2007 SECTION II, PART ASA-564/SA-564MSPECIFICATION FOR HOT-ROLLEDAND COLD-FINISHED AGE-HARDENINGSTAINLESS STEEL BARS AND SHAPES SA-564/SA-564MINTERNATIONALStandards Wotldwidf)(Identical w ith ASTM Specification A 564/ A 564M-02.)1.2.Scope1.1 This specification covers bars and shapes of age hardening stainless steels. Hot-finished or cold-finishedrounds, squares, hexagons, bar shapes, angles, tees, andchannels are included; these shapes may be produced byhot rolling, extruding, or forging. Billets or bars for reforg ing may be purchased to this specification.A 314 Specification for Stainless Steel Billets and Bars forForgingA 370 Test Methods and Definitions for Mechanical Test ing of Steel ProductsA 484/A 484M Specification for General Requirementsfor Stainless Steel Bars, Billets, and ForgingsA 705/A 705M Specification for Age-Hardening, StainlessSteel ForgingsA 751 Test Methods, Practices, a n d Terminology forChemical Analysis of Steel ProductsE 527 Practice for Numbering Metals and Alloys (UNS)1.2 These steels are generally used for parts requiringcorrosion resistance and high strength at room temperature,or at temperatures up to 600 F [315 Cj; 700 F [370 C] forType 632. They are suitable for machining in the solution annealed condition after which they may be age-hardenedto the mechanical properties specified in Section 7 withoutdanger of cracking or distortion. Type XM-25 is machin able in the as-received fully heat treated condition.2.2 Other Documents:SAE J1086 Recommended Practice for Numbering Metalsand Alloys (UNS)1.3 Types 631 and 632 contain a large amount of ferritein the microstructure and can have low ductility in forgingsand larger diameter bars. Applications should be limitedto small diameter bar. (weight or number of pieces),3.1.2Type or UNS designation (Table 1),3.1.3 Specific melt type when required,L5 Unless the order spccif1es an "M" designation, thematerial shall be furnished to inth··pound units.3.1.4Heat treated condition (5.1),3.1.5Transverse properties when required (7 .6),3.1.6Finish (Specification A 484/A 484M),3.1.7Surface preparation of shapes (5.2.1),3.1.8 Size, or applicable dimension including diame ter, thickness, width, length, etc.,For forging . ce Specification A 7051 A 705M.For billets and hm' ror forging seeOrdering Information3.1 It is the responsibility of the purchaser to specifyall requirements that are necessary for material orderedunder this specification. Such requirements may includebut are not limited to the following:1.4 The values stated in either inch-pound units or Sl(met ric) units arc to be regarded separately as standards;within the text and tables, the Sl units arc shown in [brack ets!. The values stated in each system are not exact equiva lents; th ; refore, each system rnust be used independent ofthe other. Combining values from the two systems mayresult in nonconformance with the specification.NOTE lNOTE 2Referenced Documents2.1 ASTM Standards:Specification A 3 14.1067

