360 Degree Effectiveness for DOE.pptx

360 Degree Effectiveness for DOE.pptx

Community Organizing Know youre a Change Agent Every Artist Was First an Amateur. - Ralph Waldo Emerson I'm not a real cook, like Julia Child or Mario Batali. Julia Child wasn't always Julia Child. - Julie & Julia (2009) Kamilah Martin-Proctor Founding Director, Martin M.S. Alliance Foundation w w w. M a n y Fa c e s o f m s . org

Institute for Educational Leadership (www.iel.org) August 2016 Community Organizing its a journey Effective Community Organizing starts with You

Your Stories Your Vision Your Strategy Before people decide what they think of your message, they decide what - Cuddy,Kohut,andNenger they think of you. Connect,ThenLead You are a Change Agent Identify your strengths

Identify your skills Trust yourself? Identify your talents Be that S.M.E. in the room You are a Change Agent. identify your strengths? 1.

2. 3. 4. How often have you gotten a compliment on your creativity, your patience or your resilience, only to wave it off, assuming that these strengths must come easily to everyone? An honest inventory can be difficult to do yourself. So sit with a friend and try these 4 questions Ask your friend to name three of your strengths

Tell your friend your top passion Take a minute to imagine that passion as your real life Shape your passion into a goal and defined what you do and don't want from your calling Parts of the Strategy: Make the most of your talents: Talent vs. Skill A skill can be learned a talent is natural ability - What is your talent - Put it out there for public view

- Online, community events, schools, You are a Change Agent. Trust yourself? Find people you trust: Surround yourself with them. The more you feel connected to and safe with the people in your life, the more comfortable you will feel with yourself. Put things into words: Talk, talk, and talk some more Practice makes perfect: Like the old joke about how to get to Carnegie Hall, the key to all of this is "practice,

practice, practice." Be trustworthy: If you want to trust yourself, be trustworthy with others. Try to give what you would like to receive Parts of the Strategy? Your Stories Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools organizers can use to unite a movement. Stories mobilize emotions that urge us to take action and help us overcome emotions that inhibit us from action Your story is the why of everything An effective story has

to have elements of both the analytical / emotional Have A Clear Everything Have a Clear Everything! Whats your Vision A Vision Statement: The mental picture - of what you want to achieve the North Star" What your work every day ultimately contributes towards accomplishing over the long term

Make it easy to repeat Examples of effective Vision statements: Alzheimer's Association: "Our Vision is a world without Alzheimer's disease. Microsoft: "Empower people through great software anytime, anyplace, and on any device. Coca Cola: To refresh the world What is Strategy? Strategy noun strategy \-j\

Simple Definition of Strategy : a careful plan or method for achieving a particular goal usually over a long period of time : the skill of making or carrying out plans to achieve a goal Expectations are dynamic they ebbs and flows regularly in accordance with a wide range of factors. But when expectations are not set dissatisfaction with self can set in

Parts of the Strategy: Clean House first Where is your digital footprint? What does your profile look like? Have a singular vision and repeat it in everything that represents you Stay current Parts of the Strategy: Make the most of your Reputation - Reputation may be considered as a component of identity as defined by others

1 Find out what your reputation is 2 Capitalize on it 3 Upgrade it Reputation is also a social entity (a person, a social group, an organization) is an opinion about that entity, typically a result of social evaluation on a set of criteria. It is important in business, education, online communities, and many other fields.. i.e. the school you went to the neighborhood to live in etc.. Parts of the Strategy: Make the most of your influence

Get involved, with your communities, - all of them, school, dogs, basket weaving, political movements, charities Build your social networks: App CamCard / Vista Print / Host twitter chats, post daily Be early adopters /adapters in markets dont be afraid of change Parts of the Strategy: Create your leads list: Friends / Collogues

Community stake holders Government officials Where do we find our leads: Newspapers / Magazines People / Organizations Internet Conferences Parts of the Strategy: Look at what drives people to do what they do and work to help them achieve that goal

