INTRODUCTIONThe COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented and unlike any crisis we, as ahospitality industry have had to face before. This is a manual on how we areattempting to get on top of the situation, stay ahead of the curve and come out theother end of it as a team with our values intact.Prepare for criticism because no matter what you do, it will come. But if you aredoing what you believe in your heart of hearts is right, the negativity tends notto pierce as deeply. We are conflicted every day about whether we are doing theright thing by keeping the restaurants open, even with the strictest protocols inplace we know we are exposing our teams and possibly being part of the problem.For now, we are living day to day, and every day that our team stays healthy andthe restaurants stay open is a win for us. If the situation declines and governmentmandates a shutdown, we will be the first to get behind it, but until then we havea duty to our 1000 community, many of whom have no financial buffer, to doeverything we can to keep the lights on in their homes, keep their kids enrolled inschool and a roof over their heads.Syed Asim HussainBlack Sheep Restaurants Co-founderSOP: COVID-19 PLAYBOOKBLACK SHEEP RESTAURANTS 2020


HYGIENEMost obviously mandate hygiene practices across the board: Handwashing every 30 minutes. Hand sanitisers and wipes to be made available absolutely everywhere. Make masks available and mandatory for all. Scheduled sanitising of all shared surfaces every 30 minutes. Increased cleaning across the board with an external agency deepsanitisation every 10 days. We use LBS. Ban physical contact (no handshakes, high fives, fist bumps etc.).Useful: Guests are very sensitive to hygiene and anything that even looks messy willtranslate to unclean in their minds, so everyone’s uniforms, hair, nails, any surfaces guestscan see, it all needs to be tidy and spotless, now more than ever.SOP: COVID-19 PLAYBOOKBLACK SHEEP RESTAURANTS 2020

HEALTH Prepare for the worst and find out where there are hospitals or clinics testingfor and treating the virus near you. If you have team members that may struggle to communicate with a clinicin the local language, decide now who will be their ‘buddy’ in a medicalemergency. F&B is not a work-from-home industry so there will always be exposurerisks. Ensure your team understands those risks. We gave everyone theoption to take an indefinite leave of absence with the promise that if we makeit through this, their job will be waiting for them. Strongly discourage travel to your team for the moment. We have let ourteam know that if they do choose to do this now, they will need to self-isolatefor 14 days Invest in contactless thermometers and enforce daily, mandatorytemperature checks for the team upon arrival. Anyone with a fever or otherCOVID-19 symptoms, send home. Extend this to anyone who visits your premises and have deliveries leftoutside wherever possible. If not, have delivery persons also sign a HealthDeclaration (see ours here).SOP: COVID-19 PLAYBOOKBLACK SHEEP RESTAURANTS 2020

WITH GUESTS Create a Health Declaration form (see ours here) that all guests must signbefore entering the restaurant. Make sure they leave contact details and keepthese safe so that you are able to contact everyone who dined with you if youneed to (e.g. if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 within the restaurant). Give your front-of-house team a line to explain to guests why it is necessary,e.g.: “With the sudden global spread of the virus we are trying our best tokeep our community safe and are asking everyone to complete this healthdeclaration.” If guests decline to complete the form do not be afraid to turn them away(we had to turn more than 50 guests away in one night). They may be upsetin the moment but it is absolutely the right thing to do to protect your teamand your guests. It feels uncomfortable because we are in the business ofhospitality but we have to understand the reality of the new world we exist in. For guests that complete the form, the next step is temperature checks.Anyone with a temperature of 37.5 degrees celsius or above cannot beaccommodated and should consider seeking medical advice. Try and think about various scenarios and give your teams guidance on howto handle them - what if someone who signed the health declaration startsdisplaying symptoms like coughing? What if you notice someone is wearing aquarantine bracelet?Useful: If you have other venues close by, share info in real-time about potentiallyproblematic guests. For instance, we had a group of guests who admitted at one restaurantthey had all recently travelled together and were turned away but tried (unsuccessfully)to go to another one of our nearby venues with a different story. Consider creating aWhatsapp group with neighbouring bars and restaurants to share info.SOP: COVID-19 PLAYBOOKBLACK SHEEP RESTAURANTS 2020

