September 12, 2014TO:Officers and DirectorsFROM: Jeanette G. Newton, RCE , CEORE: Next Board of Directors MeetingAttached please find the agenda and other related materials for the next Board of DirectorsMeeting scheduled for Thursday September 18, 9:00 AM at the DAAR Office.Please review the information enclosed prior to the meeting to expedite discussion and block outuntil 12 N for the meeting. Please bring this packet with you or your computer so you can follow along.I will not have additional copies.Thank you for your cooperation. See you then.

DULLES AREA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS , INC.BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETINGAGENDA – Sept. 18, 2014CALL TO ORDER 9:00 AM – DAAR OfficeGuest Matt Kahn, VAR BOD LiaisonAPPROVAL OF THE CONSENT AGENDACONSENT AGENDAAPPROVAL OF THE SECRETARY’S REPORT –July 2014 Page1ACCEPTANCE OF THE FINANCIAL REPORT THROUGH- August, 2014 Pages 32-35APPROVAL OF THE NEW MEMBERS – Pages 40-41CEO and EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE REPORT – Page 3-5CHAIR OF PUBLIC POLICY REPORT – Pages 28-29CHAIR OF COMMUNICATIONS REPORT- Page 30-31CHAIR OF FINANCE – Pages 32-35CHAIR OF MEMBER SERVICES REPORT – Pages 36- 41CHAIR OF PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT REPORT – Pages 42-43REPORT FROM VAR -Beckwith Bolle, VAR DirectorNEW BUSINESS Appointment of Harry Yazbek to fill the vacancy created on the BOD. Pages 3-5 Recommendation from Executive Committee to make the Awards Committee a sub group of the Events Committee. Pages 3-5Appointment of a Succession Committee. Pages 3-5Informational: The Nominating Committee Report. Page 5SentriLock Cockract Pages 6-27OtherUpdates and Discussion Open House Schedule – Joan ElkonNEXT MEETING -ADJOURNMENTExecutive Committee – November 13, 9:00 AM (DAAR Office)Board of Directors – November 20, 9:00 AM (DAAR Office)

Dulles Area Association of REALTORS Board of Directors – MinutesJuly 17, titowWeatherwaxJXXXXXXXXMXXXXXXXXMXXXXXXXXXJ SXXNXXXXXXXCALL TO ORDER – The meeting was called to order at 9:00AM at the DAAR Offices by Chairman Sue Smith.Sue introduced Lee Neiman to discuss the value of RPR to our directors and encourage them to contact himabout coming to their offices.Sue introduced Drake Van deCastle who is a REALTOR from Charlottesville and is biking across Virginia(100 miles) to raise funds and awareness of the abilities for Seniors to Age in Place.APPROVAL OF THE CONSENT AGENDA: The Consent Agenda was approved.NEW BUSINESS:Motion to approve Bylaw changes mandated by NAR: With a recommendation from the ExecutiveCommittee, the BOD adopted the revisions.Motion to approve the revised Joint Professional Standards Agreement: With a recommendation from theExecutive Committee, the BOD adopted the new document.Motion from Governmental Affairs: With recommendation from the Executive Committee the BOD adoptedthe 2015 Legislative Package with a vote of 10 – 7.Motion from the Executive Committee to appoint the following to a Strategic Planning Work Group: SueSmith; Shawn Milletary; Lars Henriksen; Phyllis Stakem; Sue Puleo; Jackie Lawlor; Tony Arko; Beckwith Bolle;Margaret Halselth; Rebecca Vittitow; Tanya Spotts; Omni Casey; with the following as alternates HollyWeatherwax; Tanya Gonda; and Ray Rees. (Subject to them accepting the appointment.)Budget & Finance Recommendation – Motion from Budget & Finance and recommended by the ExecutiveCommittee to permit the Budget & Finance Committee to act in the role of Investment Committee wasapproved.Budget & Finance Recommendation – Motion from Budget & Finance, recommended by the ExecutiveCommittee to adopt a policy change that Lock Box Keys will not be turned off until July 1 and January 1,despite the fact that dues are due on June 1 and July 1, was adopted.Budget & Finance Recommendation – Motion from Budget & Finance, recommended by the ExecutiveCommittee to adjust the budget line item for staff health insurance by 6,800 due to a staff member opting in tothe plan was approved.Excused Absence – Motion from the BOD to excused the September absence of Shawn Milletary for aCorporate Convention was approved.Updates and Discussions:Forms – A request was made that Sue Puleo bring to the Forms Committee a request to look at poor wordingof the paragraph following the Trust information in the Listing Agreement.Page 1 of 43

