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Syntel Overview Small Enough to Listen, Big Enough to DeliverTMDifferentiatorsRevenue 911.4 M (2014)- DNA 235.3 M (Q4 2014) : Delivery & operational excellenceRevenue Growth- Philosophy12% (Y-o-Y) : 'Customer For Life'Market Cap- Culture 4.2 Billion: Entrepreneurial with 5 core valuesHeadcount: Investment; ahead of the curve innew technologies & automation- Mindset24,553 HeadquartersTroy, Michigan(Founded 1980)World-Class InfrastructurePune, India(77-acres campus, Capacity:7000 )Chennai, India(27-acres campus, Capacity:5000 )Ranked among the top performing344 public companies by HarvardBusiness Review3Mumbai, India(8.05-acres, Capacity:4000 )100 Best Small Companies (#20, 2013) NMSDC Certified MBE

Integrated Transformation – M-IIIMigrateUnified ServiceCatalogueStayAheadRoadmapManageFuture StateArchitectureModernizeSyntel IPs &PlatformOutcomealigned PricingServicesTools & AcceleratorsBenefits Support and Development (Incident, User IDENTEON, IntelliTransfer &KARP Agile for Dev & Support CBEAT, CCAT and MACH Portfolio RationalizationFramework Virtualization & MigrationAccelerators Quick wins & early costrecovery Continuous Optimizations Performance based pricing Predictive Maintenance Improved Business ITAlignmentrequest Mgmt., Change & Release Mgmt.,Preventive Maintenance, Prod Assurance,Performance tuning , Product life cycle Mgmt. ) Migrations / Consolidation (Virtualization,Migration to cloud, Rationalization, Re-hosting,Transcoding) Modernization Service Suite (Mobility &Social Media, Analytics, Decommissioning, Reengineering, Reference Architecture)4

Legacy Modernization – Centre Of ExcellenceLeveraging ExperienceService Catalogue 60,000 person years Average SLAof legacy experienceadherence of morethan 99% More than 65% ofManagerevenue from legacy Technologiesengagements.Supported: Legacy to Engagement size from Advanced Technologyplatforms20 FTEs to 3500MigrateFTEsModernizeTechnology StackLanguagesCASE ToolsUtilities &ToolsTransactionMgmt.SecurityData StoresPlatforms BRMSTransformation ConsultingInfrastructure ManagementRe-HostingProduct MigrationPlatform MigrationLegacy to COTSUI ModernizationRe-ArchitectureRe-EngineeringSOA Enablement------Leveraging PartnershipsCOBOL, Assembler, PL/I, JCL, RPG, Natural,Easytrieve, Netron, REXX, C-List, MANTISCool-Gen, Telon, VA-Gen, Ad-GenICETOOL, SORT, JOBSCAN/TRAC,SMF,NWOMC, OPENPGP, CICS, IMS-DCRACF, ACF2DB2, VSAM, IMS-DB, IDMS/ADSO, ADABAS,SUPRAIBM Mainframe, AS 400, Micro focus, DELL Clerity , GT software5

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Syntel Solution Accelerators - Exit LegacyHomepage – PortalOne Stop Shop for all Legacy Migration andModernization InitiativesSubscription based serviceRole based accessProject Based approachControlled Access to ProjectsDashboard – PortalExit Legacy ClassificationCode eOrientationEnablers7

UI Modernization - OverviewMobilize(Responsive Design)MashupsMany people perceive Mainframe / iSeries asoutdated technology solely because ofcharacter based user interface.Rebranding/ RefacingUI Modernization is a solution to move themto Rich UI to provide enhanced customerdelight and higher productivity.UIModernization WorkflowThe success of UI modernization project alsodepends on choosing the right tool to webenable legacy screens.ImprovementLegacyWeb-enablementTop 3 ReasonsTop 3 Benefitsfor UI ModernizationOf UI ModernizationNewer workforce not familiar with legacy screensBusiness focused screen designsHigh cost of integration in the legacy systemIntegrating Self-help for customersSteps & Time taken to access relevant informationAchieving quick Turn-around-time for innovation9

