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FlexPod Business Continues to Accelerate6300 FlexPod Customers21100 Partners 5.6 Billion RevenueMore than 100 CountriesCisco Confidential

Built on groundbreaking technology from NetApp and Cisco, FlexPod simplifies andmodernizes IT with continuous innovation, delivering unmatched application performance,the broadest support for any cloud strategy, and improved operational efficiency toaccelerate data center transformation and business evolution.

Optimized applications Start with FlexPodReduce deployment time and improved performance for SAP, Microsoft and OracleapplicationsRun applications 20x faster with All Flash FAS while leveraging Cisco UCS and over 100world record benchmarksAchieve software-defined, policy-based automated deployment of enterprise apps withCisco Application-Centric InfrastructureHybrid cloud Starts with FlexPodEmbrace the benefits of private and hybrid cloud with confidenceControl how you manage, secure and move data across cloudresourcesSimplified IT Starts with FlexPodMake simplicity a competitive advantage

FlexPod Solution Portfolio Consistent ConsistentArchitecturalArchitectural– Expanding– exPodSelectPublicCloudFlexPodExpressUCS MiniUCS MiniREMOTE DATACENTERCISCO INTERCLOUDFABRICSCALE-OUT APPSVIRTUAL INFRASTRUCTUREENTERPRISE APPSBACKUPPartner CloudsBRANCH &REMOTE SITESCisco UCS, Nexus, NetApp FAS/E/EF, CECSIntercloudCore Data CenterEdge

FlexPod Next Generation Capabilities6All Flash FlexPodPolicy-Based Application Architectureswith Cisco ACI (Microsoft, SAP, Oracle)Support for any Cloud StrategyLifecycle ManagementUnified ROBO/Edge SolutionsData Center Automation with OpenStack,ACI, FastTrack, UCS DirectorFull Stack Design andConfiguration ToolsSingle SKU FrameworksFactory IntegrationPost Implementation ValidationToolsAutomated ProvisioningPre-Rack Half and Full RacksCisco Confidential

New FlexPod SolutionsFlexPod withAll Flash FAS AFF optimized for costand performance withoperational consistency Positioned for databaseand VDI applications andvirtual environments Validated for NX-OS andACI architectures Platform CVD released inJune 2015FlexPodAutomation Simplicity and agilityenabled throughautomation Easy to order standardconfiguration Easy to deploy turningdays to minutes usingUCS Director Available in Q1FY16OpenStack onFlexPod Enterprise-readyOpenStack solution RedHat OSP 6.0 andJuno release based CVDreleased Private cloud IaaS usecase targeted Roadmap for OSP 7.0and newer OpenStackreleasesFlexPodLifeCycle Mgmt Set of tools and guides Assessment and upgradefor installed systems Sizing and ordering tools Pre-racked shipping Available in H2FY16

FlexPod with AFF

Spending ( M)AFA Market Size and Growth AFA End-User(IDC) 4,000 1.4B CY14 (Gartner) CAGR of 56% 3,000 20% of hybrid market in 2015 2,000Average /GB Declining (-23%) 1,000 AFA 5.76/GB in CY14 to 1.45/GB in CY18 (IDC) System ASP increased 22% -CY14 CY15 CY16 CY17 CY18 126K in CY13 to 154K in CY14Top Application is Database WorkloadsSolid State Arrays (Gartner)20132014GrowthRevenue ( M) 667 1,426 114% 60% SQL/Oracle/SAPSystems Shipped5,2819,268 75% 25% Server VirtualizationCapacity Shipped (PB)65.6181.5 177%ASP /GB 9.70 7.50-23%System ASP 126K 154K 22%Ave. TB/System12.720.0 57% 10% VDI 5% Big Data9 2015 NetApp, Inc. All rights reserved. NetApp Confidential – Limited Use

NetApp AFF8000 seriesAFF8080 EX High IOPS at 1ms latency 10x typical space savingsAFF8060 SAN and NAS384TB240 SSDsAFF8040AFF8020384TB240 SSDs384TB240 SSDs 2015 Cisco and NetApp Confidential. For Internal Use Only. Do Not Distribute.384TB240 SSDs Scale-out and scale-up flexibility Nondisruptive data mobility NetApp clustered Data ONTAP storage and data management10