WITHIN THE RESTAURANT Consider giving guests more space to physically distance themselves fromeach other. We are currently only setting every other table but are looking atmore long term changes to the floor plans and will remove tables. We believephysical distancing is going to be part of the ‘new normal’ for the foreseeablefuture. Offer a hygienic option for guests to store their masks in during the meal.We use a small paper bag with a sticker, but even an envelope works. You can never have too many wipes or hand sanitisers available, ideallysomething on every table.TEAM ORGANISATION If you are a multi-venue group, identify the team members who travelbetween the restaurants and find a way of eliminating or at least severelylimiting this. As the proximity of many of our restaurants is close, we havetraditionally shared a lot of resources but have had to change this. Considerthe impact of an area manager becoming ill and having to close everyrestaurant he/she has visited. Zoom is your new best friend. If you are a larger team like ours, consider splitting all your teams in two andscheduling so that the As and the Bs do not interact in-person, in or outsideof work. This limits the impact so if someone on the As becomes ill and therest of the As need to self-isolate, hopefully, the Bs can still keep working. If you do go down the A-B team route, try and take into account any personalrelationships within the teams. If you know team members are dating,sharing an apartment etc., just put them in the same group. The chances arethey will be seeing each other outside of work anyway which will negate thepurpose of splitting the teams.Useful: Our team culture is that nobody is above service, so even our office team have gonethrough basic service training and have worked in the restaurants. Because of this theyhave been able to provide invaluable support on the floor at a time when their regular rolesmay be less relevant.SOP: COVID-19 PLAYBOOKBLACK SHEEP RESTAURANTS 2020

DELIVERY/TAKEAWAY If you are using a delivery service, implement contactless pick-up from yourrestaurant. Do not have riders come into the restaurants. If delivery is new to you, consider also running a pick-up option in tandem toavoid the aggregator fees. We source our packaging here in Hong Kong fromWah Fat Household Wares. Do not offer the entire menu for delivery/takeaway. Test which of your dishestravel well and if they don’t, don’t offer them. Go cashless if you can to limit unnecessary contact. Think about pivoting your offering to something more pick-up friendly. SeeMimi Cheng’s frozen dumplings for inspo. Get creative. We have our own proprietary delivery system that is running atcapacity so we are coming up with new offerings that we can deliver outsideof peak times that are also fun and interactive for guests e.g. a make-yourown pizza kit from Motorino.MANAGING MENUS AND F&B COSTSWhile there is so much unknown we have tried to follow what feel like arecommon-sense practices. Eliminate buffets. Run with reduced menus to help with food cost and wastage. Eliminate rawproteins, specials and lowest selling menu items. Guests have been veryunderstanding of our streamlined menus. Work with suppliers to ensure quality and freshness of product and produce. Keep small inventories.SOP: COVID-19 PLAYBOOKBLACK SHEEP RESTAURANTS 2020

READJUSTING YOUR ECONOMICSSTRATEGIC PLANNING In these circumstances cash is the lifeline of any business. The importance ofmanaging cash cannot be overstated. Run a cash flow analysis on a weekly and monthly basis to know where youstand. Put an immediate hold on all non-essential expenses. Only critical expensesshould be processed while expenses such as part-time payroll should be onhold. Things get cyclical with good weeks vs. bad weeks so get used to the natureof how things take place and the need to be financially agile. Freeze all hiring and recruitment efforts.COST MANAGEMENT Travel is a big expense in our world so all travel has been suspendedindefinitely. Review the expense approval process more stringently and have fewer peopleauthorised to approve expenses so everything is funneled with more scrutinyand by the same people.PEOPLE MANAGEMENTINTERNAL Have honest conversations with highest earners and discuss sacrifices suchas unpaid leave and pay cuts to help with the survival of the business.EXTERNAL Have open conversations with suppliers, vendors and landlords aboutdiscounts or pushing back payments. Do not ignore them or they will thinkyou are going out of business.SOP: COVID-19 PLAYBOOKBLACK SHEEP RESTAURANTS 2020

