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TABLE OF CONTENTSGENERAL INFORMATION AND RECOMMENDED TEXTS/RESOURCES - 3DIDACTIC EXPERIENCE -------------- 5IMPORTANT LOCATIONS ----------- 6OBSTETRICAL SERVICE: FLORIDA HOSPITAL AND WINNIE PALMER HOSPITAL ------------------------------------------- 7GYNECOLOGIC AND GYNECOLOGIC ONCOLOGY SERVICES: FLORIDA HOSPITAL, WINNIE PALMER HOSPITALAND MD ANDERSON CANCER CENTER ------------------------------------------ 10COMMUNITY OB/GYN WEEK ---- 12TIPS FOR A SUCCESSFUL OB/GYN ------------------------------------------ 13PATIENT PASSPORT: LOGGING YOUR PATIENT ENCOUNTERS DURING THE CLERKSHIP ----------------------------- 15CLERKSHIP ATTENDANCE POLICY AND POLICY ON UNEXCUSED ABSENCES ---------------------------------------- 18DUTY HOURS -------------------------19CLERKSHIP --------------------- 20THE CASE PRESENTATION ------- 21ETHICS CASE WRITE-UP ---------- 22H & P WRITE UPS ------------------- 23GRADING COMPONENTS -------- 24CLERKSHIP FINAL GRADE ------------------------------------------------- 25CLERKSHIP EVALUATIONS: SCORING ------------------------------- 26CLINICAL SKILLS TESTING: SCORING -------------------------------- 27CASE PRESENTATION: SCORING ------------------------------------- 28H&PS: SCORING ------- 29ETHICS CASE: SCORING -- 30CLERKSHIP GRADING ---------- 31SAMPLE NOTES AND ORAL PRESENTATION FORMAT/EXAMPLE -------- 32University of Central Florida College of MedicineObstetrics and Gynecology ClerkshipRevised 6/20/20122 P a g e

GENERAL INFORMATIONWelcome to the Obstetrics and Gynecology Clerkship, a six week clinical rotation during which youwill be working primarily at Winnie Palmer Hospital (WPH), one of the largest women’s hospitals inthe country with over 14,500 births annually, making it the second largest labor and delivery unit inthe US, and Florida Hospital (FH), with over 2,800 births annually. Both offer a wide variety of clinicalexperiences, including gynecologic oncology, minimally invasive surgery and reproductiveendocrinology. While on the Obstetrics and Gynecology Service, you will be considered an integralpart of the clinical team with certain responsibilities, as well opportunities for a broad range oflearning experiences. It is hoped that you will come away with an understanding and appreciation ofthe role of the obstetrician/gynecologist as a health care provider for women of all ages; theimportance of the gynecologic history and physical examination in the overall assessment of thehealth of women; and the major significance of competent obstetrical and gynecologic care in publichealth and preventive medicine.Communication is essential during the clerkship, and we want you to feel free to ask questions orraise concerns, should they arise, regarding the rotation. Our contact information is below:Dr. Lori BoardmanClerkship Director(401) 952-5502 (Cell)(407) 266-1155 (COM Office)(407) 730-7935 (GSCO Office)[email protected] Lori-Ann SpreitzerSite Clerkship Director- OH(407) 981-4580 (Pager)(321) 246- 3904 (Cell)[email protected] Mark CriderSite Clerkship Director - FH(407) 403-2705 (Cell)(407) 303- 1449 (Office)[email protected] Valerie JohnsonClerkship Coordinator(407) 454-2296 (Cell)(407) 601-3973 (GSCO Office)[email protected] ResidentsText message: myairmail.comlogin/password WPHUniversity of Central Florida College of MedicineObstetrics and Gynecology ClerkshipRevised 6/20/20123 P a g e