Data ONTAP 8.3 provides unmatched data managementAll FlashFAS (AFF)Hybrid FASHDD onlySupported protocols: FC, iSCSI, CIFS/SMB, FCoE, and NFS/pNFSUnified ManagementSAN and NASworkloadsBuilt-in storageefficiencyNondisruptivedata mobilityIntegrated dataprotection 2015 Cisco and NetApp Confidential. For Internal Use Only. Do Not lti-tenantmanagementwith QoSScale-out andscale-upexpansion12

FlexPod with NetApp All Flash FAS, Cisco ACI and vSphere 5.5u2Business ChallengesTechnical HighlightsSummary Slow, complex, expensive application deployment Nexus 9000 supporting ACI Converged infrastructure based on Cisco Isolated network control Policy driven network configuration Inefficient orchestration and cumbersome networkautomation NetApp All Flash FAS 8000 with Cluster DataONTAP 8.3 Consistent network policies throughout the DC Complex multi-tenancy support High performance all flash storageApplications requiring faster storage response andhigher IOPsUCS 2.2(3d) supporting direct Fabric Interconnectattached C-series Direct Attached storage for FCoE boot support Rapid Application deploymentArchitectureCVDReleasedUCS B-Series and CSeries3 Node APIC ClusterComplementaryVDI, DB CVDsIn progress9396 TOR SwitchesNetApp AFF 8040ControllersUnified Data Centerwith enhanced automation capabilities

OpenStack on FlexPod

Cisco OpenStackBeyond Flexible Consumption - Any ConsumptionBuildBuyAs a serviceOn-Prem or IntercloudBuild Your OwnIT OperatedOwnershipManagementLocationCisco Data oud ManagedIntercloudCisco OpenStack Cisco PartnerPrivate CloudCisco / PartnerCisco and IntercloudCisco / PartnerPartners Cloud ServicesCisco / PartnerCustomerOn-Prem

FlexPod with OpenStackFlexPod with OpenStackTarget Q3Available NOW2015Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 6 (Juno Release) Private Cloud Infrastructure as aPrivateServiceCloud Infrastructure as a ServiceOpenStack on FlexPod New andexisting FlexPodcustomers for productionOpenStackPlatform6 (Juno Red Hat Enterprise Linuxdeployments – NetApp FAS and E-Series StorageRelease) – OSP 7 support in roadmap CustomerNew and existing FlexPod customersfor Benefitsproduction FlexPodrobustnessprovided with OpenStack HA hardeningdeployments – NetApp FAS and E-Series Storage Block and Object Storage now with File Sharing in a later update Customer Benefits High performing object storage with NetApp E-Series FlexPod robustness provided with OpenStackInstantaneousHAVMhardeningimage cloning with Data ONTAP FlexCloneCisco and Block and Object Storage now with FileSharingin aenvironmentslater updateSupportsDev/Testand in-house applicationsNetApp Plug NetAppSimplified E-SeriesRed Hat install saves time, up and runninginsfaster High performing object storage with Instantaneous VM image cloning with Data ONTAP FlexCloneSupports Dev/Test environments and in-house applicationsSimplified Red Hat install saves time, up and running faster 2015 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential8

FlexPod with OpenStack Components Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 Red Hat Enterprise Linux Platform Installer Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 6.0 N1KV Plugin L2 Switching, Port-Channeling Provisioning – Integration with Neutron, VM policy provisioningwith port-profiles ManageabilityNetApp Cinder Driver Provide volumes to instances Rapidly provision and re-deploy thousands of instances

OpenStack on FlexPodTechnical details 3 Controllers architecture offeringOpenStack HA Pair of Cisco Nexus 9000 SeriesSwitch in standalone mode Pair of Cisco Fabric Interconnect Boot from SAN using NetAppFAS8040 – No Local Disk NetApp FAS8040 providingOpenStack Glance repository andCinder Volumes NetApp E-Series Storage providesOpenStack Swift Object Storage

