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Wicked Young Writer Awards 2018The Man on the StreetBy Fern BrindlePoor old man sitting on the street,Watching cars passing by his feet,Cardboard box for his bed,A newspaper blanket, a rock pillow for his head,It makes me so sad to see people sitting on the street,Watching people passing by their feet,It’s like they don’t care, they are so rudeThey pass by the man without offering any food,He sits outside all year round,Through cold, warm and wet without a sound,He has no family, he’s all by himself,It’s really not nice, I wish I could help,As he sits there on the street,Watching me passing his feet,People looking everywhere,Everywhere except for at the man on the street,Watching the cars passing by his feet.2

5-7 Age CategoryThe Bumpy TrailBy Daniel MacAlpineWe were ready to go. Dad started our brand new 4x4 pick-up engine. I wavedto mum as we drove off. First we turned off the main road, down a muddy, wet,bumpy trail. It was so much fun. We went up a nearly vertical hill. Suddenly, Dadslammed on the brakes, screech! We saw something brown and furry peepingout of the grass. I jumped down out of the pick-up truck and walked slowly over.I saw an.OTTER! I was really excited as I had never seen an otter in the wildbefore. As I got closer, I noticed that the otter had a sore leg. I beckoned to Dadto come and have a look. He GASPED! It had a fishing net wrapped around hispaw. I looked at Dad and wondered what we should do. Then I rememberedabout the International Otter Survival Fund (IOSF) hospital in Broadford. I hadvisited the hospital when we were on holiday last year on the Isle of Skye. Dadcalled the hospital to ask for their advice. They asked if we could bring the otterto the hospital so that he could be cared for. Dad and I wrapped the otter in acosy blanket. The otter was trembling but he was so exhausted that he let uscarefully lift him into the back of the pick-up.We set off back along the bumpy trail. This time much more slowly so as notto frighten the otter. We came round a sharp corner and Dad had to swervesuddenly to avoid a tree trunk which was lying across the track. The pick-uplurched into a ditch at the side of the dirt track. Dad revved the engine to try andget us out but it was no good. We were stuck! The otter was getting more andmore distressed and making squeaking noises in the back of the truck. Dad andI looked at each other in panic. Now what were we going to do? We needed toget to the hospital as soon as possible before the otter became too frightened.Dad phoned the local garage and a man with a six wheeled drive pick-up saidthat he would come and help us to get out of the ditch. I spoke softly to the otterwhile we waited. It seemed like a long time but eventually he arrived and towedus out. We carried on and arrived in Broadford. A kind lady called Sarah cameout to meet us. She lifted the otter gently and took him inside to be examined.Dad and I went back to the holiday cottage where we were staying to tell mumall about our adventure.3

Wicked Young Writer Awards 2018A few weeks later I received a letter to say thank you for helping to rescue‘Oscar’ and a photograph showing his mended paw. I can’t wait to go on thebumpy trail again and wonder what we might find next time?!4

5-7 Age CategoryNaughty Sam and the Tooth FairyBy Isabella Watson-GandyOnce upon a time, there was a boy called Sam.If you noticed him, you might say he had brown hair, freckles and sticky-outears.The only thing that made him not ordinary was how naughty he was.Now lots of children are naughty but Sam was naughty in a mean and nastyway.He tried to catch Santa Claus to steal all the other children’s presents.Well, Santa knows all about naughty children. He didn’t come to Sam’s houseso the only person Sam managed to trick was his Daddy. Sam’s Dad got a bigbump on his head and was so cross that Sam didn’t get any presents that year.He tried to catch the Easter Bunny next so that he could steal all the chocolateEaster Eggs.Sam’s Mummy was very cross when she discovered Sam had painted all thecarpets with glue. Sam did not get any Easter eggs that year.Did Sam stop?Not a bit!Next he hid his grandad’s false teeth under his pillow for the tooth fairy. Samthought that because there were lots of false teeth, he could trick he tooth fairyinto giving him lots of coins.When Sam woke that morning, he was happy to see that the tooth fairy hadcome in the night. His grandad’s false teeth were gone from under his pillow.Instead, in their place, was a big pile of plastic coins.Now in fairy stories, naughty children learn their lesson and become good.Not a bit of it.5

Wicked Young Writer Awards 2018When Sam grew up, he became a bank manager and is just waiting for whenSanta Claus comes in so he can get his revenge.The End6