This will make a partnership and not just a friendship All relationships have to be reciprocal of equal or great energy No energy vampires Parts of the Strategy: Go deep not wide If you try to market and sell to everyone you will end up selling to no one. Go deep! Better to be a big fish in a small pond than a

small fish in a big pond. Sell your ideas up Collaborate with collogues Parts of the Strategy: Collaborate with collogues Its often said that the world is getting smaller the distances that used to separate people are more manageable today because of

improvements in communication and travel. - Pick three states on each cost and make three new friends, on social media - Host a twitter chat and then a conference call - Free conference call.com - Skype / google chat / meet to go - Do a LinkedIn meet and greet Parts of the Strategy: Keep a calendar there are

always events you can plug into - The Events Master calendar - The Observance calendar - Family calendar Parts of the Strategy: Plugging in: Find and join non-profit boards Foundation Center Idealist.org City Paper Find and join community / government

advisory committees: Metro Access DCTV Run for office ANC, School Board, SIMPLE TRUTHS PRESUMPTIONS ARE REAL People with disabilities are presumed to be ?--- Other words The ableism worldview holds that disability is an error, a mistake, or a failing, rather than a simple

consequence of human diversity, akin to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender SIMPLE TRUTHS Creedy: Die! Die! Why won't you die?... Why won't you die? V: Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof. V for Vendetta Nova: "I should thank you, Titus. Sometimes I forget what I'm capable of. What I was destined to be. And just so that we're both perfectly clear, you will never take this helmet from me. Ultimate Spiderman

Untapped secrets of the nova core SIMPLE TRUTHS Tap your network to get work done but connect on a personal level too Build and balance with reciprocity give first Do what you say you will do follow through on your commitments Stand for something larger than your personal self- interest Engage others in real possibilites to tap into creativity and

hcp://www.robcross.org/Documents/Personal_Network_Analysis_Workbook_Final.pdf emotion Demonstrate personal interest in others and their ideas Make room for others to be experts and draw off their ideas Keep disagreements productive avoid ges ng Keep the end in mind. For Watchers - Video Clips Martin Reeves: Your strategy needs a strategy, TED Talks

Simply your Strategy, Harvard Business Review Why So Few Managers Understand Their Companys Strategy, Harvard Business Review David Rock: Learning About the Brain Changes Everything hcps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDIyxxayNig (David Rock TED Talk) Jeremy Ririn: The Empathic CivilizaJon (understanding mirror neurons) hcps://www.ted.com/talks/jeremy_ririn_on_the_empathic_civilizaUon Dan Pink: The Surprising Truth About What MoJvates Us hcps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6XAPnuFjJc Machew Kohut and John Neffinger: Womens Leadership in the Workplace Panel hcp://www.c-span.org/video/?316619-4/womens-leadership-workplacespan.org/video/?316619-span.org/video/?316619-4/womens-leadership-workplace4/womens-span.org/video/?316619-4/womens-leadership-workplaceleadership- span.org/video/?316619-4/womens-leadership-workplaceworkplace Amy Cuddy: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

hcp://www.ted.com/talks/amy_cuddy_your_body_language_shapes_who_you_are? language=en (power posing) Mini-span.org/video/?316619-4/womens-leadership-workplaceassessment of Dan Goleman's 6 Leadership Styles: hcp://www.skillsyouneed.com/ls/index.php/325444 (test yourself) FOR READERS - Reading Materials Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee, EmoUonally Intelligent Leadership (HBR ArUcle CollecUon), Harvard Business Review, no. 12088, September 2008. Linda A. Hill and Kent Lineback, Dont Forget Your Boss: Make the Most of this CriUcal RelaUonship, Harvard Business Publishing Product # 7321BC- span.org/video/?316619-4/womens-leadership-workplacePDF- span.org/video/?316619-4/womens-leadership-workplaceENG. January 2011. Amy J.C. Cuddy, Machew Kohut and John Neffinger, Connect, Then Lead, Harvard Business Publishing Product # R1307C-span.org/video/?316619-4/womens-leadership-workplacePDF-span.org/video/?316619-4/womens-leadership-workplaceENG. July 2013. Karen Christensen, Neuroleadership 101: An Interview With David Rock, Harvard

Business Publishing Product # ROT197-span.org/video/?316619-4/womens-leadership-workplacePDF-span.org/video/?316619-4/womens-leadership-workplaceENG, May 2013. HBR Guide for Managing Up and Across. Harvard Business Publishing Product # 11218- span.org/video/?316619-4/womens-leadership-workplace PBK-span.org/video/?316619-4/womens-leadership-workplaceENG, January 2013. Machew Kohut and John Neffinger, Compelling People: The Hidden QualiUes That Make Us InfluenUal. New York: The Penguin Group, 2014. Why Strategy Execution Unravels - and What to Do About It, Harvard Business Review The Secret to Successful Strategy Execution, Harvard Business Review 8 Ways to Ensure Your Vision is Valued, Forbes The Managers Mission Statement: Why Its Important https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/smartwork/201004/vision-and-mission-whats -the-difference-and-why-does-it-matter

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