FlexPod Life CycleManagement

FlexPod Business AcceleratorsPre-Sales ToolPre-RackingLife Cycle Increase pre-salesefficiencies and scaleStreamline deliveryand installationImproved CustomerExperience

FlexPod Integrated Pre-Sales Tools Reduces sales cycle Improves accuracy and completeness of a quote Optimizes partner resource overhead and training requirements Provides lifecycle view of an orderNetApp SizerPerformance andCapacity SizingCisco SizerNetApp IMTPlatform Selectionand InteroperabilityVerificationCisco HCLPilot: 1HCY16Design RulesSolutionDiagram/CreationNetAppConfiguration Edgeand Quote EdgeConfiguration andBOM CreationCisco CCWConfigurationand Quote

FlexPod Pre-Rack ServiceDriversGrowthExpansion50% of customers desirepre-rack deliveryDelivered 100M preracked FlexPods to dateExpand support within UCSrack—N9K, UCS MiniMatch competitor’s factoryintegration servicesFlexPod Datacenteravailable (FAS 2K and 8K,Nexus 5K, UCS)Expand limited availabilityto EMEA

2H CY15FlexPod Life Cycle Management ProposalProvide Prescriptive Upgrade Paths for Installed phere 4.1vSphere 5.5NextvSphere 6.0,etc.SimplifyUpgradeOperationsSpeed upInnovationUptakeNew ServiceRevenueOpportunityDeveloped by Cisco and NetAppDelivered through Partners

FlexPod Automation

Market TrendsMore convergence: Automation is simplifying and accelerating deploymentHyperconvergedIntegrated ap)

FlexPod with Automated ProvisioningBringing together the best of both converged and hyperconvergedFlexPod withAutomated ProvisioningSimplicity without CompromiseHyperconvergedIntegrated InfrastructureManagementNodeMinimizeRiskValidated designsSIMPLICITYFast DeploymentMinutes not daysCisco Nexus 9300Any WorkloadMission critical appsFlexibilityCisco UCS-MiniVirtualized and baremetalNetApp FAS 2500Scale in AnyDimensionBuilding blocksSPEEDSCALEManagement andOperation SimplicityIntuitive UISimple ElasticityModular scale(IncreasingOverlap)Cost EfficiencyPredictable step growth

FlexPod Automated ProvisioningInitial Offering Components Cisco UCS Mini chassis with B200 M4 server (up to 8 servers) 2 Intel Xeon processor E5-2660 v3 CPUs at 2.6 GHz 256 GB of memory per blade server (16 GB x 16 DIMMs at 2133 MHz)Console!1 234IntelInsideXEONUCSC220 M4UCS-HDD2TI2F213 / 2TBUCS-HDD2TI2F213 / 2TBUCS-HDD2TI2F213 / 2TBUCS-HDD2TI2F213 / 2TBNexus 9372PX switching 1, 10, 40GB capableNetApp FAS2552,4x200GB,20x900GBCisco Cloud Services platformCisco CSP 2100Cisco Nexus 9300SummaryUCS B200 M4UCS B200 M4UCS 5108 Single integrated solution with limited variabilityCisco UCS Director management avoids configuration drift and providescommon user experience“Turnkey” capabilities for faster time to valueBalanced system configuration allows intelligent compute and storage scale!SLOTSLOT12!ConsoleResetUCS B200 M4!ConsoleReset!ConsoleResetUCS B200 M4SLOTSLOT34!ConsoleResetCisco ILWorkloads Optimized for VDIVirtualized infrastructureFAS2552NetApp FAS 2500

Cisco Cloud Services Platform 2100GUICLIRESTful APIAppliance ManagerService 1 Service 2 Service 3System specs 128G RAM 4TB HDD 16 cores 6x1G and 2x10G SFP portsNetwork I/ONetwork I/OConfdRHEL 7, OVS, DPDK*, PCIe passthrough, SR-IOV*Console!1234IntelInsideXEONUCSC220 M4UCS-HDD2TI2F213 / 2TBUCS-HDD2TI2F213 / 2TBUCS-HDD2TI2F213 / 2TBUCS-HDD2TI2F213 / 2TBCisco UCS management appliance