Reminders – It was suggested that DAAR could do a better job of reminding agents of their commitments toclasses, events and meetings through the use of reminders 24-48 hours before an activity for which someoneis registered.Basket Challenge – Margaret encourage the posting of the video from last year’s basket challenge to beposted online to help drum up excitement about this year’s event.ADJOURNMENT: A Motion was made, seconded and approved to adjourn the meeting at 11 am.NEXT MEETING -Executive Committee – September 11, 9:00 AM (DAAR Office)Board of Directors – September 18, 9:00 AM (DAAR Office)Respectfully submitted,Jeanette G. Newton, RCECorporate SecretaryPage 2 of 43

Executive and CEO ReportSeptember, 2014Executive Committee Report:Recommendations to the Board of Directors: That the Awards Committee be incorporated as a subcommittee of Events. That the following individuals be appointed as a Succession Committee to work on aplan for obtaining a CEO after Jeanette retires. (Not before December 2015) Sue Puleo,Tom Donegan, Sue Smith, Shawn Milletary, Jackie Lawlor, Lars Henricksen, BeckwithBolle, Bradley Boland, Barry Allbright and Kathy Jones. SentriLock Contract: Jeanette was asked to inquire as to the possibility of including anearly termination clause as a new Exhibit to the contract. Jeanette has not heard from Scott Buzzelli regarding his resignation from the BOD. Suewill contact him to confirm, and they the Executive Committee recommends theappointment of Harry Yazbek to fill that vacancy.Other Discussion Items: The Executive Committee has asked Jeanette to draft bylaw language for adoption atour 2015 Annual meeting establishing the following policy. “That the NominatingCommittee may consider candidates for up to two positions on the BOD for PastPresidents with a limit of no more than 1 consecutive 3 yr. term.” The report of the Nominating Committee is attached to this report for your information.CEO Report:Summer season has ended on a crazy note. Teresa left, and Barbra has been experiencingbaptism by fire. We are challenged by a new database system which went active on September 8th, andin typical style, there are bumps along the way, but we hope to have everything smoothed out quickly.This takes a tremendous amount of time, on a staff that is already on overload, but Alison has reallystepped up to the plate and done a bang up job. She deserves a bonus for what she has gone through inthe past month.Staff completed the calendar for 2015 and is planning many activities for our members.The Fall is always our busiest time of the year, and this year is no different. With Wine Events,the Economic Summit, the Annual Meeting, the Holiday Party, the Basket Challenge, many designationcourses and CE, there are only a few moments left to breathe. We always manage to pull it off, with thehelp of so many dedicated volunteers, and for you we are very thankful.OK, my retirement. I want to make sure that everyone on the BOD understands my plans or lackthereof. I had very definite plans for retirement in the Spring of 2016. As you all know, things in my lifehave changed and now I am faced with the quandary of what I do next. My house has sold and I amPage 3 of 43

now renting a condo in Leesburg, so I have more flexibility in my planning. Here’s what I can tell you forsure. I have no plans to retire prior to December, 2015 (unless something else changes in my life and Ihave to care for a family member), but in all likelihood I will retire before December 2016. That is thebest I can tell you at this point in time. You can be assured that you will have no less than 6 monthsnotice when I finally decide it is time. The lake is calling to me.Respectfully submitted byJeanette G. Newton, RCE, CEOPage 4 of 43

September 10, 2014TO: All DAAR MembersFROM: Barry Allbright, Chairman, Nominating CommitteeRE: Slate of Officer's & Directors for 2015This memo serves as official notice to the DAAR membership of the Slate of Directors for election at theOctober 3rd, Annual Membership Meeting to be held at the Belmont Country Club, immediately following theEconomic Summit.Maureen Dabkowski, Coldwell Banker Residential, Leesburg 12/15Margaret Halseth, Keller Williams, Dulles 12/17Rebecca Vittitow, C-21 Redwood Realty, Ashburn 12/17Mike Wagner, Keller Williams, Leesburg 12/17P. J. Riner, Weichert, REALTORS 12/17Harry Yazbek, Coldwell Banker, Leesburg 12/17Shawn Mitchell, Modern Mechanical, Affiliate Representative 12/17Rocky Westfall, Atoka Properties, Purcellville 12/17The following individuals are continuing in unexpired terms:Sue Smith, RE/MAX Premier, Ashburn, 12/15Ray Rees, Atoka Properties, Middleburg 12/15Phyllis Stakem, RE/MAX Select Properties, Ashburn 12/15Jackie Lawlor, Jack Lawlor Real Estate 12/15Nicole Richards, Keller Williams, Ashburn, 12/15Joan Elkon, Weichert, REALTORS , Leesburg 12/15Dwight Brooks, Weichert, REALTORS Ashburn 12/16Greg Davidson, Cornerstone Home Lending, Affiliate Representative 12/16David Harbour, EXP Realty 12/16Lars Henriksen, Long & Foster, Leesburg 12/16Shawn Milletary, C21 Redwood Realty 12/16Shaila Millman, C21 Redwood Realty 12/16Holly Weatherwax, Keller Williams, Dulles 12/16The bylaws state as follows: Article XI, Section 4 (a) .The report of the Nominating Committee shall be noticed toeach Member eligible to vote at least three (3) weeks preceding the election. Additional candidates for the officesto be filled may be placed in nomination by petition signed by at least 10% of the REALTOR Members eligible tovote. The petition shall be filed with the CEO at least two (2) weeks before the election. The CEO shall sendnotice of such additional nominations to all Members eligible to vote before the election.Page 5 of 43

