DatasheetNetApp All Flash FASPerformance without compromiseKey Benefits Accelerate applications with the fastestunified scale-out all-flash array of up to7M IOPS at submillisecond latency andover 360PB effective capacity. Transform your data center economicswith best-in-class flash density: acomplete flash system of 1PB in a 4Ucompact enclosure. Reduce power use by 11 times and rackspace by 19 times and cut supportcosts by 67%. Unify data management for both SANand NAS environments, from flash todisk to cloud. Provision storage system and servedata within 10 minutes. Reduce SSD storage by 5 to 10 timeson average with inline data reductiontechnologies. Remove network bottlenecks withhigh-speed connectivity of 32Gb FCand 40Gb Ethernet. Safeguard your data with the best-inclass integrated data protection suite.The ChallengeAs businesses strive for faster time to market and greater customer satisfaction,they must improve the speed and responsiveness from key business operations. ITleaders recognize the benefits all-flash storage delivers to critical workloads. Now, asenterprises extend flash across more solutions, it is critical to deliver enterprise-gradedata management capabilities for a shared environment. However, many all-flash arraysolutions in the market today lack robust data management, integrated data protection,seamless scalability, and deep application integration.The SolutionNetApp All Flash FAS (AFF) systems address enterprise storage requirements with highperformance, superior flexibility, and best-in-class data management. Built on ONTAP data management software, AFF systems speed up your business without compromisingon the efficiency, reliability, or flexibility of your IT operations. As an enterprise-grade all-flasharray, it accelerates, manages, and protects your business-critical data and enables aneasy and risk-free transition to flash for your data center.Designed specifically for flash, the AFF A-Series all-flash systems deliver industry-leadingperformance, capacity density, scalability, security, and network connectivity in denseform factors. With the addition of a new entry-level system, the new AFF A-Seriesfamily extends enterprise-grade flash to midsize businesses and to fit any budget.At up to 7M IOPS per cluster with submillisecond latency, they are the fastest all-flasharrays built on a true unified scale-out architecture. With the latest ONTAP software,they get even faster with as much as 40% improvements delivering industry’s bestSAN performance for both FC and iSCSI. The AFF A-Series allows customers to completetwice the work at half the latency as compared with the previous generation of AFF systems.1As the industry’s first all-flash arrays to provide both 40 Gigabit Ethernet (40GbE) and32Gb Fibre Channel connectivity, AFF A-Series systems eliminate the bandwidth bottlenecks that are increasingly moved to network from storage as flash gets faster and faster.NetApp has been leading the all-flash storage innovations with the latest SSDtechnologies. As the first all-flash array to support 15TB SSDs, AFF systems, with theintroduction of the A-Series, also become the first to use multi-stream write (MSW)SSDs, which further increase the usable capacity of SSDs significantly.1. Based on performance comparison with a typical Oracle database at less than 1ms latency.

