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Meeting Minutes3-1-15Old Business:Dbr - not started; in queueCOTA and the DE scheduleAuto Cross ScheduleTour ScheduleStreet Survival - 2 items;Texas Comptroller Accounts - when lost 501.3c status, we became a taxable entity; CompletedFacebook - more images and moderatorsGerald is on itGerald has access to Twitter and FacebookJO to be Arlington LiasonTrying to get someone to work with each dealershipTed D’atri could be the Liason for BMW DallasAutobauhn in - ask Will AtkinsonBMW of Grapevine (Sewell)WebSite:How much space? No problemWho is in control? Ken has the major component of control.The next post to the website becomes the stuck home page.New Business:Nick Bristoe was going to be liaison to old cars. Since George Z stillhas 2002, would he be a good liaison? Marc will start with Nick and thensee if George is willing to do.Germanfest: weekend after Eureka SpringsVintage Race at COTA in the Fall for the older cars.Working to get web site space for FAQ on the touring.Toys for Tots instead of Ferrari club’s Christmas run (at the end of Carsand Coffee)Does DBr have info on the Cars & Coffee? No, Karen can write one up.Should have a chapter meeting on the off-months.Karen to look at the share data amongst the board membersMembership Chair:40 new members every month;40 lost every month; 15 are renewals.Board Meetings are held at 2p.m. on the Second Sunday of each oddnumbered month at Jack Mac’s Swill and Grill in Plano, Tx.

From the EditorThe calendar says that spring is right around the corner, but looking outthe window above my monitor, all I see is winter and snow.I went to college in Philadelphia, PA. It only took 5 years for me to figureout that snow and cold weren’t for me, and I high-tailed it back to Texas.I’m ready for warm weather and sunny skies; for drinks on the patio anddrives down canopied highways, sun streaking through the branches.Luckily, this is Texas, and a quick check of my weather app tells me that itwill be in the 80s in less than a week. I will choose to be optimistic, andcurl up with a warm cup of coffee while I wait.Again, I would like to open the dBR to all members as a place to promoteand engage others of a like mind. If you have an event, idea, opinion, orbusiness that you would like to promote, please let us know.I look forward to hearing from you!Sarah HamiltonEditorClickIn this Issue.M4 For a WeekAaron Miller4Friends in FredericksburgRay Mimick6Hydrogen CellsBMW Group8

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I Owned a BMW M4 for a Week.Aaron MillerSupercompressorReprinted with permissionThere’s a great line in Ronin where DeNiro’s character (Sam)asks Natacha McElhone’s character (Deirdre) how she came tobe there. Her response is “a wealthy scoundrel seduced andbetrayed me.”I recently spent a week with the 2015 BMW M4 and now fullyunderstand just what that means. Seduced, by the sheer brilliance of the car, and betrayed by an uncomfortable realizationabout the future of performance vehicles.air around the front wheel to reduce drag and the vent in thefender actually lets air escape to reduce lift at high speeds.The hood’s made of really thin aluminum to keep weightdown. Lift it up, and you’ll see what all the fuss is about. Indeed, 425 hp emanating from a twin-turbo straight six meansgobs of torque almost all the way across the RPM band.andyes, just a hint of turbo lag.The Internet has been crying foul with complaints of too muchtorque, and claims have arisen that the car would be betterwith less. I’m not sure I’d agree. I drove this car on tight and[Full disclosure: I own and drive an old BMW regularly. Thetwisty back roads, on highways, and over rough pavement. Inext car I buy will be a BMW, and I used to oversee a couple ofdidn’t do anything that most people fortunate enough to buyregional newsletters for the BMW Car Club of America. Howevone wouldn’t do, and the number one thing I found was thater, I am not a brand loyalist, as my extensive histories with Ford,the M4’s summer tires don’t like 32 degree weather (shocker,Jaguar and VW can attest.]right?).The SeductionNon-functional styling elements are the bane of most car guys’existences, which is why it’s so refreshing to see everythingserve a purpose on the M4. The fang-looking front skirt directsIf you’re smooth with the throttle and and gently roll onto thegas while unwinding the steering wheel—performance driving101—the car feels great. There’s a hint of understeer, easilyeliminated with your right foot, if you’re careful.