COMMUNICATIONSEnsure that the messaging across all of your platforms (social media, emails,EDMs, press releases, conversations with guests etc.) is aligned and timely.Prepare for a guest or a team member to test positive for the virus as if it isinevitable (because it basically is).If you react quickly, sincerely and transparently, that is half the battle wonalready.GUEST RELATIONSGuests will be frustrated, stressed and scared. This often manifests as angertowards us, but stay empathetic in the face of emotional responses. Here in Hong Kong, if a guest tests positive be prepared to have very little toshare due to the confidential nature of such information. It is unlikely that youwill get the exact date and time of the visit. When we were informed that a guest of one of our restaurants had testedpositive, in addition to the external comms we put out (see below fortemplate), we reached out to every guest individually. Do not forget to letguests with upcoming reservations know that they cannot be accommodated,and provide alternatives if you can. Ensure you have team members on hand to answer all calls and emails(there will be a lot) in real-time, even when you are closed. Redirect phones ifyou need to. Remember that as a restaurant group we are not qualified to give medicaladvice or advise on next steps for guests. Always direct them to theappropriate government website for further advice and protocol.SOP: COVID-19 PLAYBOOKBLACK SHEEP RESTAURANTS 2020

EXTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS Prepare templates of comms for various scenarios that you can adapt quicklyand use across all platforms (see below for samples). If you do find yourself dealing with a situation where someone on yourpremises has COVID-19, over-communicate with the public. It is better tobombard them with updates and share the information that you have acrossall your platforms than to appear to be hiding anything. If you have any negative responses to your comms on public platforms, donot delete them. In a crisis, people want all the information and any kind ofcensorship is very upsetting. If it is valid, take it offline. If it is trolling, justignore. Determine your media strategy. We prefer good news to reach our guestsfrom the press, but bad news should come from us. We are fortunate tohave a big database and good engagement on our social media so we didnot feel the need to send a press release about the temporary closure ofour restaurant (if everyone already knows it then it is not newsworthy). Butprepare holding statements to give to media, especially if your press-facingrepresentatives are operations-focused, the chances are they will be too busyhandling the crisis to chat to journalists. But ‘declined to comment’ or ‘hasnot responded’ also can read as though you are hiding something so prepareto answer press enquiries with at least a one-liner.Useful: Be sensitive to the mood of the city. If your restaurants are open, lookcarefully at all the comms you are putting out. Triple check everything goingon social; captions that were harmless a few months ago (e.g. How good doesthis dish look? What are you waiting for?!) are suddenly a minefield.SOP: COVID-19 PLAYBOOKBLACK SHEEP RESTAURANTS 2020

EXTERNAL COMMUNICATIONSSAMPLE COMMS TEMPLATESA GUEST VISITS WHO HAS COVID-19:In these challenging times, we believe complete transparency is the only way forward and need toshare that the Health Department has informed us that a guest that visited restaurant has testedpositive for COVID-19. Our Guest Relations team is currently reaching out to everyone who has dinedin the last ? days to let them know they may have been exposed.Out of an abundance of care, restaurant will remain closed until further notice and is beingindustrially sanitised, while all team members are self-isolating. We apologise to everyone who hadupcoming reservations for the inconvenience, and we look forward to welcoming you back when wefeel it is safe to do so.A TEAM MEMBER TESTS POSITIVE FOR COVID-19:We are heartbroken to announce that a team member from restaurant has tested positive forCOVID-19. While right now we do not know for sure when he/she became infected, our GuestRelations team is currently reaching out to everyone who has dined in the last 14 days to let themknow they may have come in