Figure 1) The flash-suited write architecture reduces latency andincreases the longevity of SSDs.With AFF systems, you can: Accelerate the speed of business while increasing operational efficiency:–– Built on the flash-optimized NetApp WAFL (WriteAnywhere File Layout) system, ONTAP FlashEssentialsenables consistent high performance to meet the demandsof a multitude of workloads in a shared environment.–– Consolidate all your workloads on the AFF systems, whichdeliver up to 850,000 IOPS at 1ms latency with an HA pair.–– You can manage a massively scalable NAS container ofup to 20PB and 400 billion files with a single namespaceusing FlexGroup volumes, while maintaining consistent highperformance and resiliency. Simplify IT operations while transforming data centereconomics:–– You can reduce power consumption by up to 11 timesand rack space by up to 19 times and slash support andperformance-tuning costs to a third compared with hybridsystems.–– You can get flash at the cost of HDDs, thanks to NetAppdata reduction technologies, enhanced with new inline datacompaction.All-Flash FAS Benefits–– Support all your backup and disaster recovery needs with acomplete suite of integrated data protection and replicationfeatures.–– Secure your data and simplify key management on anytype of drive with NetApp Volume Encryption (NVE),software-based at-rest data encryption that supportsonboard and external key manager as well as multifactorauthentication (MFA). Deploy flash everywhere with maximum flexibility whileretaining control and security of your data:–– You can move data and applications where they run best:on an AFF system, on commodity hardware with software-defined storage, or in the cloud.–– AFF offers the broadest application ecosystem integration forenterprise applications, VDI, database, and server virtualization.–– Integrate flash into your infrastructure nondisruptively,eliminating silos, and scale out as your requirements grow.All-Flash Performance Powered by ONTAP FlashEssentialsFlashEssentials is what’s boosting the performance and efficiencyof AFF. It encapsulates flash innovations and optimizationtechnologies based on the flash-suited WAFL file system inONTAP software, including: Coalesced writes to free blocks, maximizing performance andthe longevity of flash media A random read I/O processing path that is designed from theground up for flash A highly parallelized processing architecture that promotesconsistent low latency Built-in adaptive quality of service (QoS) that safeguards SLAsin multiworkload and multitenant environments, optimizingperformance control dynamically Inline data reduction technologies, including inline compression,inline deduplication, and inline data compaction, that reducethe SSD storage required and total spending on flash systemsTransform Data Center Economics While SimplifyingOperationsWith industry-leading performance and density, AFF systemscan change your data center economics dramatically by reducingpower consumption and rack space to a fraction of what atraditional HDD-based data center needs. They also significantlysimplify storage management and cut support costs by eliminatingperformance tuning.Complete Suite ofintegrated Data ProtectionFigure 2) With rich data management capabilities, NetApp AFFenables business cost savings.Figure 3) NetApp provides a full suite of integrated data protection anddisaster recovery software.

PublicCloudHyperscaleCloudAFFFASONTAP ClusterMoving Workloads BetweenFlash and Hybrid TiersPrivate CloudFigure 4) OnCommand System Manager makes setup and managementof AFF quick and easy.Figure 5) AFF is Data Fabric ready. You can easily move data betweentiers and different clouds.AFF not only is excellent for performance-demanding applicationssuch as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB databases,VDI, and server virtualization, but also is a great choice forshared environments with a variety of workloads commonlyfound ina data center.The continued enhancements in the latest ONTAP software,including the expanded aggregate-wide inline deduplicationand the auto-scheduled post-process deduplication furtherincrease space savings by up to 30%. As the first all-flash array to support SSDs with MSW technologyand combined with advanced SSD partitioning in ONTAP, AFFfurther increases usable capacity by as much as 42% for thesame cost.AFF comes with a full suite of acclaimed NetApp IntegratedData Protection software. Key capabilities and benefits include: Native space efficiency with cloning and Snapshot copies toreduce storage costs and to minimize performance impact Application-consistent backup and recovery that simplifyapplication management Synchronous replication with NetApp MetroCluster software,a leading capability in the all-flash array market that deliverszero RPO and near-zero RTO for mission-critical workloads Ability to achieve regulatory compliance with SnapLock ,which is enabled with integrated data protection and storageefficiency NetApp SnapMirror replication software, which replicates toany type of FAS/AFF system—all flash, hybrid, or HDD and onthe premises or in the cloud—reducing overall system costsAFF