Science Safety &Safety Symbols

Use your brain Science Safety is thinking before you dosomething

Most Important Safety Rules Listen to the teacher Read the directions (2 times) Wear protective clothing– Goggles protect the eyes from chemicals orglass– Gloves protect the hands– Lab coats protect the skin and clothes

General Safety Rules Follow all instructions carefully. Be Responsible at All Times. No horseplay or being silly during labs Do not touch or play with the lab equipment until instructed to do so. Food, drink, and gum are not allowed in thescience classroom.Lab Safety: Everyone Is Responsible!

Wear Goggles When working with glass or chemicals toprotect your eyes.

Wash Hands After touching animals or using chemicals.

Wear Gloves Gloves can protect your hands fromchemicals, stains, and heat.

Wear protective clothing(Lab Coat) Wear to keep your clothes and skin safeand clean

Wear protective footwear This sign lets you know there could be glass,sharp objects, or spills on the floor.

Tie Hair Back To keep your hair out of chemicals duringexperiments.

Sharp Objects Be careful sharp objects can cut you.

Animal Safety- Animals are present.- Keep them safe and be safe around them.- Wash hands before and after handlinganimals.

Other Safety Symbols

Poison This is poison and can make you sick.

Biohazard Symbol usually seen in the doctor’s office.Usually used for things that have body fluids,like blood on them (needles from shots)

Radiation Symbol to tell you about radiation being used.You may see it when someone gets an X-ray.

What’s Wrong With This Picture?Eye-washStation

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

What’s Wrong With TheseStatements? Kera started the lab activity before reading it throughcompletely. Rick decided to do a lab activity that he read about in alibrary book before the teacher came into the classroom. Sally says that the safety goggles mess up her hair andgive her raccoon eyes. She refuses to wear them.

Use your brainStay SAFE in the Science Classroom or Lab