SA-564/SA-564M2007 SECTION II, PART A6.3.1.9 Prepar ation for deli very (SpecificationA 484/A 484M), Each alloy covered by this specification shall con form to the chemical requirements specified in Table 1.Special requirements (refer to 7.4 and 8.3),6.2 Methods and practices relating to chemical analysisrequired by this specification shall be in accordance withTest Methods, Practices, and Terminology A 751.3.1.11Marking requirements (Speci fic ationA 484/A 484M), and3.1.12 ASTM designation and date of issue if otherthan that currently published.If possible, the intended use of the item should begiven on the purchase order especially when the item isordered for a specific end use or uses.3.2NOTE 3A typical ordering description is as follows: 5000 lb [2270kg] Type 630, Solution,Annealed Cold Finished Ccnterlcss Ground, 1 in.138.0 mm] round bar. 10 to 12ft [3.0 to 3.6 m] in length, ASTM A 5644.General RequirementsMechanical Properties Requirements7.1 The material, as represented by mechanical testspecimens, shall conform to the mechanical propertyrequirements specified in Table 2 and shall be capable ofdeveloping the properties in Table 3 when heat treated asspecified in The yield strength shall be determined by the offsetmethod as described in the current edition of Test Methodsand Definitions A 370. The limiting permanent offset shallbe 0.2% of the gage length of the specimen.4.1 In addition to the requirements of this specification,all requirements of the current edition of SpecificationsA 484/A 484M shall apply. Failure to comply with thegeneral requirements of Specification A 484/A 484M con stitutes nonconformance with this specification. Samples cut from bars for forging stock shall con form to the mechanical properties of Table 2 and Table 3when heat treated as specified in Table 2 and Table 3. End usc: valve shafts.datedChemical Composition7.4 The impact requirement shall apply only whenspecified in the purchase order. When specified, the mate rial, as represented by impact test specimens, shall be capa b l e of developing the impact p r o p erty requirementsspecified in Table 3 when heat treated i n accordancewith 5.1.Materials and Manufacture5.1 Heat Treatment:5.1.1 Material of types other than XM-16, XM-25,and Type 630 shall be furnished in the solution-annealedcondition, or in the equalized and oven-tempered condition,as noted in Table 2, unless otherwise specified by thepurchaser.7.5 Longitudinal impact requirements are not applica ble to bars less than % in. ( 16.9 mm) diameter or size orflats less than % in. (16.9 mm) thick.7.6 Tensile and impact requirements in the transverse(through thickness) direction are not applicable to bars lessthan 3 in. [75 mm] diameter in size or flats less than 3 in.[75 mm] thick.5.l.l.l Types 630, XM-16, and XM-25 may befurnished in the solution-annealed or age-hardened con dition.7.7 Material tensile tested and, when specified, impacttested in the transverse (through thickness) direction andmeeting the requirements shown in Table 3 need not betested in the longitudinal direction.5.1.2 Reforging stock shall be supplied in a conditionof heut treatment to be selected by the forging manufac turer.5.2 Shapes may be subjected to either Class A or ClassC preparation as specified on the purchase order.8.Class A consists of preparation by grinding forthe removal of imperfections of a hazardous nature suchas fins, tear.", and jagged edges provided the underweighttolerance i::; not exceeded and the maximum depth of grind ing at any one point docs not exceed l 0% of the thicknessof the section.5.2.1Number of TestsAt least one room temperature tension test and oneor more hardness tests shall be made on each lot.8.18.2 One or more hardness tests and at least one tensiontest shall be made from each lot on test samples heattreated as required in 5.1. Unless otherwise specified inthe purchase order, the condition of hardening heat treat ment shall be at the option of the producer. The tests shallmeet the requirements of Table Class C consists of preparation by grinding forthe removal of all visible surface imperfections providedthe underweight tolerance is not exceeded and the maxi mum depth of grinding at uny one point docs not exceedI 0% or the thickness of the section.8.3 When specified in the purchase order, the impacttest shall consist of testing three Charpy V-notch Type A1068

2007 SECTION II, PART Aspecimens in accordance with Methods and DefinitionsA 370. The specimens shall be heat treated in accordancewith 5.1. Unless otherwise specified in the purchase order,the condition of hardening heat treatment shall be at theoption of the producer and testing shall be done at 70 to80 F [20 to 25 C]. The tests shall meet the requirementsof Table 3. When tested at temperatures other than 70 to1069SA-564/SA-564M80 F, [20 to 25 C] the impact test requirements will be asagreed upon by purchaser and producer.9.Keywordsage-hardening stainless steel; precipitation harden ing stainless steel; stainless steel bars; stainless steel shapes9.1

TABLE 1CHEMICAL REQUIREMENTSAComposition, 00-5.00. . . . . . 006.50-7.750.75-1.50. . . . . 750.75-1.502.00-3.00. . . . .004.00-5.00. . .2.50-3.25. . 500.40.0.40-1.20. 5.50. . . .Jl0.0100.0300.010L:::Limits are in percent maximum unless shown as a range or stated otherwise.New designation established in accordance with Practice E 527 and 5AE J1086.Columbium plus tantalum 0.15-0.45.Nitrogen 0.07-0.13.Nitrogen 0.0 1.Columbium plus tantalum 0.10-0.50.Columbium 8 times carbon .00-2.50. . . . .0.500.90-1.401.50-2.50. . .0.501.00-1.351.50- .1.25-1.75. . c. .D.cEFFGE. .