FlexPod Automated Provisioning ConnectivityManagement connectivity topologyPhoenix Drift – Management Plane54768910 1112 1314 15171618 1920 2122 2324 2526 2728 2930 3134 35333236 3738 3942 4340 4144 4546 47Access Portswitchport access vlan 10 (isolated VLAN)48MGMTExisting Customer switchï5ïï¡ï¡ïM1113254768910 1112 1314 15171618 1920 21224 2526 2728 2930 31333234 3536 3738 3942 4340 4144 4546 4748PORT 02PORT 1CIMCCiscoCSP CUMA2100!650W AC650W AC21!NetworkNexus 9372!!650W AC650W ACNetwork12345678910 1112 1314 15161718 1920 2122 2324 2526 2728 2930 31323334 3536 3738 3942 4340 4144 4546 4748NEXUS 3172TQ-10GT4951535052541FAN STATUSFAN STATUSFAN STATUSMGMTMGMTFAN 2FAN 5FAN STATUS4510 1112 1314 15161718 1920 2122 2324 2526 2728 2930 31323334 3536 3738 3940 4142 4344 4546 4748495153505254Nexus 9372FAN STATUSFAN 3FAN 6ComputeFAN 8UCS MiniFAN STATUSFAN 4FAN 7FAN 82FAN STATUSFAN 4FAN 723491FAN 12FAN 3FAN 6FAN STATUS58FAN STATUS1FAN 2FAN 5FAN STATUS76!1FAN 1235FAN STATUS!14MGMTFAN STATUS3NEXUS 3172TQ-10GTMGMTFAN STATUS221!Compute22 23CISCO NEXUS 3548P-10GManagement!0PTP CLKCSP 2100CiscoCUMACIMCPORT 1PORT 0Management!Customer switch should havelower STP priorityCONSOLEIDSTAT!13M2CISCO NEXUS 3548P-10GSTATï¡ï¡ï11PTP CLKï5ï0CONSOLEID!MGMTExisting Customer switchOne Touch FlexPod Data Plane!Access PortData connectivity topologyFAN STATUSFAN STATUS3FAN STATUS34455UCS MiniCHS A56CHS A56e0aLNKe0aLNKLNKe0c 0ce0d 0de0e 0e e0f0b0aLNKLNKLNKLNKe0c 0ce0d 0de0e 0e e0f0b0ae0bACLNKLNKe0d 0de0e 0e e0fMACe0bFAS 2552ACx22e0a0fLNKLNKe0c 0ce0d 0de0e 0e b0ae0bACLNKLNKLNKSSNMACDCx2e0bFAS 2552ACx2222LegendLegendVLAN IBInband ManagementVLANe0c 0c0fLNKLNKNVMACDCNVLNKSSNLNKe0a0fALNKNVStorageVLAN IB1 GbEIsolated VLAN onCustomer SwitchvPC

SummaryRadical Simplicity Delivers Better Business OutcomesFlexPod withAutomated ProvisioningEasy to Order:From weeks to daysCisco UCS Management ApplianceCisco UCS Management ApplianceCisco Nexus 9300Cisco Nexus 9300Easy to Deploy:From days to minutesCisco UCS-MiniCisco UCS-MiniNetApp FAS 2500NetApp FAS 2500Easy to Own:Enhanced management


FlexPod Solution PortfolioFlexPod: Cisco Validated Designs lexPod with Nexus 9000StandaloneFlexPod with UCS MiniVMware vSphere Built on FlexPodWith IP-Based StorageVMware vSphere 5.0 Built onFlexPodFlexPod Data Center with VMwarevSphere 5.1VMware vSphere 5.1 on FlexPodwith the Nexus 7000VMware vSphere 5.1 on Flexpodwith Nexus 7000 using FCoEMultisite FlexPod with Nexus 7000and NetApp MetroClusterFlexPodMicrosoft SharePoint 2010 withVMware vSphere 5.0 on FlexPodVMware