UI Modernization FrameworkWide CompatibilityBusiness Focus Re-align your end-user screen with yourbusiness strategy Wider compatibility from desktop totablets devices Re-design Lean principle based datacapture & processing business flow Accessibility options for PortableKiosk and BoothsUIModernization Design science basedUser-experience tounlock maximum conversion ratio Effectively design your screen tomatch the look-n-feel of future postmigration platform. Leveraging Eye tracker to ensureright information is rightly placed forunlocking user productivity senses &optimized Virtual real estate utilization Utilize this migration as an opportunityfor learning the feedback from theuser and incorporating the same in thefuture enhancementsFuture GlimpseIntuitive UX10

UI Modernization MethodologyAssessment Assess thecurrenttechnologylandscape Identify andprioritize theprocess flowseligible formodernization Propose theFrameworkoptionsPlan Identify UX &UI goals Generate UXplan Resource &role plan Identify timeboundactivitiesAnalysis AS-IS processstudy Brainstorm Identify usergroups Perform needsspecificanalysis usingvariousUsabilitymethods Document tacituserrequirements TO-BE processdefinition Define workflowand optimizedtask flowsTest &ReleaseDesign and BuildDevelopment team to build effectivetechnological frameworks and Rich internetapplicationsPrototyping/ Visual ModelingInteraction Design Wire Frames Low and high-FidelityMockups, Define Framework Define Navigation Define InteractionPatternsIterativeCycleAnalyzeBuild Review Refine Design andInteraction Integrate the approvedUI with the legacy andperipheral systems Integrationtesting Stress Testing UAT UserDocumentation User Training User Self-helpportal Socialize thechange Release User FeedbackDELIVERABLESEvaluation, Documentation and Support High levelarchitecturediagrams forTechnology,application PrioritizedProcess flows Definition ofBusinessGoals User Needs UX Plan Personae User Scenario Contentinventory SiteMaps User process flowsWireframesStyle GuideDesign patterns UI Development –(HTML, CSS, RIAtechnologies ) UsabilityReviews

UI Modernization OptionsUI ModernizationWeb Enablement UnderstandEnterprisearchitecture Design as perguidelines New features TrainingWorkflowOptimization Understand screennavigation Scopeconsolidation, splitand sequenceprocess flow Define optimizednavigation planMashUps Identify datasources Define data accessrulesMobilize Identify device andplatform support Define cashingrules Segregate UI fromRebrand Wireframe –Corporate Design Define Scope Prioritize Updatepresentation layerbusiness layer Review and reviseMashup andsequence ReviewImprove legacy systemaccessibility by WebenablementConsolidate / Automateworkflows to improveend-user productivityIntegration with widerange of Internet andIntranet applicationOffer compatibilitysupport to variousdevicesBuild, Test , Deploy, Support , Optimize12Rebrand products toimprove customerconfidence

UI Modernization ProductsMicro Focus RUMBAUI ModernizationTerminal emulation solution with UI (User Interface) modernization properties Rumba and Rumba allows users to connect to so-called 'legacy systems'(typically a mainframe) via desktop, web and mobile. Rumba provides IT endusers with a modern UI, allowing them to bypass 'green screen' applicationsIBM HATSIBM Rational Host Access Transformation Services Transforms traditional text-based interfaces—such as 3270 and 5250 greenscreen applications—into web, portlet, rich client or mobile device user interfacesInventuFlynet Viewer and Screensurfer Flynet Viewer gives users simplified web access via code-generated web servicesor enhanced ASP.NET UIs Screensurfer is a legacy application integration toolset middleware product thatuses HTML, Javascript and its own Surferscript languageIvory Suite Seamless integration of mainframe with new technologies like mobility, webbased portals, business intelligence, business process management andpackaged applications.13

Value Proposition Business Process Optimization User intuitive workflows Identification of Right Stakeholders Self help inclusion Design Review Process Agile Development Process Testing Centre of ExcellenceBest PracticesTechnologyExcellenceStrategy &ApproachValue Adds Consistence UI toEliminate/Reduce Training Time Latest Reference Architecture (RA)Introduced Reduced Cost With the Use OfTools & Accelerators RA Reusable Component Process Automation Extensible Solution Interface with Existing Systems Futuristic Solution14