TABLE 2SOLUTION TREATMENTMechanical Test Requirements in Solution Treated ConditionATensile Strength,Yield Strength,min8minUNSTypeDesignation 17400630Con d itionSolution T reatmen tA1900 25 F [1040 15 CJ[MPaJksiCMPaJksi. . .Elongationin 2 in.Reduction[50 mm] orof Area,Rockwell C,min, o/oBrine II,4D, min,%maxmax.38363.HRB98229.(cool as required to below90 F 32 cnS17700631A1900 25 F [1040 15 CJ.(water quench)S15700632A1900 25 F D040 15 CJH R 8100(water quench)S35500E634A1900 25 F [1040 l5 CJ.E363quench, hold not less than 3Sl7600635A120[825]75[515]10453230238363(air cool)0-.l1900 25 F [1040 15 C]S15500XM-12A1900 25 F [1040 15 C].(cool as required to belowXM-13A1700 25 F [925 15 CJ00l"l("),.,0zJ l 90 F (32 CllSl3800., : h at minus 100 F or lower.38363.363314032321.36331. .36331Cool as required to below::d,., 60 F [16 C]S45500XM-16A1525 25 F [830 15 CJ. .(cool rapidly)S45000XM-25A1900 25 F [1040 15 CJFl25[860]95[655]10(cool rapidly)S45503.A1525 25 F [830 15 C]. . .(cool rapidly)S46500.A1800 25 F [980 15 CJ.(oil or water quench), holdfor min. 8 hat minus 100 F00(73 Cl, air warmASee 7.1.8See 7.3.c0 u.CO\.j .,00Either Rockwell C hardness or Brinell is permissible. On sizes 1;, in. 02.70 mml and smaller, Rockwell c is preferred.321 BH for rounds cold drawn after solution treating.E Equalization and over-tempering treatment 1425 50 F (775 30 CJ for not less thanF Maximum 165 ksi [1140 M PaJ tensile strength only for sizes up to 1;2 in. (13 mm).3 h, cool to room temperature, heat to 1075 25 F [580 l5 CJ for not Jess than 3 h. "' a:

2007 SECTION II, PART ASA-564/SA-564MTABLE3MECHANICAL TEST REQUIREMENTS AFTER AGE HARDENING HEAT TREATMENT AYieldTensileStrength,Strength, minminFSuggested Hardening or AgingTreatment, or botha,c,nTemperature,Type630ConditionH900"F("Cl900 [480)ApplicablehQuenchHThickness, ln. and TestDirectionEl .Oair coolUpTime,![MPalksi[MPal190[131011 70[11701Charpy-V,in 2 in.[50 mmlor s of area,Rockwell C,Brfnell,min,%minmin404038838375ft·l bf[75 mml (LJOver 3 in. [75 mml to358 in. incl l200 mmJ(T)H925925 [495]4.0air coolUpto3in.[75 mml (L)incl170(11701155(1070]10Over 3 in. [75 mmJ to4456.820388 ln. incl [200 mml(T)H 1 0251025 [550]4.0air cool155[1070]145[1000]12453533115H10751075 (580]4.0air cool145[1000)125(860]1345323112027HllOO1100 [595]4.0air cool140[965]1 15(795]1445313022534H11501 1 50 (620]4 .0air cool135(930]105(725]![200 mml (L)-------Hll50M1400 (760'! for 2 h1 alr cool 752425530411 150 [620] for 4 h, air cool-------H 1 15001 150 [620) for 4 h, air cool plus1150 [6201 for 4 h, air cool33 max311max1750'F f.955'Cl for not less than63110 rnln, but not more than 1 h,cool rapidly to room tempercl turc, Cool within 24 h to min usUpto4in.incl.10413882538352185[1280]1 50[1030]170( 1 170]140(965]200(1380]175(1210]25415180[1240]160( 1 100]25375170(1 170]155(1070]air cool1901:1310]170[1170)100 1 0 F (75'C:J, hold not lessthan 8 h. W arrn in alr to room(100 mml (L)temperature. Hea t to 950 F[5l0 C]1 hold 1 h, air cool.TH1050Al ternative trcotmcnt: 1400'F(760"C l hold )0 rnln1 cool to 55 )''F [15 J: 3 C ] within 1 h.Hold not less than 30 min1 heatUpto6in.inclUpto4ln.lncl(ISO mml (L)6to 1050"F [565"Cl hold for 90rnin, air cool.612(100 mml IllRH950TH 1050H1000Type631Upto6in.(150 mm] IUin c l1750 f'155J for not less than 1 0rnin, but n o t more t h a n 1 tl.Watt:r quench. Cool to not higherthan mlm1s lOO(lF [75{)Cl Hold1225373412539363for not less th m 3 h, Temper at1000"F 1540"C], holding for notle:;s thrm 3 h.635H9! 0{/ )0 15101H1000lOOO 1540]0.5air cool180U240l160lllOOlHl0501.050 [565,10.5air cool170( 1170)150[1035]11900900 [48011.0air cool190U310l170[1 170]0.5Upto12ln.(300 mml ncl(300 mml (Tl4,0air coolUpto12in./ncl10(300 mm] (L)Upto12ln.Ooo mml (T)170( 1 170]incl107215538[ 1070]206.8

2007 SECTION II, PART ASA-564/SA-564MTABLE 3MECHANICAL TEST REQUIREMENTS AFTER AGE HARDENING HEAT TREATMENTA CCONT'D)YieldSuggested Hardening or AgingTensileStrength,Treatment, or boths,c,oStrength, minminFThickness, In. and TestTemperature,TypeXM-12ConditionH1025"F l"Cl1025 (550]Ap plicableDirectionE4,0air coo![300 mml onCharpy-V,in 2 in.[