5-7 Age CategorySwimmingBy Alexandra PrideauxExcited!Swim, splash,bubbles,slippy slide!Changing room:Small;wet floor.Dad and Ijumping in –nervous about going under –Up nose, spit out. Feel wobbly.I wonderwhat’s the smell, the noise?Chlorine,sounds of happiness,water, armbands, boysand girls. Doggy paddle.Fountain, drains through the cracks.Tickly showers, stinging eyes,vending machine snacks.7

Wicked Young Writer Awards 2018Teddy’s AdventureJoin Teddy in a trip to Outer SpaceBy Daisy DonovanChapter OneOnce, there was a small but gentle Yorkie who had a big heart. Teddy thesuper dog was not a normal dog she had a magical bell which allowed her to goon adventures like Candy Time. It was her best one yet but in this one there isa twist a big one indeed, but I will tell you later. Every day Teddy falls down thestairs but don’t worry about her because she is indestructible. If her bell ringsshe goes on a magic adventure.Chapter TwoToday Teddy’s bell rang and a rocket appeared in front of her but behind herwas her friend Tiny, who was a long haired Chihuahua. They both jumped intothe rocket and zoomed into outer space. They saw a planet which looked likemuch fun as it had a ring around it. They thought that they could slide aroundthe ring and have lots of fun but they didn’t know how to steer the space ship.Chapter ThreeAll of a sudden, the space ship did what they wanted to and landed on Saturn.They started to have a play on the ring like a slide. After an hour, Teddy gotdizzy and wanted to go somewhere else to have a play Tiny agreed as she wasstarting to get dizzy. They got back into the rocket and Teddy said, “I want to goto the moon I think it is made out of cheese” Tiny agreed she was starting tofeel a bit hungry. When they landed, they smelt the moon to make sure it wascheese, but it was actually made out of ice cream. They both dug into it like adigger, they found out it was all flavours of different ice cream with sprinkles ofdoggie biscuits and one big bone for a flake. It was like a dream come true!But aliens appeared on the moon. They were dressed with silver clothing thatlooked weird. Just then, the aliens came running to the rocket they wanted totake over the world. Teddy and Tiny were so scared they ran into the rocket andfound a gadget that made them invisible, so they could trip up the aliens and getthe two big bones to take home with them.Chapter FourThey were both so scared they couldn’t even speak. They whispered to therocket, “take us back to Earth”. When they got closer to Earth the invisiblenesswore off as they were going so fast. When they got back to Earth, the bell rang8

5-7 Age Categoryand took them to Teddy’s house. They got the giant bone and carried it toTeddy’s bedroom, and watched funny movies whilst eating the ginormous bone.Then they fell to sleep.9

Wicked Young Writer Awards 2018Story of MermaidsBy Deniz KocakOnce upon a time there was a mermaid family. The mum’s name was Arieland the dad’s name was Kristoff. The children were called Kayla, Kacy and Lucy.Ariel showed the family the shell she found under the sea.The shell dropped off her hand and fell in the sea, and a creature wanted toget it. Lucy started to laugh when the shell dropped in the sea. Mum, dad andthe other children were worried.Ariel went under the sea and she got the shell before the creature got it.Mum whistled with her hand to get the mowheel under the sea. The othersclosed their ears except Lucy because it was a loud whistle.All the family took off their mermaid tails to become normal people.Kayla, Ariel and Kristoff were dressed as captains. Ariel was turning the wheel.A rock fell into the sea from the sky and hit the mowheel. Everyone got scaredapart from Kristoff and Kayla.The mowheel filled up with water. Everyone closed their eyes except fromKristoff and Kayla because Kristoff was driving the mowheel with the spinningwheel.Kristoff put cellotape on the broken glass of the mowheel, and he turned thespinning wheel upwards.Kristoff and Kayla started coughing in the mowheel. Kacy, Lucy and Ariel didnot cough. And Ariel said “Phew!”Everyone said “Oh!” because they saw an island and they wanted to go on theisland.Ariel jumped out first and she said “WHEEEEE!”. After Ariel went out, the lidclosed. Kristoff opened the lid again and let the rest of the family out.Everyone got out of the mowheel and they waved goodbye to the mowheel.The family looked and looked for a sandcastle and a bucket with a shovel.The family had gone to search where the sandcastle, bucket and shovel were.While the family was gone, the mowheel felt sad because she missed them.The family found the sand castle, bucket and shovel.There was a girl called Maya who had magical powers. She used magic to fixthe window of the mowheel and she got in.10