RECOMMENDED TEXTS/RESOURCES1. Textbooks: Beckmann CRB, Ling FW, Smith RP, Barzansky BM, Herbert WNP, Laube DW, SmithRP.Obstetrics and Gynecology. 6th Edition Phildelphia: Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, 2010.(required clerkship text) Hacker NF, Gambone JC, Hobel CJ. Hacker and Moore’s Essential of Obstetrics andGynecology. 5th Edition. Philadelphia: Saunders Elsevier, 2010 (supplemental text)2. Cases/Question Banks: Association of Professors of Obstetrics and Gynecology (APGO) ( has a numberof useful resources and information for medical students during both their clerkships and forthose interested in a career in obstetrics and gynecology. Resources include:o uWISE: The APGO Undergraduate Web-Based Interactive Self-Evaluation (uWISE) examwas developed to help medical students acquire the necessary basic knowledge inobstetrics and gynecology. The quizzes and comprehensive exam are excellent tools tohelp prepare for the NBME ob-gyn exam and national licensure examinations.To access: student requires his/her own account. Go to ‘Create a new Account’ and sign upusing your ucf email. Leave the institution blank. When you get to the ‘My Account’page, go to ‘Student and Resident Resources’, then ‘uWISE v.2 Beta’.o APGO cases: APGO has developed learning cases for students to go through in a smallgroup setting or with a preceptor. We recommend reviewing these cases throughout theclerkship and prior to your clinical skills testing and shelf exam to solidify your knowledge. A number of other shelf exam preparation materials (e.g, Case Files, Blueprints, Ob/GynRecall) are available in the clerkship office. Just ask and you can check out review books, etc.University of Central Florida College of MedicineObstetrics and Gynecology ClerkshipRevised 6/20/20124 P a g e

DIDACTIC EXPERIENCELecture Series, Workshops and Gynecologic Teaching Associates:During the first day of the rotation, you will be introduced to the basics of intrapartum andpostpartum management and care (including fetal assessment tools), review the elements of thebreast and pelvic examination, and participate in the number of clinical skills sessions (knot tying,suturing, vaginal delivery). For the remainder of the rotation, didactic time will include such topics asSTIs, incontinence, infertility, and gynecologic malignancies. These sessions will cover basicknowledge and clinical skills and are intended to provide the prerequisites to a successful clinicalexperience in obstetrics and gynecology.Locations: All didactic sessions will be delivered at either Florida Hospital or the Gore St Clerkshipoffice on Friday mornings from 9AM to 1PM. See calendar for full details as times do change based onpreceptors’ clinical schedules. At times, there will also be late afternoon sessions. At times, lastminutes changes must be made secondary to faculty schedules and clinical care responsibilities, soflexibility is critical. We will do our best to notify in a timely fashion, but at times, it will be lastminute. Also, when leaving, notify your teams as to where you are going!ConferencesGynecologic Oncology (WPH): On Monday mornings, from 7:00 – 8:00AM, faculty, residents andstudents on the Gynecologic Oncology service will meet for Tumor Board.Grand RoundsWinnie Palmer Hospital- Grand Rounds is held Friday mornings from 8:00 – 9:00 AM, and attendanceis required for all students unless otherwise indicated. Depending on the week, other meetings andeducational events are held prior to Grand Rounds at 7AM. Relevant educational sessions (forexample, journal club) will be required for all students.University of Central Florida College of MedicineObstetrics and Gynecology ClerkshipRevised 6/20/20125 P a g e

IMPORTANT LOCATIONSFLORIDA HOSPITAL ORLANDO (FH) Sherman Outpatient Surgery Center (ASU): 4th floor of the FH Orlando Medical Plaza (2501 N.Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL) Main Operating Rooms (OR): 1ST floor of FH Orlando Labor and Delivery (LDR): 2nd floor above cafeteria at FH Orlando Benign Gynecology and Obstetrical Patient Rooms: 2nd Floor / 2400 Unit Gynecologic Oncology Patient Rooms: 9th floor of Main Tower (not Ginsburg Tower) at FHOrlando Offsite Clinics:Loch Haven OB/GYN : 235 East Princeton Street, Suite 200, Orlando, FL 32804Office number: (407) 303-1449WINNIE PALMER HOSPITAL (WPH) Ambulatory Surgical Unit (ASU): 4th Floor Labor and Delivery (LDR): Labor and delivery rooms are located on the 2nd Floor Triage: 1st Floor Night Float: Contact the Night Float Intern at 841-3306. They will tell you what floor to go to. Operating Rooms (OR): Operating rooms are located on both the 2nd Floor (Obstetrics only) and4th Floor (Gynecology, some Obstetrics) Gynecology Patients: 9th Floor (may also include Gyn Onc) Antepartum Patients: 5th Floor Postpartum Patients. 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th floors with more complicated patients on 9th Floor Outpatient Clinics: Multiple sites for specialty and community practice week, check scheduleso Ambulatory Clinics: 89 West CopelandUniversity of Central Florida College of MedicineObstetrics and Gynecology ClerkshipRevised 6/20/20126 P a g e