systems are built with innovative inline data reduction technologies that provide space savings of 5 to 10 times, on average,for a typical use case. The actual space savings of much higherthan 10 times have been reported by our customers. The inline data compaction technology uses an innovativeapproach to place multiple logical data blocks from thesame volume into a single 4KB block. It provides substantialspace savings in addition to inline compression for databaseworkloads that have relatively small I/O sizes. Combined spacesavings as high as 67:1 by using inline data compaction andinline compression together with an Oracle database havebeen observed. The inline compression has a near-zero performance impact.Incompressible data detection eliminates wasted cycles. The inline deduplication increases space savings byeliminating redundant blocks. It is particularly effective forVDI workloads, where it can achieve 70:1 reduction rates.NetApp ONTAP and OnCommand management softwareprovide automated tools to further simplify management ofstorage operations: With SAN- and NAS-optimized preconfigurations and the fastprovisioning workflow, it takes less than 10 minutes to set upan AFF system and start serving application data. Provision and rebalance workloads with confidence by monitoringclusters and nodes to assure performance headroom availabilitywith OnCommand Performance Manager. Automate common storage tasks such as provisioning anddata protection with fast, one-click automation and self-serviceusing OnCommand Workflow Automation. Import LUNs from storage arrays that are not based onONTAP software directly into an AFF to seamlesslymigrate data from older storage arrays.Unified Flash Future-Proofs InvestmentsWith AFF, your investment is protected if your performance andcapacity needs change or if your cloud strategy evolves in the future: AFF systems eliminate performance silos in your data center.They seamlessly cluster with hybrid FAS systems, enablingworkloads to transparently move between high-performancetiers and low-cost capacity tiers. Seamlessly adapt as your needs change with the only all-flasharray that allows you to intermix different controllers, SSD sizes,and next-generation technologies so your investment is protected. AFF is Data Fabric ready, with proven cloud connectivity.FabricPool allows you to move data automatically betweenAFF and the cloud storage tiers to maximize performanceand reduce overall storage cost.

Optimize data management for enterprise workloadenvironments with leading application integration into Oracle,Microsoft, VMware, SAP, OpenStack, and much more.Get More Business Value with ServicesNetApp Services and our NetApp certified services partnerscollaborate with you to enhance your IT capabilities througha full portfolio of services that cover your IT lifecycle. To helpyou get the most value from your flash technology investment,NetApp offers: Assessment services to help evaluate the performanceand efficiency of workloads across your heterogeneousenvironments Advisory services to help you determine the best workloadcandidates to move to flash Deploy and optimization services to prepare your environmentand deliver continuous operations of your AFF systemsIn addition, NetApp Active IQ , the cloud-based predictiveanalytics and proactive support tool, provides real-time insightsand recommendations to prevent problems and optimize yourdata infrastructure. Learn more at the Power of Your Data and Your PeopleBuilt on years of flash innovation and experience, NetApp AFFachieves high I/O at consistent low latency. And it does sowithout compromising on core enterprise requirements, suchas robust data management, efficient data protection, andflexibility to respond to changing needs.NetApp offers easy and flexible ways for you to deploy AFF.Standardized AFF configurations are offered through our channelpartners as AFF Express Packs to simplify and accelerate thepurchasing process.About NetAppNetApp is the data authority for hybrid cloud. We provide a fullrange of hybrid cloud data services that simplify managementof applications and data across cloud and on-premisesenvironments to accelerate digital transformation. Togetherwith our partners, we empower global organizations to unleashthe full potential of their data to expand customer touchpoints,foster greater innovation and optimize their operations. For moreinformation, visit #DataDriven

AFF Technical SpecificationsAFF A700sAFF A700AFF A300AFF A200NAS scale-out1–24 nodes (12 HA pairs)1–24 nodes (12 HA pairs)1–24 nodes (12 HA pairs)1–8 nodes (4 HA pairs)Maximum SSD2,5295,7604,608576Maximum raw capacity: all /7.8PiBEffective 53.1PiB34.7PB/30.8PiBMaximum memory12288GB12288GB3072GB256GBSAN scale-out1–12 nodes (6 HA pairs)1–12 nodes (6 HA pairs)1–12 nodes (6 HA pairs)1–8 nodes (4 HA pairs)Maximum SSD1,2962,8802,304576Maximum raw 8.8PB/7.8PiBEffective 6PiB34.7PB/30.8PiBMaximum memory6144GB6144GB1536GB256GBCluster interconnect2 x 40GbE or 4 x 10GbE2 x 40GbE or 8 x 10GbE2 x 10GbE2 x 10GbEPer HA Pair Specifications (Active-Active Dual Controller)AFF A700sAFF A700AFF A300AFF A200Maximum SSD216480384144Maximum raw capacity