That’s when something occurred to me. The manual is the lessserious of the two options. It’s mad-freaking-fun, don’t get mewrong, but that’s the only reason it’s there. If you’re seriousabout go with the DCT. It’s simply fasterthan a human can possibly be at shifting, and BMW knows it.As I came to that realization, part of me died a little bit, whilehalfway across the world, a couple of engineers in a lab in MuWith the Internet’s infinite echo chamber in mind, I did an experiment. I eschewed everything I knew about driving from my nich probably high-fived each other over the accomplishment,mind and put my foot down. There it was. The long delay foror whatever it is that German engineers do when they accomthe turbos. The suddenly-hard-to-control rear end. It’s all there, plish something.waiting to be exploited by those that can’t handle the car.I also realized that I—or anyone, for that matter—will only everget the brakes hot enough to come into their own on a track.Performance, though, is only half of the car’s story.They’re simply divine under hard braking, but to work at anInside, you can adjust damn near everything, down to theoptimal level they need to be hot. You just can’t do that on theheight of the HUD, so you can keep it in the most comfortable street without displaying a serious amount of poor judgment.position for your eyes.Unlike most cars with various suspension settings, the AdaptiveM suspension really does make a noticeable transition fromcomfort, to sport, to sport , with the latter tightening up somuch that over a couple of particularly rough sweepers, I actually turned it down to sport to find better grip.ConclusionThe seats hug you. And I mean, really hug you. The kidneysupports are electrically adjustable, so they can squeeze you asI only had the car for a week, and it did everything in its powermuch or as little as you want. Maybe it was all the hugging thatto successfully seduce me. For all my realizations about theaided the M4 in seducing me. All I know is, it was nice.future of performance cars, I had an exceptionally hard timefinding things to dislike about BMW’s flagship performanceAnd that M4 badge in the middle of the backrest? It night. In any other car that would be the show stopper, buthere it was just another fine touch. For all of these reasons, it’sThe M4 is neither the fastest nor the most luxurious car in theabsurdly easy to love the, but for under 100,000, you’d be hard pressed to find acar that does both better.The BetrayalThe moment the car appeared in my driveway, I was psychedto find out it had a manual transmission. And a pretty great oneat that, too: shifting is smooth and precise, and the pedal positioning is prime for heel-toe downshifting. Take it out of Sport mode, and the car even does the rev-matching for you.Aaron Miller was once the editor for the dBR, and reachedout to us to with this article. It is printed with permissionfrom Suprecompressor. He has turned his passion for carsand writting into a dream job. Now, he is the Rides editor forSupercompressor, and can be found on Twitter.

Friends in Fredericksburg.Ray MimickWe had a great group starting out in Cleburne winding ourway through the backroads to Fredericksburg. Day 1 was easyand fun.Our previous adventures to Fredericksburg, we’d typically try awine tasting a local vineyard. This year, we selected ChisholmTrail Winery. While on the outside it doesn’t look like much,they have a pretty good selection of their own wines. It wasgreat to catch up with different people after we bought somewines and just relaxed in the nice weather. Friday dinner was ata great restaurant called Cabernet Grill.Day 2 saw a smaller group decide to take to the roads. Forthose on past travels, we typically have crowded roads orroads with lots of slower traffic. Not this day. Roads were niceand twisty and no fog to mar our views. While leading this forthe first time, we didn’t have an official U-turn but we made a“long” detour that ended up allowing us to go outside of theplanned route. Turns out Twisted sister #2 had its own challenges with some cattle guards and run-flat tires.A member of our group had their tire get slashed on the insidegoing over a cattle guard where we were also turning at speed.No injuries but always a new challenge when we have to find/fix “special” tires out in the remote areas. After many attemptstrying to get the tire off or aired up, we had to call in a tow.Let’s just say its not an easy task but we stuck through it all.Dinner for Day 2 saw us up at the Café on the Ridge in Kerrville. Another great dinner was had by all and some greatcatching up was done with friends. At the pool side, handmade martinis were produced and the stories continued.On day 3 we began getting ready to head back with a detournear/through Austin. This trip was unusual, but it looked like itwill be great regardless as we are going off to see a bunch of“M” cars at a local gathering of BMWs.