DocuSign Envelope ID: F1B42EED-865C-4DE2-A9E3-F9A6C2110300SENTRILOCK SYSTEM MULTIYEAR AGREEMENT EXTENSIONSENTRILOCK SYSTEM MULTIYEAR AGREEMENT EXTENSIONTHIS SENTRILOCK SYSTEM AGREEMENT EXTENSION (the “Extension Agreement”) is entered ycorporation(“SentriLock”)and, (“Customer”), effective as of the last date of execution setforth below, who agree as follows:RECITALSWHEREAS, SentriLock is the exclusive licensor of the REALTOR Lockbox system (the “System”) as fullydescribed in the latest SentriLock System Agreement (the “Current System Agreement”) signed by Customerand SentriLock; andWHEREAS, Customer, per the terms in the Current System Agreement, wishes to extend the term ofthe Current System Agreement;NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the foregoing and the mutual agreements hereinafter set forth,the parties hereby agree as follows:ARTICLE 1.EXTENSION TERMS1.16The term of the Current System Agreement is hereby extended for a period ofyearsbeginning on:(Check one of the options that follow)x the first day following the completion of the full original term of Current System AgreementApril 2, 2015(). the date of execution of this Extension Agreement indicated above.1.2Except as set forth in this Extension Agreement, Customer agrees that during the extendedterm, all the terms and conditions of the Current System Agreement shall remain in full forceand effect.1.3Pricing and Terms during the extended term shall be governed by Exhibit A attached hereto.1.4Lockbox system and product descriptions shall refer to Exhibit B & Exhibit C attached hereto.SentriLock Proprietary & ConfidentialRevision Date 3/24/2014Page 1 of 2Page 6 of 43

DocuSign Envelope ID: F1B42EED-865C-4DE2-A9E3-F9A6C2110300SENTRILOCK SYSTEM MULTIYEAR AGREEMENT EXTENSION1.5Warranty for new Hardware purchased during the term of extension shall be:Extension term years for lockboxesExtension term years for lockbox batteries3 years for SentriCard smart cards1.6Any special terms or conditions are listed in Exhibit D (if attached and initialed by both parties)and shall supersede all other documents, terms and conditions in this Extension Agreement.IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties entered into this Extension Agreement having read this ExtensionAgreement and agreeing to be bound by same.SENTRILOCK, SentriLock Proprietary & ConfidentialRevision Date 3/24/2014Page 2 of 2Page 7 of 43

DocuSign Envelope ID: F1B42EED-865C-4DE2-A9E3-F9A6C2110300Exhibit AGeneral Terms & ConditionsUnless otherwise defined herein, the terms contained in thisExhibit shall have a meaning as defined in the SentriLockSystem Agreement executed between the parties.PaymentFor the Initial Purchase Volume (IPV) of Hardware, newCustomer shall pay SentriLock the Hardware Price as follows:10% of the Hardware Price upon the execution of thisAgreement and 90% of the Hardware Price within thirty (30)calendar days of the Activation Date. For subsequent ordersand for existing Customers, payment is due in full withinthirty (30) calendar days of invoice from SentriLock. Allpayments are to be remitted in US Dollars (USD). Credit anddebit cards are not accepted for customer payments.TaxesCustomer shall pay all applicable duties, tariffs, and taxesimposed by the state, province, or country including, but notlimited to, Sales, Use, Personal Property taxes, ProvincialSales Tax (Canada PST), Goods and Services Tax (Canada GST),and Harmonized Sales Tax (Canada HST) (“Taxes”) as a resultof purchases. If Customer is exempt from specific Taxes, validexemption form(s) must be submitted to SentriLock with thefirst order. Customer will reimburse SentriLock within ten (10)days of the receipt of a