Liz ElliottRelationship ManagerKaty Ringenberg-MeansProduct ManagerLiz is a Principal and theCanadian Energy and NorthAmerican Mining andTechnology IndustryRelationship Manager. Liz isbased in Calgary, AB.Katy is a Senior Associate,and the Product Manager formany US and CA High Techand Engineering surveys.Katy is based in Louisville,KY.Liz’s survey portfolio:Katy’s survey portfolio: CA MTCS (Energy)O&G ContractorsNA MiningEngineeringAPEGA (club)HR TECH Group (club)MTECH SIRS Benchmark SIRS Executive US & CA CompensationPlanning Survey HR TECH Group (club) MTECHDedicated Survey SupportCustomer Service 1 800 333 [email protected][email protected]

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Human FactorsEngineeringUsability/Human Factors Engineer,Human Factors ScientistHuman Factors Engineering focuses on the ergonomics of designing equipment, machines,devices, facilities/work environments to optimize human well-being and overall operationalperformance: Developing ergonomic design concepts with user interface design considerations Conducting user needs analysis, task flow analysis, interface analysis/design, productusability evaluations, test support, and problem resolution Conducting human factors applied research in the development of new products May act as an internal consultant providing technical guidance on new productdevelopment and product enhancement

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