic and

light. It was lustrous and easy to wash. So, it became very popular for making clothes. We use many articles made from nylon, such as socks, ropes, tents, toothbrushes, car seat belts, sleeping bags, curtains etc. Nylon is also used for

making parachutes and ropes for rock climbing . A nylon thread is actually NYLON SOCKS

EXAMPLES NYLON BRUSHES The fully-working cycle, which is made of nylon

Seat belt.. POLYESTER A ND ACRLIC Polyester is another synthetic fiber. Fabric made from this fiber does not

get wrinkled easily. It remains crisp and is easy to wash. So, it is quite suitable for making dress material. You must have seen people wearing nice polyester shirts and other dresses. Terylene is a popular polyester. It can be drawn into very fine fibers that can

be woven like any other yarn We wear sweaters and use shawls or blankets in the winter. Many of these are actually not made from natural wool, though they appear to resemble wool.

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