5-7 Age CategoryShe had seen a person on the TV in the mowheel and that was Ariel. Ariel sawMaya in her telephone. Maya wished that Ariel and Ariel’s family were with herin the mowheel.11

Wicked Young Writer Awards 2018James’s Mischievous MedicineBy Emily WilsonJAMES HATED MEDICINE. He detested it. But his Mum and Dad always insistedhe took it to solve any illness he had. With a new, disgusting and revolting cold,nine-year old James begged his parents not to give the mixture to him. Despitethis, his Mum refused to as the spoon came closer and closer. He sadly openedhis mouth wide and swallowed it. It tasted like fish bones from a dirty dustbinand rotten eggs from the back of a mouldy fridge. To forget the disgusting tasteand repulsive smell he cuddled his black labrador. Suddenly, as he relaxed, anidea popped into this head like an explosion. He would change the medicineto make it fizzle, swizzle, splosh and squish. That would make it taste MUCHBETTER.As James sprinted to the kitchen without his mum noticing, he carefully poureddown the old medicine and started making the new one. First, he rushed to thebathroom collecting his Dad’s shaving cream and his mum’s deodorant. Next,he went to his parents’ room. He grabbed his Mum’s lipstick and his Dad’s stinkysocks. He returned to the kitchen where he mixed them. To his surprise, theybegan to fizzle, swizzle, splosh and squish and he knew the medicine was right.Or did he?At bedtime, he gulped down the new and improved medicine. But no soonerhad it left his lips, he shrank. He went down and down until he was the sizeof an ant. All night long, James scuttled around whilst his mum called thepolice in panic. What a nightmare it had been! Luckily, the medicine wore off.The next evening, James changed the medicine and swapped the deodorant forbrown paint and it began to fizzle, swizzle, splosh and squish. “Fantastic, that’sit!” he giggled as he gulped medicine number 2.Without warning, he began to grow soft fur from his head to his toes as hebecame a cute teddy. “Oh no”, he shouted in alarm as Charlie grabbed himround the scruff of the neck and raced around with him in his mouth all night.What a hideous time he had had! Fortunately, the medicine wore off again.At dusk, James swapped the brown paint for washing powder and mixed ituntil it fizzled, swizzled, sploshed and squished. “Amazing, that’s the one”, helaughed as he gurgled down medicine number 3.As quick as a flash, he was growing larger and larger. His sides were pressedagainst the walls, door and window and his head was touching the ceiling. Whatan uncomfortable night it had been! Miraculously, the medicine wore off. andthis time so did his cold.12

5-7 Age CategoryJames needed his life back to normal after being the size of an ant, a teddyand then as big as his room. No more medicine for him, and next time, maybehis parents one wasn’t as bad as he thought!13

Wicked Young Writer Awards 2018Silent Predators in the OceanBy Dhilan SamarasingheThe sea is like a giant mirror,Reflecting the sea life below it.Glittering in the sun,Beautiful and calm.Squishy, transparent, dancing jellyfish.Flowing tentacles move elegantly in its home.Spiky urchins grip to rocks,Like millions of heads with brilliant colours of hair.A pod of dolphins bursts into the air.Playful, jumping and excited.Fangtooth fish lurk deep, deep down.Spikes like an underwater porcupine.A strange new fish floats into the tropical ocean.See-through with letters on the side.It has no eyes and no mouth.A white floaty object appears underwater.It seems like a jellyfish.A hungry turtle eats it and feels very sick!These strange things are not fish.They are bits of horrible plastic!Plastic bottles and plastic bags,Destroying our beautiful sea life.Everybody, everywhere,DON T PUT PLASTIC IN THE BEAUTIFUL OCEAN!14

5-7 Age CategoryThe Four Polar BearsBy Janey WheatleyOnce upon a time there were three polar bears. One was a daddy, one was amummy and one was a baby boy. The baby’s name was Bob.The polar bears lived in a little igloo in a faraway snowy land. Their igloo wasnext to an iceberg where many penguins lived.One day the three polar bears went for a walk to visit their friends, thepenguins, in their nearby iceberg. Baby Bob slipped and fell on his bottom andhe started to laugh. When he stood up he