MD ANDERSON CANCER CENTER (MDACC) Operating Rooms: Will vary between WPH, 4th Floor, ORMC 4th Floor and Ambulatory Care atMDACC, 1st Floor Patient Rooms: MDACC 7th through 11th Floors as well as WPH, 9th FloorOBSTETRICAL SERVICE: FLORIDA HOSPITALThe Obstetrics Team: Attending of the Day (AOD): responsible for the OB service, transfer patients, and privateLoch Haven patients Midwife (Melanie Reis): assists in triage and in resident and private deliveries; assists at Csections PGY2: responsible for oversight of labor floor, all high risk triage patients (EGA 22-34 weeks),and morning high risk rounds PGY1: responsible for all resident deliveries and low risk triage patients (EGA 34 weeks)Student Participation: Students on the Gyn Surgery service at FH may be assigned to the Labor Floor during thesurgery week to assist with C-sections and delveries. Ask the unit secretary to notify the teamof your arrival.University of Central Florida College of MedicineObstetrics and Gynecology ClerkshipRevised 6/20/20127 P a g e

OBSTETRICAL SERVICE: WINNIE PALMER HOSPITALThe Obstetrics Team: Attending of the Day (AOD): responsible for the clinic OB serviceMidwives: primarily responsible for taking care of patients in triage and labor floorPGY4: responsible for patients on the OB service (including oversight of the labor floor,management of all OB admissions through Triage, and surgical instruction in the OR).Attend high-risk obstetrics clinic on Tuesdays and ThursdaysPGY3/LDR: responsible for patients on the labor floor and postpartum floorsPGY3/Triage: responsible for patients seen in the triage areaPGY2/Antepartum: responsible for the management of patients on the antepartumservicePGY2/OR: responsible for all OB cases in the OR (C/Sections; tubal ligations, etc).PGY1/LDR: responsible for patients on the labor floor, attend high-risk obstetrics clinic onTuesdays and ThursdaysPGY1/Triage: responsible for patient care in triageOB DaysStudent Schedules: These will vary based on the week assigned. For some students, they willspend the week in WPH. For others, the week will be divided between WPH and 89 Copeland.Check your schedules for assignments in advance of your time on Ob Days!On the first day of the rotation, arrive for 7AM rounds in the nurses’ conference room on the 2nd floorof WPH. Use the Silver Elevators! When you enter the room, pick up a copy of the patient list (orshare with a colleague) and sit on the couches on the right.For the rest of the week, please follow the schedules based on your assignment by the Chief Residenton Day 1.Note: Each day you should follow the person to whom you are assigned. If that person is out or atclinic, consult with the chief resident regarding which team member you should be paired with as analternate. As you will be working with different people every day, it is always a good idea to establishexpectations at the start of the day. Also, always keep in contact with whomever you are assigned to(i.e.: if you need to leave unexpectedly due to illness or emergency, let your assigned person know viatext page).University of Central Florida College of MedicineObstetrics and Gynecology ClerkshipRevised 6/20/20128 P a g e

Rounding Schedules:For the week on OB, you will round with both the Antepartum and Postpartum Services. Please notethat from July through December, rounds occur separately (as noted below). From January-June, theservices are combined and rounds are held at 7AM on the 2 nd Floor Nurses Conference Room. Checkschedule for room location. Use the silver elevators to find the room more easily.Antepartum Rounds: the PGY2 at 6:45AM on the 5th Floor and pr