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BMW Expands Use of Hydrogen Fuel CellsMoves closer to successful reformation of methane gas into hydrogen.The BMW Group.Spartanburg, S.C-.The additional usage of the hydrogen fuel cell system waspansion of the company’s hydrogen fuel-cell material handling executed by adding two new higher-capacity compressors,equipment across its 4.0 million square foot production facility. new storage tubes and distribution piping, and eight new hydrogen dispensers. The expanded system will deliver at leastIn 2010, BMW completed the installation of a hydrogen stor400kg of Hydrogen per day. BMW estimates that the expandage and distribution area near the plant’s Energy Center toed system will avoid 4.1 million kw/hours per year, up from 1.8power about 100 pieces of fuel cell material handling equipment. Since that time, the company has more than doubled its million kw hours/year for the initial hydrogen fuel cell system.hydrogen-fuel cell fleet to approximately 230 units to serviceBMW also released a project update to the Landfill Gas-to-Hythe entire plant’s production and logistics functions.drogen Pilot Project. The first phase of the study, that validatedthe economic and technical feasibility, began in July 2011.“BMW continues to complement its sustainable productionThe project has now successfully moved to the second phasemodel by adding alternative, efficient technology, said Josefof methane-to-hydrogen conversion. The project team, led byKerscher, President of BMW Manufacturing. “Successful imSouth Carolina Research Authority (SCRA), is implementingplementation, and ultimately expansion, of our hydrogen fuelcell material handling fleet has provided a sustainable energy and testing equipment that will monitor the hydrogen purity.To do this, BMW has installed a clean-up system that takes asource that exceeds our expectations.”BMW Manufacturing announced today the successful ex-

stream of landfill gas (post-siloxane removal), removes the sulfur and trace contaminants and, ultimately, produces hydrogenvia a Steam Methane Reformer (SMR).“BMW is very pleased with the progress we have been ableto achieve in the last 18 months, said Cleve Beaufort, BMWGroup’s Energy Manager for the U.S. and Canada. “The objective of generating renewable hydrogen from methane isproving to be a possible option for BMW and will be transformational for the fuel cell industry.”currently produces 38% of its electrical requirements on-site,mostly from its landfill gas-to-energy program.BMW Group In AmericaBMW of North America, LLC has been present in the UnitedStates since 1975. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars NA, LLC begandistributing vehicles in 2003. The BMW Group in the UnitedStates has grown to include marketing, sales, and financialservice organizations for the BMW brand of motor vehicles,Throughout this project, SCRA has been a leading fundingincluding motorcycles, the MINI brand, and the Rolls-Royceand implementation partner. The U.S. Department of Energybrand of Motor Cars; DesignworksUSA, a strategic design conhas also provided both technical and funding support for thesultancy in California; a technology office in Silicon Valley andproject.various other operations throughout the country. BMW Manufacturing Co., LLC in South Carolina is part of BMW Group’sThe final phase of this project is scheduled to begin in lateglobal manufacturing network and is the exclusive manufactur2013. At that time, BMW will conduct side-by-side trials of maing plant for all X5 and X3 Sports Activity Vehicles and X6 andterial handling equipment fueled by landfill gas derived hydroX4 Sports Activity Coupes. The BMW Group sales organizationgen versus commercially sourced represented in the U.S. through networks of 339 BMW passenger car and BMW Sports Activity Vehicle centers, 140 BMWFor their efforts in on-site energy production, the U.S. Environmotorcycle retailers, 121 MINI passenger car dealers, and 35mental Protection Agency recently named BMW ManufacturingRolls-Royce Motor Car dealers. BMW (US) Holding Corp., thethe second largest Green Power Partner. Green Power rankingsBMW Group’s sales head