Case Study #1 : MCCGUI Screen Scrapping DecommissionCustomer BusinessFunctionMCCGUI is a popular Establishment Servicesservicing web based tool used especially inthe ES call centers and back-offices acrossinternational markets to service AmericanExpress merchants.Since its inception in July 2001, MCCGUIservices more than 1 million merchantsdriving their business from following markets :France, Spain, UK, Germany, Netherlands,Finland, Sweden, Airlines, Australia, HongKong, India, Malaysia, New Zealand,Pakistan, Argentina, Mexico, IDCBusiness DriversEngagement DetailsChallenges Faced Need for a tool that does not havedependency on any softwareinstallationontheusers’machines. Engagement :Development Remediating 60 web screensfromScreenScrapingtechnology towards a normalweb platform. Merging the functionality undera single URL that caters to allmarkets v/s the POD approachof having unique URL permarket. Mimicking the authentication &authorization scheme presentin the POD tool via the webplatform. Ensure compliance with thecustomerenterprisewidetechnology standards Improvedcustomerservicingthrough a consistent GUI Userinteraction with an Intuitive anduser-friendly presentation. Improved performance to ensureshortercalldurationthusimproving productivity Tools Outsourcing Model:Fixed Bid Offshore :Onsite ratio:80:20 Team size: 16 Technology: VB.NET &ASP .NET, WCF, XML ,AJAX, Main frame DB2Syntel Solution Syntel devised a POA approach where the screen scraping was completely replace by web toDB2 calls via Messaging Queues/DB2 Stored Procedures and ADO.NET concepts. A completely new Security Module was developed that would allow the tool admins to controlthe access for the users, thereby controlling the functionalities managed by various types ofusers.The Security Module was developed with a flexibility that would allow it to be leveraged by anyother platforms tools in future. Presently around 10 different applications are being driven by thissecurity module. The POD tool required separate urls to be maintained for separate markets thereby resultinginto a lot of redundant efforts and costs in the tool maintenance. The proposed solution wasdesigned to cater to all markets via a single url providing the users with flexibility to switchbetween markets on the fly. The proposed solution was built on ASP.NET framework and ensured 100% compliance withcustomer enterprise wide technology standards. The solution was designed to integrate with Infonet system to ensure that online help is easilyavailable to the call center representatives while working on the tool.15Customer Benefits 50 % Reduction in training time for the newrecruits, Cross-functional Training and higheremployee satisfaction. MeasurableMISMetricsprovidesOperational management with the capabilityto categorize the call types for root causeanalysis and increase knowledge ofmerchant behavior 60% shorter call durations thus improvingproductivity. Hassle free on boarding of new users due toeliminationofadditionalsoftwareinstallations.

Case Study #2 : Patient Accounting ModernizationHealthcare Provider IT SystemCustomer BusinessFunction Business DriversEngagement DetailsChallenges Faced The legacy Patient Accounting (PA)was designed with CICS withinefficient workflows due to screensize limitations. Outsourcing Models: Fixed Price Offshore / Onsite ratio – 30 / 70The data stores and batchprocessing were to remain onmainframe. Team size: The business users wanted a newlook an fill of the system. Technology Stack: The end users wanted effectiveworkflows across and consolidationof the screens.Mainframe – COBOL, CICS, DB2,JCL, VSAMNo documentation available mappingthe business process workflows andscreen flows VSAM-based data could not beaccessed via .NET screens.The customer is the world’s largestFor-Profit chain of hospitals in theUSA.It manages 162 hospital and 113freestanding surgery centers in theUSA & UK 240 Unix – AIX, MF-COBOL, .NET 4.0,DM Express, BizTalk, ASP.NETSyntel SolutionCustomer Benefits Syntel migrated the existing CICS-based legacy screens to.NET platform in line with the customer’stechnology strategy. Highly scalable architecture which can handle high volumeof data VSAM files were converted to DB2 for interoperability with the .NET screens. Service oriented application design for future extensibility The existing DB2 database was re-used to reduce migration timelines and complexity. Highly maintainable Object Oriented framework The .NET screens interfaced with the mainframe for data access and batch processing. User friendly screens with rich UI Syntel reused many .NET devblocks already developed by the customer for other applications. Syntel provided services with regards to detail-level architecture and design, Build, and Test.Conversion of files from VSAM to DB2 providedconsistency for data storage Use of existing DB2 database reduces the time formigration Improved workflows automate many manual activities16

Case Study #3 : UI Modernization StrategyHealthcare Provider IT SystemCustomer BusinessFunction The customer is the world’s largest ForProfit chain of hospitals in the USA. It manages 162 hospital and 113freestanding surgery centers in the USA &UKBusiness Drivers Client planned to migrate theirlegacy system to MVC .NETplatform. The requirement was to have a UIdesign strategy that could beadopted to all futu