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February 2, 20xxGwendolyn BeaulieuTreasurerCity of Gold Prairie, KSP.O. Box 5000Gold Prairie, KS 67200Dear Ms. Beaulieu,Centre Plains Bank is pleased to present this proposal in response to your RFP for bankingservices for the city of Gold Prairie.As you know, we have been a well respected institution in Gold Prairie for more than 20 years,and we believe you’ll be pleased with our services.We look forward to meeting with you soon to begin our new partnership.Sincerely,Dale PenderySr. Vice PresidentCentre Plains Bank555-555-5555 ext. .com

Centre Plains Bank1503 Main StreetGold Prairie, KS67200(PH) 555-555-5555(FX) 555-555-5556www.CentrePlainsBank.comFebruary 2, 20xxBanking Services for the City of Gold PrairiePrepared for:Gwendolyn BeaulieuTreasurerPrepared by:Dale PenderySr. Vice PresidentCentre Plains Bank looks forward to providing you with all of yourbanking needs.Based on our initial interview we have outlined the core services andissues that need to be covered.We will meet next week to discuss the details and get you startedwith a comprehensive banking services plan that will meet all of yourneeds.www.CentrePlainsBank.comProposal Number: 3823-B

Services Provided . 2Investment. 4Disaster Recovery Plan . 5Reporting . 6Compensation .

Centre Plains Bank will provide the following account services to the town of Gold Prairie,Kansas.Online Account Access and Online Payment ServicesWe offer 24-hour, 7-day per week online account access, with the ability to assignpayments to vendors and set payment transfer dates.Bank Counter and ATM Deposit ServicesDeposits can be made during regular business hours at our bank counter and at anytime through the ATM.Check ImagingAll checks will automatically be imaged and kept on file for seven years.Bank Counter and Online Wire TransfersWire transfers can be initiated at the bank counter during regular business hours, oronline at any time.Direct Deposit ServicesDirect deposit can be set up for all regularly deposited monies.Rapid Account ReconciliationDeposits will be credited immediately to the account, with verification within 24 hoursof every deposit.Stop PaymentsStop payments may be requested at the bank counter or online for one or more checks.Vault ServicesCash may be deposited in our vault during regular bank business hours. The bank willprovide bags for cash. All amounts deposited before 2pm will be credited in the ledgeron the same day; deposits made between 2pm and 5pm may be delayed until 12 noonon the next

Reporting ServicesCentre Plains Bank offers monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting services. See theReporting page for more information.Lockbox ServicesThe bank will reserve two large lockboxes for the town’s use. Access to lockboxes will beprovided during regular banking hours, and individual desiring access must have lockboxkey and valid ID matching a name on an approved list provided by the city.Investment ServicesThe bank offers various investments. See the Investment Services page for moreinformation.NotesDetailed descriptions of all services and full text of all contracts are available on our

Centre Plains Bank is proud to offer the following investment opportunities to the city of GoldPrairie, Kansas.Certificates of DepositThe bank offers a variety of FDIC-insured CDs. These vary in length of investmentrequired and interest rates. Please see our website for our current offerings.Money Market FundsWe offer a money market fund to our clients, with a fluctuating yield. Our moneymarket fund is insured up to 250,000 by the FDIC. Please see our website for thecurrent yield.SavingsWe offer savings accounts to our clients, with a fluctuating yield. Our savings accountsare insured up to 250,000 by the FDIC. Please see our website for the current yield.Mutual FundsWe offer a variety of respected mutual funds to our clients. Note that mutual funds arenot insured and mutual fund investments may decline in value. Please see our websitefor the current offerings.SummaryOur investment experts are always on hand to help officials determine which investmentsare right for the

In the event of a disaster, we are well positioned to recover quickly. You are protected in thefollowing unlikely events:Damage to Bank FacilitiesIn the unlikely event that our facilities are damaged or rendered useless by a natural orman-made disaster, we can quickly recover all data and operate from a new location. Allbank records are backed up on an hourly basis, with backup tapes stored in a secureoffsite location.Bank RobberyAll checking, savings, CDs, and money market funds are insured up to 250,000 by theFDIC and will be replaced as soon as possible by that federal agency.Financial CrisisAll checking, savings, CDs, and money market funds are insured up to 250,000 by theFDIC and will be replaced as soon as possible by that federal agency.SummaryYour funds are safe with

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